Date: 8th March 2018 at 2:35pm
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I`m sure I don`t just echo our fans when I say that I cannot believe we`ve lost that game last night and the tie overall.

I just cannot fathom it at all. Most of the first leg we were the better team and then, for large swathes of yesterday, we had the edge too so how can we be out of the competition?

It baffles me that we let this go because that Juventus side is not as strong as it was, and they knew that they were up against it, but we let them off the hook.

What now, then? Well, we by no means need to rip things up and start again – we`ve still got a brilliant young side full of potential but, with that said, we need more experience.

You look at our team and despite the seasoned internationals and top players that featured last night, there wasn`t many that had ventured far in the competition.

Then you look at Juve and they had massively experienced professionals at this level who knew exactly how to get through, despite not playing too well.

We`ll say it`s a learning curve, of course, but we`ve been here before and it worries me we`re not actually picking up any pointers.

Poch can change that in the summer though by going for a handful of top players at European level that have seen it all before.

Think Rafa Van Der Vaart when we signed him and what a leader he was, players like him could be a massive difference now because our team is much better.

The gaffer will always prefer going after young players but, for me, it`s time to tweak his transfer approach.

Agree with me? Should Poch go after more experience or keep looking at young players? Let me know!


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  • White Hart – thanks for the stream of articles recently. As for the transfer strategy I’m not sure what is the best plan but see your point about leadership and experience. The problem with buying those players is that they have no resale value but still cost an absolute fortune with very high salary expectations. It’s also difficult to know where to get them from. Out of our first team, we’ve only really bought 3 players and leaders, Lloris, Wanyama and Alderweireld, that could hit the ground running immediately after signing for us. Others like Vertonghen, Eriksen, Dembele, Dier, Son etc took a while to adapt. Also why I can’t compliment Sanchez enough for how he’s handled things this season at such a young age.

  • We should simply keep bringing in players who enhance the performance of our squad …. whether they come from our academy or somewhere else on the planet. Make sense?

  • If we could get a buy like we did with Rafa VDV, great, but that kind of thing doesn’t come along all too often. In general I like the youth route that’s been serving us pretty well. For 167 minutes we were better than Juventus, and for 13 minutes we had brain farts and lost all concentration. I don’t think we need to throw the team off financial balance to cure those 13 minutes.

  • Get Sessegnon in and we’ve got KWP so we’d have 2 flying full-backs either side similar to Walker and Rose for the next decade! We seem to have a good nouse at bringing on young defender’s given the likes of Walker, Rose, Verts, Sanchez and now KWP not to mention hopefully young Ryan from Fulham. No doubt Ledley King may have something to do with this and is an inspiration for any young defender the club wants to sign/bring on. CB’s we’re more than covered just get them all fit. What we could do with is getting Janssen back and fit also, giving him more opportunities and maybe the same with Llorente. They are quality striker’s but they need to be given a proper chance – we did not have Lamela available pretty much all last season and Moura has just been signed – once we get them all back and downtime the opportunities should come even thicker and faster for our striker’s and Kane needs some help and quality back-up.

  • Also as I understand it we cannot sign any more foreign players so we’d need to look closer to home if going for new blood. Will be interesting to see how Brexit affects foreign transfers into the Prem and alike also. Would be great to get Bale back but they’ll want apparently £80m if he’s even available. Read something that we might be entitled to 20-25% of any transfer fee and we do have 1st refusal…..but it’s not in-keeping with our transfer policy, wage policy and he’s been injury prone for 2 season’s now which does not bode well. Then again moving in to our new stadium and to keep the top player’s further happy – stranger things have happened. Even to keep him from the clutches of our rivals that said cannot see any getting him. City our more than covered, Utd signed Sanchez and doubt he’d go to Chelski or Arse or Liverpool. Will be interesting to see what Madrid get upto this summer aswell as no doubt they’ll want Kane and Ericksen guaranteed.

  • If Madrid do get Neymar which is a possibility then Bale probably becomes available – then the ball’s in Levy’s court but there’s a lot of if’s and but’s…..!

  • Thing, although our squad is very young on the whole, most of the team is very experienced and most play for their national teams. We may not have too many “winners”, but as others have said they are hard to get and expensive and could change the current team spirit in a bad way, I can’t see Bale happening unless someone else has a bid accepted and we match it (as I believe we have a buy-back clause) and he accepts a hefty pay-cut, which seems like too many ifs

  • We need all our main players on long term contracts again – that would be a great tonic already. Walker looks cheap now but I guess CB’s are like poor men’s CF’s – Laporte and Van Dijk suggest we should have got more for Walker. Hoping it was £50+£5m add-ons in total not £45+5m. Best RB in the Prem least we forget. If Alderweireld and Rose were to go similar deal’s need to be struck and more Sanchez’s found, but hopefully everyone will fall into line and sign on the dotted line!!!

  • If it was not for Sanchez, trippier would of cost us more, I have looked back… the amount of times Sanchez covers for trippier when out of position it’s unreal … I’m sorry but Poch is being an idiot .. Rose is fit, and is better than Davies … but due to his stubbornness rose is not played … the blame lies squarely at MP door step .. he was schooled the other day and the performance in the second half was abismal … and the subs as usual too little to late …

  • The implication is we aren’t getting better, but we clearly are. last season we had our first experience of champions league football under Pochettino and bombed out of an easy group. This season we learned and won a much more difficult group. Now Juve have given us another lesson, its up to us to learn from that too. Of course to do that the first requirement is to qualify for the champions league each year. I read a very interesting piece by Paul Parker which pointed out that when United first got into the champions league under Ferguson they went through exactly the same learning experience we are now doing. Interestingly Ferguson didn’t parachute in experienced players to try and short circuit the learning curve.

  • MP has good points.

    1) He is fully committed to Spurs
    2) He has added discipline and professionalism
    3) He has put together a good squad
    4) He has a plan

    What i would question is

    1) Team selection
    2) Team efficiency

  • Rafael van der Vaart was a very good player for Spurs. But one that was rarely fit and strong enough to play a full match of football and was not around for very long. Just 2 full seasons. With Spurs having bought Sigurdsson and Dembele at the start of his 3rd season, he felt that he would probably feature for even less minutes for Spurs and so he left. In other words, he wasn’t ever really going to be part of any plan for the long term. And so my point is, what is the use of building up a team of mostly young and very talented players, only to replace one or more with guys who may be more experienced but, basically, temporary to the plan? The experience of our existing young players only comes with playing. Let them play. Let them learn and let them mature… Short term fixing is usually born from desperation and Spurs right now are not desperate.

  • I don’t think buying more experienced players is the solution. I think the mentality, the experience of winning, should come from the manager. For all the qualities MP has, he doesn’t have much of a winning pedigree and our problem is that both our players and manager are relatively inexperienced when it comes to the very top. I’m not saying MP isn’t the right manager – I’m just saying that he still has much to learn as well. In the short term, as MP continues to grow, I think our ability to win the CL will suffer.

  • I am afraid Poch made a fatal error on Wednesday and just as our lads learnt a lot from Wednesday night’s defeat so Poch is learning too. After all he is new to the CL as well as a Manager. The minute Allegri changed formation Poch should have brought on more protection taking off Demebele and bringing on Wanyama to cover Tripps whilst Dier covered Davies. You could see Poch puffing out his cheeks as he ran out of ideas. He’ll learn but he’ll only learn if he gets us back into the CL for next year which makes beating Bournemouth on Saturday the next step to achieving that aim. We had the tie sewn up even at 1-1 we were still in it and Poch had enough time and he had the warning signals to change Personnel to prevent the second goal. Tactically he got it wrong but he is still learning, we need to win the FA Cup now and to finish to 3rd or 2nd I dont think we need to panic buy for next season but…I do wonder whether we missed Toby on Wednesday night and I do wonder if he had played whether juve would have scored their first goal….hindsight ‘s a powerful thing but Juve mugged us off and we let them do it!

  • Exactly jod. We have narrowly lost just 1 CL match from 8, playing top opponents and now it’s apparently all about what MP and the players have done wrong and nothing about what was done that was so right to get us to the last 16 in the first place… We qualified from our tough group, winning it with more points than all other teams in the group stage of the competition and we then went out by just 1 goal to last seasons runners-up… So many supporters initially expected us to fail in our group and not even proceed. Now it seems the very same supporters are speaking of failure as though their new expectation was that we should win the whole damn competition.

  • MP has got a good plan, the problem is that his approach is rigid and at times he doesn’t see the obvious. In terms of what Mp is trying to achieve on the pitch, there are question marks about team selection as better team selection could achieve better outcomes and make the team more efficient.

  • HT – I think expectations evolve as circumstances do. Before the 2 games were played, Juve were a tough ask. Now, when you’re at home, holding a 1-0 lead, with 2 away goals in hand, and all you have to do is not concede more than 1 goal in 30 minutes, expectations will be different. In the grand scheme of things you’re right. We did well to get that far, in the manner we did. But given the specific context, it was poor not to take advantage of this set of circumstances. I think it’s fair to point that out.

  • I agree BS but you have been similarly balanced about the loss as I have. I also believed that we could’ve/should’ve got past Juve. Just as I believed we were good enough to get through our group stage. And yet I know that even though I thought we were good enough I also expected it all to be a tough ask and just 2 quick goals did it for us. Which I suppose is pretty hard to take, given that we had our narrow lead. I just don’t understand supporters who write us off from the start but who then carry on as though we should have never lost a single match. Which is a wee bit of a contradiction and an over-reaction if you ask me.

  • I could see what went wrong on Wednesday night as much as any other. We lost. I’m gutted as much as any other. As much as I am sure the players and Pochettino are. But 1 narrow loss to a top team such as Juve doesn’t ring any alarm bells to me… Getting thrashed by Bournemouth probably would be a bad sign. But it’s more likely that it will be Spurs doing the thrashing.

  • I have been put down or mocked on here many times in the past for my optimism when it comes to this Spurs team. But my optimism does not prevent me from being realistic. Belief does not have the same meaning as expectation. I believe that we can win the FA cup. It doesn’t mean that I expect us to. That just wouldn’t make sense to me, knowing exactly how football can play out. I’m far too sensible and wise for that. Believe it or not…

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