Date: 12th July 2012 at 5:19pm
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New man. New system. New club. There is a change in the air at our beloved club, and its not just the chemical atmosphere in and around our new training ground…

The days of last minute Nelsen’s seem to be over, now being replaced with ready for pre-season Vertonghen’s. It has already been a summer of change for Spurs, and we haven’t kicked a ball yet! We now have a manger who looks at the present AND future rather than the present using players from the past, (Saha…). But I ask you. How long will it be before the ball starts rolling and we see our Spurs back where we want them to be, or will the ball get rolling at all??

Lets build from the back. Defence. We all know that AVB is a big fan of the high line, even if it has players who look like they’re running backwards when they sprint, (Terry…) playing in the heart of it. Some say this shows naivety from the young man. But if our back line suits the high defensive line system then why is it a problem?

I personally believe that people are mistaken when they say he is naive. I’ll give you an example. The Chavs at home to Man City on a cold Monday night. AVB begins the match with a high line and City pull them apart, splitting their back four like a knife through butter. But, the second half starts and its a new system from Chelsea. They are now playing deeper and as a result they run out deserved winners against a team of the highest quality that was in their pump. Where is the naivety?

Now to the midfield. We are also aware that our new man is a big fan of the 4-3-3, as am I, winning cup after cup using this system with my very own Spurs side on football manager. Why do I use this system? Again, because our players suit the system to perfection. A ball playing side with a world class midfield that look to control the game. AVB’s eyes light up with delight. We have the deep lying playmaker of our midfield maestro Modric. If he leaves, we replace him another world class player similar to Luka’s style, (Moutinho??).

We then have the brawler, grafter, energetic box to box midfielder of Sandro. The perfect player for the solid part of the midfield three. Then comes along our goal scoring midfielder, the advanced playmaker. Sigurdsson or VDV, perfect options for that third man who completes the trio.

The forward line, where the magic really happens. We have the outlets of the wide boys, so quick Usain Bolt would have to look twice. These two speed merchants, Bale and Lennon (or other?) will look to provide and score, (probably not Lennon in all honesty). But who will they provide to? It looks ever increasingly that that man will be Adebayor. He is in my opinion, the exact type of striker we need in order for this 4-3-3 to work. Holds the ball up superbly, but is also constantly on the move confusing defenders and opposition managers alike as they scratch their heads as to how they will cope with Adebayor pulling out to the left whilst Bale tears through the middle getting the goal (Norwich anyone??).

If we get another striker, which I suspect we will then I’ll leave that to you as to who you think it will be or who you’d like. For me, someone young, versatile, and energetic, not the greedy so an so called Sturridge. So there we are. All change at Tottenham Hotspur, but how long until we get back where we should be, or will we? Cheers.

Written by BrooksySpurs