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Poch made it clear in his book that whilst we do have an acquisition and assessment team of analysts and scouts and we do have a head of recruitment, it is Poch that has the final yeah or nay and then these targets (expected to be within Budget) are handed over for Levy & Co to make them happen, or not.

As I recently pointed to, Poch’s bemoaning of our inability to sign players in a timely manner was a very sharp boot up Levy`s backside – but does he and his recruitment team deserve one too for the number of failures we`ve had and discarded?

Mind you, when you look at the current value of the those on the ‘Successful list’ if you made a judgement on that alone, we are miles ahead. The one arguable on the failure list is Sissoko, although to me it is now unquestionably a financial and playing failure.

Part of Levy`s juggling act is to make sure that the required squads earning ambitions can be met whilst staying within our performance based remuneration packages; it is well known this can temper our ability to get the targets that we have aimed at and it is said it is this that led to Paul Mitchell to leave.

Our squad depth is shallow and our back-up quality is questionable, you either take the view that Poch has done some remarkable things with the resources available to him, or you take the view that in some area`s of need, he just doesn`t see what fans see and we have far too many misses than hits, but is that fair?

Looking at other clubs hit and miss lists taken as a whole, I keep seeing a 50/50 assessment – except perhaps for the moneybags clubs where on the face if it they are buying such quality that failures are somewhat rarer.

The Successful signings list:

Ben Davies
Eric Dier
Heung-Min Son
Toby Alderweireld
Kieran Trippier
Victor Wanyama
Davinson Sánchez
Dele Alli
Michel Vorm

The Juries out List:

Serge Aurier
Fernando Llorente
Juan Foyth
Paulo Gazzaniga

The Failure list:

Federico Fazio
Pau López
Benjamin Stambouli
DeAndre Yedlin
Clinton N’Jie
Kevin Wimmer
Moussa Sissoko
Vincent Janssen
Georges-Kevin N’Koudou

So will we start addressing the weaknesses in our squad in January, and if so will Poch get it right this time?

Or will Levy once again refuse to pay a January Premium and are we in for yet another disappointing and mostly inactive January?

Our predominantly weakening less than convincing performances this season (apart from the highlight of the champions league) suggests we need to make some big investments in the right sort of players and we need to do it in January, but with a minus £5 million spend in the last five seasons and a stadium build in full swing will we all be bitterly (including Poch) disappointed with our January business yet again?


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  • We properly won?t sign anyone. At this time every single player is a fail as the team is looking like lost sheep needing a field to chew on. Coys

  • Kyle walker ruined the good spirit in the camp and it don?t look as if it?s coming back with this group. We need to sign the best young ones in the world ahead of scity.coys

  • Answer to the titled question, NO!….unless it’s yet another defender. Is there another N’something available on the cheap?!

  • If you are expecting us to get every signing right you are living in a fantasy land. For one thing its hard to guage a players attitude before you’ve worked with him, he might say the right things then do the wrong ones once he has a contract. For another the player or his family might not settle, more of a problem with players coming in from abroad. Some signings are a gamble from the start. Poch knew Aurier had problems when he signed him, he’s gambling he can sort them out and make him a better player. If he succeeds we’ll have a hell of a player, if he fails Aurier will be unloaded. Its a gamble and we knew that going in. The word failure is itself emotive. Fazio rediscovered his talent at Roma, Yedlin and Wimmer are still playing in the premier league. So does not being good enough for us make them failures ? Another problem with your logic is with our income we don’t buy the finished product, we buy players and make them better players. So anyone we buy in January is unlikely to make much impact before next season. That’s assuming you can buy the players you want in January (unlikely) at prices and wages you can afford (also unlikely). Panic spending isn’t a recipe for success its a recipe for trouble.

  • We can still scrape into the top 4,but there does seem to be something rotten eating away at the centre of our club. We all know his name & that he dances to Joe Lewis’s tune. Spurs ambitions will always be limited by this mean twosome. They have taken the club to financial stability ,got a good manager & a super stadium & I applaud them for that.But I feel to get to the next level we need a billionaire who spends like he enjoys football more than just accumulating assets.

  • “Another problem with your logic is with our income we don’t buy the finished product, we buy players and make them better players.” For the most part, this is true. You cannot judge any Spurs manager in the transfer market, by the same standards as other clubs, below or above us. We are trying to buy top 4 level players on a relatively small budget. We’re constantly buying potential, taking low risk punts, or purchasing talented players on the cheap due to poor behavioural reputations (Adebayor/Aurier). Anywhere close to a 50/50 success rate under these conditions is excellent.

  • Man Utd,Chelsea & Man City have all expanded their revenue streams by going into debt. They are now balancing the books because they have increased their revenue.We have slipped behind them due to underinvestment in players of the highest quality. We are stagnating under ENIC it is time for them to go.

  • As a Spurs fan for over 65 years I guess I?ve seen all the ups and downs. But what surprises me most is we have a great team that is not being paid top wages and when we will soon have a new stadium why oh why can?t Levy invest in a couple of top players instead of the likes of Sissoko and Llorente. W are led to believe Pochettino has the final say on all transfers well he has not done too well so far.
    I believe that he maybe a great fitness manager but when it comes to tactics he has a great deal to learn. It?s no could making excuses he has no plan B Or C when things are clearly wrong. His recent team changes by putting Son at left back lost us the Semi against Chelsea.
    In fact his substitutions are so late the player has not got warmed up before the final whistle.
    His set plays are so poor I wonder if they really practice them. When was the last time we headed a corner kick in. Or, a direct free kick in from outside the box. Sadly, there is no imagination in either of these areas. Danny Blanchflower could have shown him a few if he were still alive. Even West Ham can score headed goals two against us in one game. When was the last time we did it!
    As for defending set pieces we are all over the place we could probably have stopped a few goals by putting someone on the goal post position.
    So Mr Levy ?Ge?t your cheque book out now not at the end of the transfer period where you.oke to show off and buy a top striker and a winger with pace who can shoot.
    As for you Mr Pochetino don?t rest on your laurels for you have won nothing and unless you stop underestimating how much all Competitions are to the fans then you will not last as a manager at Spurs. We have always loved the Cups.

  • It’s unlikely that Levy will spend money in January. Even if he does it will be on potential that will mean even if they become excellent players they will not positively affect this season. Barkley has been heavily touted but he would be a massive injury risk and hardly likely to meet Poch’s fitness standards for a couple of months (although after last Saturday, maybe not). I can see us carrying on with the current bunch until the Summer when there will be a clear out of anyone who still has a saleable value and ‘The Project’ will begin again. As things stand I wouldn’t trust Poch or his recruiting team to buy a newspaper let alone a footballer.

  • If MP has any major say in our transfer policies, which I doubt, then given recent events with the arrival of the likes of N’Jie, N’ Koudou, Jannson, and of course Mr Sissoko, whoever is responsible should get out of the way and let a semblance of common sense prevail. I would suggest targeting Zaha and Barkeley, at least they have proven PL quality and experience. The reason I don’t totally blame MP for this is that he is only the latest in a line of managers at Spurs that have been let down in the transfer market. The managers are not the “common denominator”, I wonder who is, answers on a post card.

  • Whilst I can’t justify either Kane or Ali for their tackles v City, deep down I secretly wish that Harry’s tackle on that objectionable little prat Raheem Sterling had been more successful.

  • Well said John Greenwood 1, I to am a Spurs supporter since the “Arthur Rowe push and run days” and share your thoughts and concerns.

  • Seems quite gloomy on here after a run of disappointingish results. If you look at the last couple of seasons it’s from this point on that we’ve kicked on and challenged it’s just that other clubs weren’t as strong as City this year. We’re in 7th and 3 points off 4th having just lost to the table-toppers and the 3 teams above us don’t look very convincing. I admit results are a little disappointing recently, but if this is as bad as it gets, a little faith in Poch and Levy would go a long way. I might be wrong, but I’m predicting we’ll be no lower than 3rd by the time we play Everton in mid-Jan. COYS!

  • Why sign anyone? Poch will not play them, apparently it takes at least six months to get up to fitness at Spurs, fitness for what? most certainly not for the high press or pace. Poch most certainly has his favourites and they (Dele Dier) and they play regardless. Really boring team atm.

  • Greavesaboveall – Not an accountant I take it ? United are one of the four richest clubs in the world, they have three times our revenue, any comparisons are ridiculous. Chelsea and City only “went into debt” in the sense the money their owners pumped in was originally shown as debt in the books. It was written off once FFP came in. Chelsea have now fallen behind Arsenal in terms of revenue, City still game the system through commercial revenue. Arsenal did go into real debt to build their stadium, guess what we are doing the same. I don’t know how you think finance works but it doesn’t seem to have much to do with how it actually works.

  • jod – therein lies the problem. We’re the only top 6 club buying “gambles”, or as someone recently said, “players you have to Google”. It may have worked to a point (ie to get us where we are), but if we want to kick on, take the final (and often most difficult) step and actually win something, it’s time to buy proven quality. I agree that January probably isn’t the time to do that though. As for failures, you mention Fazio. We bought a player who was ill-suited for the PL. A recruitment error. Yedlin and Wimmer? Players who may be good enough for smaller teams, but that are unlikely to improve a top 6 team. Also a recruitment error. Or failures for us, no matter how you put it or what those players go on to be (in the same vein, Paulinho was also a PL failure, no matter what he does at Barca now). You seem to be OK with gambling on a player, and if he doesn’t work out, we move on. Have you never heard of opportunity cost? Even if the deal itself comes out in the green, you’ve still failed to account for the missed opportunity of buying the right player in the first place. We have 3 or 4 key players who are rapidly approaching 30. Our window of opportunity isn’t going to stay open forever. There’s a time to take gambles, and there’s a time to try to push on and win something. We tried the passive approach in 2011, and that led to nothing except the dismantling of a good team. I guess Levy isn’t one to learn from history.

  • BelgianSpur – Its the same old story isn’t it ? no explanation as to where the money comes from. We gamble because we don’t have a choice, other clubs can pay more in transfer fees and wages so we only get the players they reject if we go down that route. That’s no way to win anything. So we develop our own talent and try to pick up players on the transfer market who we think we can turn into the top class talent we can’t afford to buy. Its actually got us significantly further forward in the past few years. If you know of some large pile of cash laying around we can use please tell us (and Levy) where it is. Otherwise we are doing the best we can with what we have and it won’t change until the full impact of the new stadium is felt. With regard to “opportunity cost”, again if you know to get every transfer right please tell us. Telling us a player was wrong after the event doesn’t help. Hindsight is great but its no use in the transfer market.

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