Date: 31st March 2014 at 5:27pm
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Football fans love to play the blame game. I actually think that we prefer having things to moan about than we do when all is looking good.

Of course things being good are all relative, depending on your size, status and history, but am I alone in believing that football fans wherever they are and whoever they support love to moan and that winning is in reality quite boring after a while. How can we do better than a manager that wins every game and every competition? It must be absolute hell being a Bayern Munich fan in recent times?

What I do believe is vital for any club that doesn`t win every week is to at least have a plan. Even if that strategy doesn`t always work 100%. What is most definitely needed now at Spurs is to have a cunning plan and build on it, something that Daniel Levy, Joe lewis or whoever, has failed to do, during their time with the club.

There are positives, in that our Academy system seems to be thriving, but is there a real intention to build these players into senior stars or just to sell to finance the structure and hope that the occasional diamond pops up? There is of course the realisation that playing youngsters is a long term strategy and rarely brings silverware in the short term. It is also a likely kiss of death to a manager tasked with playing kids, because kids are inconsistent and inconsistency leads to managers losing their jobs, unless directors and fans are all signing from the same hymn sheet.

So do our board have that cunning plan and do they have the balls to stick with it when things get difficult, as they surely will? History tells us that the boys from Enic will chop and change when things get tough and not only change the manager, but usually the whole plan and system, whether bits are working or not. Usually with the sacking of a manager, follows the majority of the back room, even going down to the academy, as managers like their own men in key positions. This is supposed to be one benefit of having a Sporting Director, but if he is also removed with a manager, it becomes an even bigger mess.

This isn`t an anti or pro Sherwood or anyone else article, but just an observation that as a club we need to have a working plan that is with us for the next five years and beyond. Players, managers and even owners come and go, but that is made so much easier if there is a settled structure in place and harmony behind the public faces. Sack Sherwood and you probably lose Ramsey, Ferdinand and perhaps others, which isn`t great for our U-21s and below. Could these guys happily slip back into their former roles? That would be very nice in my opinion, just as long as all parties are happy and the structure is set up and the club are brave and insightful enough to look beyond the now.

The man who is surely charged with setting this up and then sticking with is, is of course Daniel Levy, whether pushed or pulled by Joe Lewis or not. Short term fixes have failed or at least failed to be followed through and I can see all the blame pointed firmly at Enic, should we mess up again, and perhaps that blame should have been put at their door some time ago. Though getting the right man or men isn`t always that easy, there are instant fixes that can at least give them time. Be honest with the fans and media and tell them the thinking. Are we looking to go with youth, buy our way to success and who and how are we making decisions? The club owes it to the fans to be honest and even if we have to step out of the top six to return stronger, then so be it, just as long as everyones knows the plan and direction…