Date: 20th November 2017 at 9:28am
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Apparently Rose is fuming. I know how he feels.

According to The Sun who reports that Danny is fuming at being left out

Leaving out Rose was a big call, but Poch claims it was because after a year out he needed to be rested, but also hinted that he was being readied for our next game in the Champions league against Dortmund; Personally listening to the interview, I wonder if he now regrets making that decision, I certainly do;

Explaining after the defeat to Arsenal Football.London reports, Poch said:

‘Like Lamela, after nearly one year they need to build their fitness. No?’

But when asked if it was strange Rose was absent, he continued:

‘No, not strange. It’s strange when a player that is fit and plays regularly is out, but when you have been out for ten or 11 months out and then you start to play’

He added:

“Sometimes the decision is it is better to train and prepare for the next game rather than be on the bench and perhaps not play and waste time. It’s not the same when you need to prepare for a game, with training. Sometimes they need different types of training to get fit and build their fitness. That is what happened with him.’

It seems to me that Poch, like me, Still believes he is the best Wing back we have got and our best option, and that both Rose and Aurier were being rested so that they will be able to start against Dortmund.

Perhaps Poch over-thought the rotation and the way he set us up against Arsenal, because quite frankly I`d have started both over Davies and Trippier and let both get more minutes under their belt, but of course you have to believe that the fitness coaches and the sports injury specialists are in a better position than me to advise Poch.

Let`s hope resting them turns out to be the right decision.


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  • When you play after a long time out you have to be careful becuase your body ‘reacts’ and you get niggly injuries as you try and build fitness. rose played for England and pushed himself, so I can see why he may have needed a rest and time to continue fitness and wouldn’t expect him to start such an important game, but cannot see why he wasn’t on the bench. Foyth was on the bench, was he likely to get playing time, I don’t think so, a Rose could have come on for half hour if needed, but we don’t know what effects of playing for England had on him, the first game where he pushed himself.

    For me I feel tetchy about Rose because he has brought all this media attention to the club and we really don’t know how things are in reality between him and Pocha nd the club and even the players. Until the next two windows come and go we will not really know if all is fogotten or forgiven, If we don’t sell him in Jan or summer then its fair to say he has settled again and we are in charge, but until thise 2 windows happen we will get constant srutiny which we could do without, He has created this with his outburst, but I am slo equally tetchy and upset about what Walker did, wanting to leave and the manner he did it going to Poch at sucg an important time and basically forcing the move to a rival. That stinks and we were stupid to let him go, City are laughing all the way to the title imo and have anyone seen Walkers play lately, he is bombing down the field keeping wingers and defenders busy, does Trippier do that, No. I like Trippier as a person and as a player when on frm, but he doesn’t really hurt the opposition anywhere enough enough or like Walker. With walker he may not have had Trippiers cross but he kept more players busy with his pace and willingness to run at defenders which dragged defenders out and kept them on their toes which helped other offensive players find space, but we haven’t got that in Trippier and it’s same with Davies, even though both are good players. We are not the same without Walker and Rose and we can get away with having one out like we did last season with Rose being out, but Walker keeping his side of the pitch busy, but to have both out, lack of pace on both sides isn’t working very well imo, but worse still we have gifted City and that sticks in my throat. With Rose he has also caused us trouble, disharmony now, both basically showed disrespect to the person who made them who they are, because quite frankly neither of them were going anywhere or playing well before poch arrived.

  • The lack of pace by our 2 wing-backs was painfully exposed by the Gunners.They dominated their box & hit us on the break,classic tactics to beat Spurs. With no Rose or Aurier[Walker] we had no width or pace in our attacks.With a slow biuld up through the middle the Gunners easily closed us down.Not once did Trippier or Davies get behing their defence & whip the ball across for Kane or Llorente.Very poor team selection & tactics by Poch.

  • I haven?t seen any pace from Aurier plus he likes to dawdle back, and Rose still hasn?t reached the level of pace that he had so imo it wasn’t the full backs to blame. Our MF was non-existent in terms of winning the ball and playing decisive attacking balls, not helped by Kane and Alli doing very little of any use. Poch?s tactics were wrong but Rose and Aurier would have made no difference.

  • At the moment Aurier certainly hasn’t shown the explosive pace he showed before being dropped by PSG as first choice wing back. I’m reliably informed that he is another who without any pre-season conditioning is still way off being at the fitness levels (i.e. body fat, weight and stamina) that we require – which means we may not see the best of him before this season is almost over. I said we could end up bitterly regretting selling Walker and so far, I am. Trippier just doesn’t have enough in his locker to replace him and the effect he had on our performances.

    As much as I like the way Davies has improved, I feel the same about him, Rose is simply better in just about every respect and without both Rose and Walker we’re struggling to achieve the same threat levels, let alone any threat level and that means we have little width and we’re easier to get past.

  • Every player wants to play all the time, sometimes against common sense. I have no problem with MP dropping Rose if he was following his medical staff’s advice. Ultimately Rose should be thankful to a manager who puts the player’s health above all else.

  • If Rose were to leave I can’t see it happening in the January TW. So we should have him at least until the end of the season, and a lot can happen in that time. He will certainly have his fitness back by then and he will probably have sorted out all the thoughts in his head by then, too. In the meantime I’m sure the media will continue to do its best to fan the flames of gossip and rumour.

  • As far as the latest poll goes, I was going to blame Arsenal for the result on Saturday because they were too good on the day …. but it’s not an option.

  • There seems to be a growing attitude at Spurs that you can easily replace top players with other squad players.It’s started with Walker-actually he is the best right back in the league & we miss him.The next will be Rose-actually he is the best left back in the league & we will miss him.The next could be Toby-etc,etc. If this stupid trend continues ,forget trophies,winning anything or qualifying for Champs league.Some players are irreplaceable.

  • Geof, can’t stretch to even encouraging the belief that le arse are/were better than us; I think we contrived and the referee conspired to hand the result to them. They were up for it the second the whistle went, we looked like we had the attitude of ‘we’re better than you’ we’ll play when we want’ – and came unstuck again.

  • Im wondering why Sissoko’s not on the list, him and Dier are the ones usually getting the blame when we lose.

  • Belgian, true that every player wants to play, regardless. I can somewhat understand Rose being omitted, however, on the same note, I am concerned that we are flogging Kane with a strapped leg who is no where near fit and for whom we have ZERO alternatives on the bench.

  • harry Kari – agree re Aurier and am shocked at how average the player is as there was so muc hype surrounding him. When he has played I was shocked at his lack of pace and how he never busts a gut to get back, he relies on midfielders to cover him and it’s not enough imo. We play better with pacey wing backs who bust a gut both getting forweard and getting back, neither Trippier or Davies can do that regular, they are good options as back up’s but not good enough to be regular starteers imo and Aruier hasn’t shown me anything to suggest he is anywhere near as good as Walker as so many people suggested he was and eas actually even better. it concerns me that we have brought another average player. i was also shocked that KWP didn’t show any real pace either, again was led to believe he was a pacey player, but he did work hard at getting back more than what I have seen with Aruier. Whether it’s lack of fitness with Aurier and lack of confidence with KWP I don’t know, or is it that we were misinformed!.

  • Spursex – yes we are discussing this problem of selling Walker, I am not happy and we haven’t replaced him. I can only think Aurier lack of pace is fitness problems and we may have to wait until next season to see the best of him, but then shouldn’t we have kept Walker until we had a up to scratch replacement.

  • Greavesaboveall – Agree, it’s not easy to replace our best players. I also think we need to realise these players have become this good because of the last 3 years under Poch who has got them well drilled and well fit. It takes time to get to that level under Poch unless your already blessed and well drilled from a former club. I think the only player we have brought who looks anywhere near good enough of late is Sanchez.

  • Critical – I am very concerned about Kane. he hasn’t been anywhere near his best since getting that hamstring injury, and as you said no options from the bench. I am very concerned at the mment because our squad is struggling with injuries and fitness. I can’t see any players who can come in a do a job other than Son and he is hit and miss at the moment. We have so mnay games coming up and so mnay injuries and lack of fitness it’s unreal, this is going to be a testing few weeks. May be it’s time to bring some youngsters in to give us some energy, Sterling, Edwards, I don’t know but with Kane struggling, Dele out of form, eriksen being flogged, Llorente unfit and it’s not working who the hell is going to make us effective pushing forward! Be interesting to see who plays tomorrow, we don’t need to win we are through, but will these players be played out of necessity! I hope we sort our recruitment out and I hope we bring some players in come January to help.

  • Critical – that could be the point though. +If we had better cover for Kane we wouldn’t have to play him so much, even when recovering from injury. At least in Davies we have a better deputy. Not saying it’s right, but it might explain the thinking.

  • I’ve always thought there is an argument to let Alli play as the number 9. It might also help him snap out of his current poor form. We all know has can play very effectively as a false number 9 so why not push him right up top when Kane isn’t available?

  • The worst thing about selling walker is that he is ready made prem hardend and without doubt the best RB in the league all the other city buys except the GK are nowhere near up to pace. The way pep sets up Walker doesn’t bomb up and down as much as under MP, so he can play twice a week under Mp he could only play once a week.

  • As everyone will know, I swear selling Walker to City is probably the dumbest bit of business we’ve ever done – but what saddened me more was that so few Spurs fans could see it; he is now in his prime, he eliminated mistakes from his game under Poch and my ManC loving mates think we shot ourselves in both feet when we sold him to them.

    Of course, I was pleased when we got Aurier as ultimately I think he can be an even better player than Walker – but at the moment his body fat content is too high, he’s not fit enough and he too needs to stop the mistakes by ‘thinking’ the game, not playing what he sees. Selling Walker has put us at least a year behind.

  • Spursex – I agree. Not to dwell in the past, but I think the Walker example should be a warning for every Spurs fan out there under-rating/under-appreciating Rose. Same potential situation all over again. That’s not to say he shouldn’t be held to strict lines of conduct, or that talented players can get away with anything unpunished. But as a club we have every incentive to patch up the relationship and keep him happy, and the risk of weakening our team again.

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