Date: 13th April 2018 at 8:00pm
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When you play Football Manager, and you are two or three goals up at half time, one of your team talk options is to say “don’t get complacent.” More often than not, your players won’t listen to you, and the inevitable comeback from your opponent happens anyway.

Mauricio Pochettino has however decided to use the “don’t get complacent” line when talking about us qualifying for the Champions League:

“You need to focus on winning games and winning points and when mathematically you achieve what you want, then it’s over. Until then, it’s impossible to think like that. Football can always surprise you.”

I know he is trying to send a message out to both the players and the fans, but at this stage, it would be a serious capitulation if we don’t qualify and finish fourth at least.

I understand where Poch is coming from in some ways. Our focus will move shortly towards the semi-final against United in eight days time, but before then, we’ve got two matches in the league that he is keen for us to win.

Refocusing minds is certainly a good strategy, but if we can’t finish above Chelsea in the position we are in now, then really we don’t deserve Champions League football.

We are on a 14 game unbeaten run in the league since we lost to City in December, and we have great momentum heading into the last month of the season. The ideal scenario would be to win our next four games in all competitions.

We would be in the FA Cup final, and secure in the top four. We can then focus 100% on winning that first trophy in Pochettino’s reign. Even if we don’t perform to those standards in the league though, we have multiple opportunities to seal the deal.

If we lose against City, and Chelsea win versus Southampton, the gap will still be seven points with five games to go. With home games against Watford, Newcastle and Leicester (all teams who have very little to play for), that should be nine points if we are playing anywhere near our best. And that will be enough.

It’s a testament to this great run we’ve been on that we are in such a great position heading into the crucial latter stages of the campaign, and despite Poch’s caution we have a fantastic chance of making this his most successful season yet.


2 Replies to “Poch knows Spurs are in a great position but he’s not showing it”

  • Pochettino is right.

    Even though this Spurs team rarely ever look complacent to me. It’s no coincidence that when we have looked to take it a bit easy, and perhaps got a bit cocky on the odd occasion, then we have usually made errors, given up goals and lost matches. It is not often just down to us having been thoroughly outplayed over 90 minutes.

    I may be the eternal optimist when it comes to Spurs. And I’m nearly always confident with this team, that they will step up and give it their best shot. But I will never say its over until its over. Whether that is when we are winning or losing. 1 point above 5th or 10 points. 3-0 up a half time or 3-0 down…

    We have high aims. And we need to continue to play as we have been, and be professional and focused if we want to achieve these aims. That’s getting as close to the top as we can in the PL and winning two FA cup matches against top opposition.

  • Articles coming thick and fast, another good and interesting one here White Hart, personally I feel we have two real obstacles both verses the Manx sides, we will get over them both and finish the season Fa Cup winners and in the top 4 again. Am I over confident, maybe, but hey I am a long time Spurs fan, I look forward to being shot down. COYS

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