Date: 28th July 2017 at 3:06pm
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Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City are taking over Nashville, Nissan Stadium this Saturday, 29 July 2017 in what will be their last International Champions Cup match.

Kick off 5:00 PM (CDT), 11:00 PM BST – the game is live within the UK on Premier Sports.

Will Kyle Walker play against us for the very first time since he made the City move? Does anyone care?

The very latest team news and other bits and bobs coming out of America can be found via the official THFC Twitter feed.



65 Replies to “Preview: Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester City 2017 ICC”

  • Tough game for both teams which is how a pre-season game should be. I’m guessing it’ll be tougher for City to the tune of 3-0. Two goals for Benny Boy and an own goal by City’s new, world-class, right wing-back.

  • I know. There’s no justice in football. It’s almost as bad as the legal system! The countdown to Newcastle has well and truly started. Poch is quoted (whatever that means) as saying Spurs will see more transfer window business. I guess Dele, both Harrys, Hugo, Moussa, and Christian will be off then. I’ve already started preparing all my anti Levy comments and ‘Poch out’ remarks so that I can keep up with the VS discussions. Gotta love football.

  • Looking forward to the test tonight v a PL side. Hope to see a bit more of Georgiu and Josh, but would like us to field a stronger defence to start with. Jannsen to score again. 2-1 spurs. COYS, WuR!

  • I think this game is cruical when it comes to which youngsters are going to be trusted to play a part this season. It’s against a PL side, one of our competitors and with only one game after this where I think most of the first team will play this game I feel is the most important for the youngsters. So CV, KWP, Josh, GK, Georgui, will need to impress. I think Jannsen needs to step up, and the other emphasis will be on the regulars improving their fitness and see if they can bring a good performance together. I really hope we don’t lose, not happy about Walker being sold to them, I think he jumped ship to a club which he thinks are better than us and more likely to win the title and silverware. Hmm has he forgot about Chelsea and Utd who I think will also be strong contenders. Anyway, we have a good shout over next few seasons, but hey ho players come and go.

  • Could be a real test for our defence if Poch chooses to play one. City may have to go to their bench and bring on Aguero and Sterling and we can go to ours and bring on a couple of hyphenated surnamed juniors if things are tough.

  • Apostrophe’s, Hyphenated’s and pause ‘s and full stop’s, but hope it ends with an exclamation mark of joy! COYS! WuR!

  • Today’s game will be all about conditioning of the expected starters and bench players and giving those on the bubble of being in the senior team this year the last chance to make their case. Those that do will be in the squad and those that don’t will be replaced by people in the market. Against Newcastle will see selection from Loris, Vorm, Trippier, Alderweirald, Vertonghen, Davies, Dier, Wanyama, Dembele, Winks, Nkoudou, Erikssen, Dier, Kane, Janssen. Wimmer (unless replaced), CCV, Onomah, KWP, Son if recovered etc. Rose and Lamela bring us to about 22 first team members. A few more will be added. Should be exciting to watch. Hoping to see if Nkoudou continues to grow in confidence and to see if Georgiou can build on the last appearance.

  • Taking it serious?

    Team to play Manchester City: Lloris, Trippier, Dier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies, Dembele, Winks, Eriksen, Dele, Kane.

  • Dele – agree, but reading media is addictive. Anyway, Edwards is done and now I want Toby sorted. Enjoy the game everyone

  • DA, I think we’re getting to a point where our key players need to start exerting for more than 45 mins. I am also not expecting as many subs too early this time round. The same pattern may also follow v Juventus. Let’s start building a head of steam before the Newcastle game. WuR!

    Off topic… I see Conte suffered a tragedy v Milan!

  • I think the subs and intensity of the game will also be dictated by how City approach it. I expect Walker will be well up for it!!… Looking forward to seeing Davies and Verts keeping him quiet.

  • One thing for sure, City ain’t gonna allow us to play backwards and sideways. Real problem in playing out from the back. COYS.

  • Is it me or is this ref incompetent. Lloris passing some shocking balls. … I dot care about the result being a friendly …but not liking this ref. This shows we need players to step up today …

  • I am reading commentary and I didn’t read anything about Dele, next to nothing about Eriksen and kane, no mention of Dembele but read lots about Lloris savings us. This suggests City was all over us

  • Lloris, his distribution has been so poor today, city, have been allowed to play by us. Only a friendly so not to worried.

  • We get 1 chance per 15 mins. Clinical and we’d be matching them…on goals. But, shows though all the usual slow build up won’t work against this City side. When we try to move the ball faster, bad passes or poor ball control. I’d like to see Wanyama replace Dier and N’Koudou for Dele. We have no one that can carry the ball forward imo….not against a pressing side. Even our players are getting in each others’ way, often intercepting passes that are intended for someone else. Poch will sort it out and Watch us Rise!

  • Critical I think Wanyama is injured! I think our build up is going to be slow because we haven’t got any pace in the side, now Walker has gone, Rose is out, Son is injured and Wanyama drives forward is also injured I believe. Rest of the team are not exactly fast. I hope Poch sorts it out and we don’t lose, we need confidence for our next match and from what I am reading we were outclassed, out played and that concerns me, friendly or not

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