Date: 1st June 2018 at 8:00pm
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Zinedine Zidane’s decision to resign as Real Madrid has certainly caused no end of problems for us, despite their being very little concrete evidence that Mauricio Pochettino could be heading for the Bernabeu.

We do know that the Argentine has no written or verbal agreement so he can speak with the La Liga club. The Times have also revealed that Daniel Levy would demand the full value of Poch’s contract (£42.5m) in compensation if they wanted to hire our manager.

Other than that, all we can go on are Pochettino’s own words about his future. Today, he has spoken in a couple of different interviews (the gist of them you can find on the Guardian here).

In each, he said pretty much the same thing. He is happy at Tottenham, he is loyal to the club and respects Daniel Levy for putting faith in him. On Real, he made one rather cryptic statement to El Confidencial:

“When Real Madrid call you, you have to listen to them. Although in this case it doesn’t depend on me. I have just signed a long contract with Tottenham and I am very happy here.”

Essentially, he is keeping his cards close to his chest as he clearly hasn’t had any discussions with Real, but it also suggests his agent hasn’t been contacted yet either.

The second statement seems to be more clear-cut. When asked by the interviewer at his book launch whether it’s impossible to say “no” to Real, Poch replied:

“For you maybe. Not for me.”

And that’s pretty much it really so far on whether Pochettino is keen on leaving. That phrasing does suggest he is prepared to turn down a move to the Bernabeu if the Spanish club do come calling. But, on the same day as saying that, he has said he would “listen to them,” as well.

I am not particularly enjoying having to write about this, to be honest with you, but I feel we do have to be attentive of a situation which is likely to change rapidly over the coming days and weeks.

Sky Sports, the Guardian, the Daily Mail and other sources say that Real Madrid will be targeting our manager. The 13-time Champions League winners may start a charm offensive both in public and in private to try and persuade Poch into wanting to leave. We have to be prepared for a fairly lengthy period of speculation over Poch’s future.


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  • his agent hasnt been contacted because he doesnt have one . He does all his own dealings regarding his own contract

  • I see no point in Poch signing the new contract if he wasn’t committed to Spurs, but football is football, although I will be surprised if he isn’t at Tottenham next season.

  • The very best managers all seem fairly well tied down, or have ties to Barca or Athletico and whilst Poch may end up there some day, I just don’t see it happening right now . I’d laugh if they got Wenger and went into the inevitable downward spiral!

  • Of course he would listen if Real Madrid came calling, he is a professional and does this for a living, he owes it to himself and his family to listen, after all if they were really serious they could blow his new £42.5M deal out of the water. Regarding loyalty to the club, if in the future Levy decided to sack MP, he wouldn’t think twice, as he has proved on many many occasions during his 17 year tenure. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Hopefully this will blow over, and he will stay, but it is certainly not a given.

  • Pochettino now earns £8 million a year at Spurs.
    Zidane was on $9.5 million a year at Real Madrid.
    That makes their wages about the same. So money at Spurs is not a problem.
    Pochettino is a proud man, he has previously said Spurs will not buy success, in the sense that building a successful team through work and skill is more of an achievement. Poch and Levi have the potential to take Spurs to the top tier of football.
    Real Madrid is just a big club run by little men.

  • In my own humble opinion?

    £What a load of silly arsed bollox!

    After all Poch aint won nuffin yet has he?

    So why on earth would the likes of RM want him anyway?

    Get real folks… Poch is Mr. nobody and DON’T we all know it! DON’T WE?

  • ‘POCH SPOKE AT LENGTH ABOUT HIS SPURS FUTURE BUT ACTUALLY SAID VERY LITTLE’ …. Of course he said little. He always does; just listen to his pre-match interviews. Muaricio speaks like a politician to reporters, which means he talks a lot but says little. Awesome, ain’t he?

    Frank …. If Levy were ever to sack Mauricio, believe me, we’d all agree with him. …. because things would have gone very pear-shaped. But Mauricio’s long-term future at Spurs is now looking very orange shaped. Awesome, ain’t it?

  • @Frank, I have to agree with Geoff, if MP was sacked .. the wheels would well and truly of come off … there is no way Levy, would of sanctioned a 5 year deal after being her fro 4 years if he didn’t see the long term future … season on season, he has improved us …I recall at first I didn’t think he was the right manager for us. now I factually know if he was to quit Spurs, we would go into free fall and Levy knows this. you really have issues with spending money … it would cost Real around 90 m to get MP with compensation and 5 year contract … please, enlighten me to who at this current time is good enough to take over from MP .. I can tell you know one … Money is no issue for him now he has a bumper contract hes set for life, so for MP its all about ambition and prove he is a WC manager.

  • E17YID…Couldn’t agree more, and as Geofspurs said, if Levy was to sack Poch we would all agree, so it ain’t going to happen…you panicking fellow YIDS calm down for christ’s sake, after all it is the summer of discontent, the time for the Spurs hating media to go all out to bring us down with their bull? and how foolish are those that believe all the crap they spout. COYS

  • Yup, your right Pompey. its silly season … I do look everyday at the gossip but I know 99% is just that. …. the only good thing abut ZZ leaving is it should force the hand of Levy, to back MP fully… some of the crap I am reading about MP is pathetic. “disrespecting Tottenham” “no loyalty etc” … the guy just singed a 5 year contract … I am sure, he knew what he was doing. Levy, should switch off the mobile and ignore RM … however , it is a compliment to MP that RM are interested in him … shows he is a world class manager … he showed intent to Spurs by renewing his contract and the players showed faith by signing new contracts… when MP wins the EPL, CL, FA Cup, in 2019 and fields the under 18’s in the League cup next season and wins that also .. I think he can leave lol.

  • I also agree that Poch. signed a 5 year contract with spurs to continue his project started 4 years ago. The scenario in 4 years time, of wining PL / CL / FA Cup with young academy players breaking into 1st team squad and some 1st team players sold, with more academy players in the pipeline…will be a conclusion of the project for Poch. So i would hope the current speculation is nonsense. The danger is after wining the some or all of the trophies he will leave.

    As to Real Madrid, they are about to rebuild their player squad, as many are ageing, and they have been beaten by lesser teams in spain and Premier League (spurs) So CR7 \ Bale etc. are casting doubts over their tenure. I don’t blame Zidine leaving after 3 CL wins on the spin… He jumped before he was pushed off the Real Madrid “ship”.

  • I talk of Spurs hating media, well there at it again today, many headlines “cherry picking” Poch’s interview yesterday.

    Agree with you there E17YID in that this whole scenario might just force Levy’s hand in buying Poch’s shopping basket list of players for next season. We can only hope of course.

    block d spurs…totally agree regards RM having to rebuild.

    As for ZZ jacking it in, SKY Sports go on about his shock departure, total crap, it was probably the best kept secret ever. COYS

  • Block d I’m afraid your deluded if you think the acedemy is going bring all these top class players into the first team and win leagues and cups .show me the evidence that we have all these stars coming up????

    • Pauric.. Just look at the spurs web site academy. Then all the recent media coverage of the quality of our young players, and being wanted by German and top Italian clubs. You may even see we have young players who won world cup medals …

  • Regarding poch situation I think he’d be foolish to take the Madrid job with the age group of the team , Ronaldo contract and he ain’t playing d pressing game, modric , benezema, all coming to the end of there careers.if the star players don’t like his methods unlike at spurs Perez listens to d Ramos , ronaldo’s and he gets the benitez treatment.

    • Pauric. in reply.. however you miss the points I said. Real Madrid are looking to rebuild their squad, and need a manager who has a track record of buying young players and re- building teams to challenge the top clubs in European competitions. So Poch is the standout manager for this work. The difference between spurs and RM is that they are the top European club in Europe if not the world. Transfer finances are massive, so they can provide poch or any manager with top quality players.

  • Levy said it; Poch has fostered a great togetherness with mostly players that were there before he came. Whether he is a great spotter of talent is another matter and for sure there are still some question marks over his tactical nous and use of subs. And of course he is yet to win something. For those reasons he would be a gamble for Real. For us however, he has the chance to grow with the club and for myself i hope he stays and does just that.

  • Any manager taking over from ZZ at RM right now is a madman. As TK said yesterday, you don’t want to follow someone who’s just won three straight CLs and is leaving a team with an average age of 29. The fans are going to murder any one who comes in and doesn’t win a trophy or starts to rebuild.

    I’m kinda tired about hearing about Poch’s lack of Nous, for goodness sake the man has taken to team to 3rd, 2nd and 3rd over 3 seasons and been to 2semi finals in two seasons. Give the man some credit for knowing the tactical aspect of the game, please.

    By the way Poch will be here fo the next 3 years at the very least and we will be winning silverware next season. I guarantee it!!

  • I want to say also that it was massively unethical and disrespectful of RM to attempt to unsettle a Manager who had just a week before signed a 5year contract. It speaks to their complete lack of honesty and integrity.

  • jvd …. Totally agree with your 12:51 comment.

    As for Madrid being ‘disrespectful’, I would agree but I’m not sure if the attempts to unsettle Mauricio were made officially by Madrid, or simply crap comments from the media. Does anyone know for sure?

    • Geofspur…in an interview on SKY, Guillem Balague said it was RM who started the rumour regards Poch, to me it could just be sloping shoulders by him, also blaming difficulties with dealing with Levy, thus RM pulling out, again sounds like Spurs hating media bull!!!!. COYS

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