Date: 23rd November 2016 at 8:15am
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Tottenham whimpered out of the Champions League at the group stages and with one game remaining last night following a poor performance away in Monaco.

The home side, who had the better of the first half, saw a penalty from Radamel Falcao saved well by Hugo Lloris after Eric Dier had brought down Fabinho.

Goalless after the first 45 and with Spurs riding their luck Dijbril Sidibe popped up in the area and headed a bullet past helpless Lloris from six yards three minutes after the break to put Monaco in front and deservedly so.

Harry Kane levelled with a well-taken penalty on 52 minutes after Dele Alli was hauled down by Kamil Glik.

Having equalised and a mere 38 seconds later Monaco found themselves in front again through Thomas Lemar, who fired into the bottom right corner of the goal in acres of space inside the area. Poor old Lloris was left stranded when his so-called defenders let him and their fellow teammates down.

We have no one else to blame but ourselves for our Champions League exit – the thing is and what annoys me but who would have thought we may end the group stages at the bottom of the pile when the draw was originally made.

Europa League awaits and regular Thursday night football could be the order of the day if we beat CSKA Moscow on Wednesday 7 December. On the other hand, we could exit European football all together for another season. Which would you prefer?

Player Ratings

Hugo Lloris 7
Saved a penalty and possibly made the save of the tournament with a sublime reflex stop from Glik. Without Hugo Monaco would have probably scored a hatful. Our star player.

Kieran Trippier 5
Was out of position more than once – nothing to write home about?

Eric Dier 5
At times looked similar to a rabbit when dazzled in headlights. He froze at times then occasionally run-round like a headless chicken. At fault for fouling Fabinho in the penalty area. Thank goodness Hugo was on top form.

Kevin Wimmer 5
Not exactly on scintillating form. Struggled at times to keep up with the pace.

Danny Rose 5.5
Caught ball-watching when Djibril Sidibe walked past him (exaggeration but not too far off the mark) to set up Lemar’s goal.

Victor Wanyama 5
Similar to Kieran Trippier, Eric Dier and Wimmer’s performance. Dire!

Mousa Dembele 5
Booked for a cynical foul – wasn’t his usual self.

Dele Alli 6
Won the penalty when Kamil Glik hauled him down in the penalty area. Huffed and puffed and played for the cause!

Harry Winks 4.5
Played a blinder against West Ham at the weekend but failed to impress and embarrassingly skinned by Mendy for the opening Monaco goal.

Heung-Min Son 3.5
He couldn’t work out his left foot from his right. Poor decision making – awful performance.

Harry Kane 6.5
Blasted home from the spot (nice one Harry) – ran his socks off but with little support he was often left up front on his own.

Vincent Janssen 4.5
Had 25 minutes to impress – failed miserably.

Christian Eriksen 4.5
As Janssen.
Looked comfortable on the ball but that was it.


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  • No question, finish fourth, avoid the Europa. We’ve already made as much from our pathetic display in the champions league as we would winning the Europa, not that English clubs ever win it. Liverpool and Chelsea are playing once week, we’d stand a much better chance of being able to compete if we were doing the same. Unfortunately I don’t think that is what will actually happen.

  • Whoever decided Sissoko was worth £30 million. I thought signing players who had one good game (Sometimes Against us ) had gone. When 50000 Newcastle fans are pleased to see him leave our scouting team should be replaced pronto. Was David Pleat involved?. Pochettino or any “football” person would not have demanded this transfer. Danny Rose going forward so often costs us more than is gained, I am still not a Dembele fan – pass back , pass sideways, stay away from attacking positions etc. style of play, . I would not miss Dembele or Sissoko, but hopefully they play great for the rest of the season with a few match winning performances.

  • I know we’re disappointed about the team performance, but let’s be fair to Lloris when handing out scores. If he got a 7, then it was 7 out of 7, not 10 !!!

  • Ditto re Lloris, worth at least a 9. I thought Winks was worth more than 4.5 … at least his movement was toward the opposition goal!

  • When the whole team play badly – it’s not a bad day at the office – look in the office and you’ll see the problem sitting at the manager’s desk.

  • You will find my player rating quite critical however, I agree, I could have been more generous over Hugo’s ratings. Perhaps 7.5 would have been appropriate. If I were to do them again Son would have received minus 0.5!! In addition, in the future I may give points to Poch. Tactical awareness etc taken into consideration. Just out of curiosity, what would you have given Poch, out of a maximum 10?

  • Poch would have got 3 out of 10. He picked the wrong team and then gave 3 of them license not to drop deep and defend. That put too much pressure on Wanyama, Winks and Dembele. Worst though, he let their full backs run riot and never once the entire game did anything to change that. It was probably his worst performance since he’s been at the club. Mike Bassett would have done better.

  • shedboy2 – I agree that it was Poch’s job and he was unable to balance both EPL and CL. It wasn’t just a bad day at office, the whole CL adventure went badly. We should chalk it down to experience, learn from it, get our league form right and concentrate on finishing as high as possible. With Walker and Vertonghen on the bench, it was clear that we were resting players for Chelsea. The best CL sides play strong lineups for both competitions and manage to rest the players more cleverly. Poch will learn. Don’t forget that he is immensely new at CL.

  • I thought Winks did OK particularly 1st half but faded a little in a faltering system which also left Demerol wondering to stick or twist. I thought Alli was poor first half but found more rhythm in the second, the back4 looked like they don’t normally play together and weren’t sure if wanyama was going to drop into the middle or not…Rose played his normally way but the system around him had changed leaving gaps…Trippier is better than that going forward and needs to show more power defensively…Son is a decent player (nothing more or less) but had a bad game…Kane needs to get his sharpness back but there were encouraging signs…where was the pressing? where was the team play? the pattern of play? imo Poch had them confused…as he’s done to Eriksen lately who imo isn’t anywhere near as poor as pundits are saying this term just being fecked about by the manager…and to un-leash Janssen when we need a goal is like setting a toothless yorkshire terrier on a burglar!

  • yep TR- he is learning…just a bit too slowly…finish outside of top4 this year and our revenue will drop, our attractiveness to players will diminish and at least one of our direct oppo’s will gain the advantage…then we try and hang on to Kane, Lamela, Lloris, Alli …while financing ENIC’s pension plan so expect a key player or two to be sold…

  • Muttley – Mike Basset – we might just about to be able to get him before England need him to haul them out of a Southgate mess…;)

  • When you go into the Champions League you should strengthen the side.Who thought that Sissoko,Jannsen,N’Kouwho, would be an improvement on Lennon,Townsend,Chadli & Siggy?The scouting ethos at Spurs is rotten to the core.

  • shedboy2 – well I do not think that Poch is learning too slowly. If we finish outside 4th, it would be fair enough that there are 4 teams doing better than us. No manager persistently finishes higher and higher. I do believe that we still have a good chance of finishing top 4. We haven’t played too well, yet 4 points off top, unbeaten, with the best defensive record and despite under-scoring, we have the 5th highest goals scored. Now that CL is outta the way, we can tweak the league performances. We were never going to win the CL, so it was not worth jeopardising league position for CL performance. Rather be in our position than Leicester’s. who have done better in CL, but are 2 points off bottom 3 in league. However that is not saying that we couldn’t have managed both comps better.

  • IMO, you can blame everyone and everything about yesterdays result + performance, but the crux of the matter is that we screwed up big style in the two matches on our ‘home’ ground in front of 90,000+ crowds. We should never have been put in to a position of requiring a win in Monaco. It was almost like chasing Leicester last season. The damage was done in the earlier games and we were always playing catch up. Trying to get a mish mash mix of players to perform for a must win under pressure was a big ask. CL is over, a big let down. But lessons learnt?…not sure as we didn’t learn anything from our EL experience of last season.

  • How long must the rose tinted glasses regarding Dembele and others last ? Aren’t the likes of Dele Dier Dembele Wanyama Rose Kane not meant to be the more experienced players and show some sort of leadership on the field ? As far as effectiveness goes – they were diabolical and that’s being generous. Expect leadership from the experienced at times like these – not hide. To judge Winks lower than the experienced surely is a tad off beam. Anyway this particular journey is over – onto the EL FAC and the EPL.

  • I think Iâ??m repeating myself but the fact is that last season we had a settled team and they performed well by following the managers directions. So far this season we have not had a settled team due to injuries so why would anyone expect us to perform at the same level. Some of you are way too anxious to point the finger and blame someone, which I understand … but why Mauricio? The players know what they have to do. They showed that last season. The manager canâ??t do much about poor or under-par performances from the players … and there are quite a few at the moment. Some of our squad simply have to lift their game. We all know what they are capable of. We still canâ??t compete with the clubs above us in terms of squad depth and quality so it is what it is. I think we need to see what happens when everyone is fit and we can field the same team for a few games like we did last season. We play Chelsea away next. Itâ??s pretty bloody obvious who the favourite will be, and for good reason. I believe we can win it or at least get something from it but losing on their ground is no disaster. I wonder who will spit the dummy and start the â??Poch outâ?? chant if we lose.

  • I certainly am not calling out for a new manager – far from it Geof. For those who read my posts will be aware where I lay the blame Geof – we have not been waiting for the likes of Dele Eriksen Dembele Lamela to recover from any long term injuries. To date we have the BEST defence in the country. Going to the game on Saturday and I am sure the team will turn up with full of optimism just like us.

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