Date: 15th May 2018 at 8:00pm
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I am not going to talk about reports linking our manager with a move across London. For starters, the rumours are just one way with Chelsea said to be “considering moving” for Mauricio Pochettino, with there being no indication that the feeling is mutual.

Still, Poch did put the cat among the pigeons with his comments about transfers following the crazy 5-4 win against Leicester on the final day of the season. Usually, the subject of discussions between manager and board is kept private, but the Argentine deliberately made it known to the media what outcome he wants from the talks. More funds to win trophies

It is calculated gamble. A power play to put pressure on Daniel Levy and Joe Lewis to loosen the purse strings that has seen us spend just £50m net during Pochettino’s four years in charge. Usually, such ploys by coaches don’t end well.

Popular managers in the past, including most famously Brian Clough at Derby County, have lost their battles with the board, and although there seems to be a good working relationship between the manager and Levy at the moment, things could swiftly change depending on the outcome of the meetings in the coming days.

There is no doubt the board want Poch to stay. An £8.5m a season contract is reportedly on the table, but justifiably the manager wants assurances over what he can achieve during the next few years.

The £850m stadium cost will inevitably suck up a lot of potential income, and that could hit the club’s ability to spend significantly in the transfer market. Yet the board are in a bit of bind. At the moment when the financial squeeze will begin to bite, the manager is wanting increased funds.

You can see both points of view. Pochettino doesn’t want to get into the Wenger situation where he has to manage expectations during a time the club cut back to finance payments on the new ground. The board meanwhile will not want to lose a world-class coach during a time of massive upheaval and change.

Compromise is the likely outcome of these talks, but much will depend on the temperament of both the board and Poch. Funds are needed to get this team to win, but with other financial pressures to consider, will the manager have to do things with one hand tied behind his back?

For so many reasons, I’m hoping for a swift resolution to this, and we can then get on building for next season.


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  • There will be enhanced contracts for a number of high performance players and funds available to add and/or replace a few. The best way to pay for a new stadium is to keep it full of fans and exciting high quality football is the way to achieve that.
    It looks like we might lose some or all of Rose, Waynama, Alderweireld and Dembele; so depending on how that goes, there will be a need to add some very high quality. i’m hoping we will look at a few of Man U’s “out of favour” youngsters who have development potential.

  • As a guide on how this could go… Levy always sells to buy. So sell the 5 players get £100m in add 100m new money. We have a happy manager and a good chance to win a major trophy next season, and semi finals CL.
    The iron hand of Levy inside this velvet glove of a transfer deal is… Poch has to win a trophy, and progress further than we have this season. in CL and cups…. or he will be out the door… Which I don’t want, but can see this happening… as I said about Mr Levy and his negotiating methods.

  • To explain a bit more… By putting in £100m new transfer money… this could be from the stadium repay fund, and can be recovered by some extra prize money from CL further progress. This is a gamble by ENIC / THFC but worth it, as we will have a motivated manager (Levy has taken the risk as poch asked)and players. Also there is extra funds from naming rights on the stadium. So this could well be a win win scenario on a positive view.

  • poch has probably taken us as far as he can on his finance, the other top teams with bigger budgets will buy buy buy and unless we invest in top class players and pay our stars comparable wages we will slowly leak these players who know they can get big paydays elsewhere.
    why would he stay when he always has to do miracles when the big euro clubs will offer him millions and unlimited budgets for players.

  • I’d say we’ll see the standard shot of Poch and his staff signing a new contract with Levy by Monday. If I’m right, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alderweireld, Dembélé, Alli and Eriksen all sign extensions in the following days and weeks.

  • Maybe MP was talking about money, maybe he wasn’t…

    He spoke about the club taking risks and being brave. He didn’t actually speak clearly of anything specific and what exactly he meant by it… He definitely didn’t mention anything about the clubs finances or loosening of purse strings…

    “Sometimes I have crazy ideas in this type of situation. We need to take risks. We need to be brave.

    “We need to challenge big sides who invest. If we want to win the big trophies we need to review things.”

    That’s not all of what he said but this is the main gist of it. He also mentioned creating new ideas and a ‘new project’.

  • This just means Spurs won’t be doing anything in the TW …. now that’s brave! He’s just trying to upset frank.

  • MP and Levy will meet, or have already met to review the past season with a view to the next one. It’s what happens. It’s what they do…

    MP says to the press that basically he has some new (crazy) ideas he wants to run by Levy and… that is that…

  • Im amazed we have done so well inthe past few years, with a matchday bench that has not got 5/10 league goals a season sitting there!! I hope Levy does the selling early like Poch wants then re-strengthen properly.That way no excuses for poch to hide behind next season and we see how he copes with a squad of much better quality.

  • The £50M total net spend figure is a matter for dispute. Figures published yesterday stated tht in the 4 year period under MP we have actually only net spent anything (£14.9M) in one season 2015-16, in the other 3 we have actually made net profits of £3.89M (2014-15), £28.17M (2016-17), and £15.9M (2017-18), a total net profit of £33.07M over the 4 years. This is a clear indication of the ambition, determination and will to succeed as a Football Club. Yes we will have a shiny new stadium to increase revenue and income for Lewis and together with the new training facility increase the total sale value of the club in the future, all at the expense of even a token attempt to improve the team/squad by investment to make it more likely that we might actually win something. While others improve we have to make do with the likes of N’Jie, N’Koudou, Jannson, Sissoko and Lloriente to name but 5 of our transfer triumphs in recent seasons. Pochettino is operating with one hand tied behind his back, no wonder he might be getting itchy feet. Players are starting to smell the coffee of zero transfer spend and austerity wages and Walker, Alderwiereld, and Rose are taking appropriate action, no doubt soon to be followed by others.

  • Well I am shocked! It must be summer nearly and end of season, Poch does an interview, hey presto the media b******T “cherry picking” brigade are out in their droves, followed by the “we know better” opinion “believers”.

    Druid, Parklaneyido and HT all your posts basically cover it all, well said the 3 of you. COYS

  • Well, Levy and MP are on the record saying that they wanted to conduct transfer business early, preferably before the WC starts in order to avoid inflated price tags if a player they want has a great tournament.

    This year, the TW officially opens tomorrow (May 17) at midnight, and closes on August 9th, at 5 pm.

    The WC starts on the 14th of June, so that leaves a little under a month to bring in the reinforcements MP wants.

    The big question is: do we have to sell before we buy? In that case, I expect our first sales to happen in the next 2 weeks.

  • I think that Poch is going no where, as for the racist tripe across the smoke, no chance Poch has more class.

    I sometimes wonder if Poch when he finishes his interview wonders as he walks away with a huge smile on his boatrace, that’s given em, the media, something to keep Spurs in the papers, haha, could be well wrong here.

    I do believe before next season starts the doubters are going to be eating humble pie, the next step will be begin.

    As for Levy, brilliant businessman as proclaimed, will not let Poch leave, it would be like cutting ones nose to spite your face, and Levy will know if Poch were to leave the team would break up and all the excellent work of the past 4 years would have all been for nout, so I cannot see it happening. COYS

  • BS….very good question there, I think a lot of us are thinking the same.

    Personally I think we will sell and then add some cash to give Poch a good war-chest for the players he wants. COYS

  • PY – “I do believe before next season starts the doubters are going to be eating humble pie, the next step will begin.”

    It has to go both ways though ;-). I’ll gladly eat mine if I am proven wrong. Will you?

  • This summer is a World Cup year and when Poch says “take risks” that is about buying first and selling second in my opinion. He wants Levy to buy a couple of major players before the World Cup and the risk is that if Toby, Dembele, Rose etc get injured during the competition then we need to deal with the fallout. That could mean selling them in January for less. It could also mean weakening Levy’s negotiation if the buying team knows we have to balance the books this summer.

    Just look at last year…
    Walker joins City on 14 July
    Sanchez joins Spurs on 18 Aug
    Aurier and Llorente joins Spurs on 31 Aug

    If we do the same again this year, we could be off to a slow start again in the league.

  • muttley – except the window closes on August 9th this year, 2 days before the season starts. I suppose that we’ll have our final squad (barring any late departures) in early August.

    However, if we wait until deadline day to buy players, they will still miss preseason.

  • I personally believe we have to sell before we buy, for negotiation tactics, if nothing else.

    Let’s take Toby’s situation for example. Imagine we go out and buy a centre back (whoever he is) before we sell Toby. We spend the money and secure our target, with the belief that Toby will be sold eventually (with a price tag in mind). The TW deadline comes and goes, and the season begins.

    Then, in late August, when the TW is closed in England but still open in other European countries, a foreign club comes in with a really low offer for Toby. They’ve got the upper hand because they know we have to sell Toby to get his wages off the books.

    We’re essentially going to be stuck with two possibilities:

    a) have to sell low and take whatever is on offer at that time,

    or b) refuse to give in to that tactic, and keep a highly disgruntled player we don’t need for the rest of the season.

    I think the only way to avoid that is to put Toby on the market early and try to get a fair price for him. This way, you can at least tell clubs that you’re prepared to keep him another year if need be, and that the club plans on playing him if we can’t get a good price for him. However, if the buying club knows that you already have his replacement on the books and that you’re essentially bluffing, it’s easy for them to call that bluff.

    The same logic applies for Rose.

    I think that the market closing early in the UK and staying open elsewhere is really going to affect the dynamics of the TW.

  • A club is not in a position whereby they alone can determine when exactly players are bought and sold. If only it were that simple.

    There are parties for both sides, agents and representatives galore and much more besides that is involved. If more than one buying club is involved, this of course can become all the more complex. It’s especially all the more complicated with players that are high profile.

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