Date: 27th November 2016 at 9:14am
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Straight from the off Tottenham looked as though they were up for the ‘Battle at the Bridge’ with slick, easy on the eye football. And it wouldn’t take long for the away fans to be jumping for joy when Christian Eriksen opened the scoring after a mere 11 minutes thanks to a brilliant long-range shot. Could this be a contender for ‘Goal of the Season’?

The game swayed from one end to the other with neat and pacey passing – a neutral would have enjoyed the passion and energy, not only from the 22 on the pitch but from the noise coming from both sets of supporters.

On the stroke of half time Chelsea’s Pedro equalised with a sweet swivel (the Strictly come Dancing contestants would have been proud with that) and strike (all in one motion) from the edge of Tottenham’s penalty area.

Six minutes into the second and from the six yard line Victor Moses scored what turned out to be Chelsea’s winner with a firmly hit side footed shot.

Mauricio Pochettino’s men can take heart from a gutsy performance, however the home side were never going to be a walkover and in the end Antonio Conte and the Chelsea FC juggernaut bounced back to of the top of the Premier League table.

The 26 year Stamford Bridge hoodoo continues!

Player Ratings

Hugo Lloris 7
No one would have saved Pedro’s goal and Chelsea’s second was more of a fluke. Either way Hugo wasn’t to blame. Not a perfect performance nor was it a poor one.

Kyle Walker 6
Plenty of energy and kept alert, especially with Alonso and Hazard constantly breathing down his neck.

Eric Dier 6
Allowed Pedro to swivel on a sixpence and score one of the goals of the day, nevertheless he kept Costa quiet for most of the game.

Jan Vertonghen 6.5
Worked his socks-off – gave pretty much everything he had. Solid performance.

Kevin Wimmer 5.5
Looked uncomfortable at times but that may have been because he was playing out of position. He may have prevented Moses goal, who knows?

Victor Wanyama 6.8
Similar to a bull in a China shop – charged around and bullied and stifled many of the waves of attack. Dominated midfield.

Mousa Dembele 6
Couldn’t cope with Costa prior to Chelsea’s second goal build-up. Having said that, there’s not too many who can cope with Costa when he’s in the mood.

Christian Eriksen 7.5
Scored a screamer from around 25-30 yards and that’s enough for me to make him my ‘Man of the Match’.

Dele Alli 6
Struggling with fitness and faded towards the end. However, he fluffed his lines when he squandered a good goal scoring opportunity to equalise with 70 minutes on the clock. Those living next door heard a thud when my jaw hit the floor. Tad frustrating at times.

Heung-min Son 4
Played like a lemon against Monaco on Tuesday and I have to be brutally honest when I say I witnessed nothing from yesterday’s performance to make me change my opinion. Verdict – still a lemon!

Harry Kane 6.2
Netted but turns out his was offside (bah!). Looked perky and up for it, just a pity his engine died slightly towards the end.

Harry Winks 5.7
Replaced Son after 65 minutes. Looked solid.

Georges-Kevin N`Koudou 5
Replaced Alli on 73. Added a spot of pace.
Came on for Dembele with seven minutes remaining. Not on the field long enough to grade.

Manager Rating
Mauricio Pochettino 6: Shuffled and shoehorned a few players in and out from the defeat against Monaco. Did he get them right? Obviously not! Can’t be too critical at this stage of the season.

Ref Michael Oliver 5.5
Tried to keep the game and tempo flowing.


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  • I thought the weakness of Lloris was not in the saves but in a dodgy clearance that didn’t clear at all shortly before the first goal. I agree that no one was going to make a save on Pedro’s goal, but perhaps Pedro shouldn’t have had the opportunity to shoot at all if the ball had been cleared better. (Or is my memory beclouded? I haven’t watched a replay of the match. Too exhausted afterwards. LOL.)

  • We’ve got a series of matches coming soon from which we should wrack up several three-point efforts. If we don’t, then some serious re-thinking about this group will be required. The proof of the pudding of the Pochit-Tino era will be in the tasting in December. Not too interested in the result vs. CSKA, although one always want to win and Europa would be to vet the youth, but the EPL matches are crucial. Manure ripe for the taking. The others we ought to win. But Swansea, Hull, Burnley and Southampton should give us threes each one. If the lads play up to their obvious potential we should come into the New Year well positioned for a top three finish again. To fail to beat this lot would indicate that this is not the team that we all thought we had, and it would indicate that Pochit-Tino is not the manager we though we had. COYS.

  • How many matches ago was it that Heung-Min Son looked world class, beating defenders off the dribble and putting fear in the hearts of other teams. Granted that that period lasted only a few matches, but it did happen. Then he hurt his ankle, so we are told, and hasn’t been much at all since. Can be come back to playing like he was for that brief moment in the Son sun? Was that just a momentary illusory dream? Don’t deny that we felt enthusiasm for him then. We did. A brief flash in the pan? Or a rare moment in which his true abilities flashed?

  • I’m having a dream in which I am writing 19 consecutive posts every day. Not this time. I’m stopping to wait for others. Lol. Continue without the Fool being a fool, please.

  • Stop me now. I’m afraid I’ll return to being a Total knobhead if I’m the only one posting. Help me. Intervene, please. Post now. Post now. Post now…

  • The same old pattern, we fail to win a game where we have had the greater share of possession 54%/46%, more shots 12/9, more passes 458/388, higher pass success 81%/76%, more tackles won 81%/46%, most crosses 19/14, but we fail to exploit this obvious superiority. This has been the case in almost all of the 7 games we have failed to win out of our 13 played, the stock reply to consistent concerns expressed re. this situation has been “Well we are still unbeaten”, well this is no longer the case, so perhaps we can now admit that to have a win stat of less than 50% in the PL, and early elimination from the CL with a series of less than inspiring performances for the whole 90 minutes of most games, we have good halves and poor halves, must be a concern, together with some obvious squad weaknesses that should/must be addressed in January, but will they be, I personally doubt it. Incidentally the defence, or lack of it, for their second goal was a joke. How Dembele, and Dier, conspired together to allow Costa to run as far as he did to create Moses’s chance to score, was scandalous.

  • Falstaff a top 3 finish would be excellent, but what pray is the point if we play in the ensuing CL competition in the same manner as we have this year, without any strengthening going into it, playing with weakened teams, and showing no apparent intent or ambition to progress beyond the group stage. We might as well save ourselves the bother, finish 5th, and go straight into the EL.

  • All doom and gloom, let’s be logical. 1, players burned out from the euros . 2, Kane injured. 3, Toby injured. 4, dembele suspended . 5, Dier removed from DCM in favour of Wanyama. ( disruptive to Dier). 6, fatigue, 7, Stupid tour of Australia. 8, preseason lack of cohesion of players. 9, stupid internationals breaking up the rhythm we had. 10, Wembley (big mistake.

    That’s a few reasons, we have lost 1 game this season in the PL. you would think we are 19th…. last season, we punched above our weight …. we are where we should be regarding the disruptions we had…. we need to play the kids in last CL game we win we win we love se we lose o be it ..l I think we need to be out of the Europa Leauge … play once a week and the team will thrive… Chelsea have been winging it , Liverpool will be found out. Arsenal will collapse. Mn City are the team we need to beat and we can … have faith in the players just not Jansen or sissko ….

  • Thanks HGS. … at least you are optimistic … we are having a baron spell, we will come good … as soon as the team get Toby back … we miss him. I’m still happy with the progress…. in 10 games time all the remoaners will be gone until we slump again lol.

  • To hearten you further there were plenty of optimism around me at the back of the old Shed ! It was good to see Eriksen playing like he did and Wanyama tearing a strip … can’t fault Walker Verts and Dier for their efforts… can’t wait for the likes of Toby, Dele, Lamela to return Kane to get his form n fitness back … Looking forward to see more GKN – have been really positive in all games except v Lpool. Oh yea I wish Hugo stopped doing those suicidal passes in front of his work. Danny Rose – you are partly to blame for yesterday – silly way to get booked last week! COTMS!!!

  • Every time we get beaten or put in a crap performance the same old excuses are trotted out, poch will learn from this ,the team will learn from this blah blah blah. The thing is we never learn ever, 2nd half was poor and we never looked like equalising and i now look forward to the excuses that willbe trotted out

  • We need to go all out for the europa league and fa cup lets try and win something, we are not going to finish top 4 even a blind man can see that and even if we did whats the point of trying to get back into a competition we cannot win and showed absolutely no desire in . Go for 2 remaining cups

  • I agree with Frank about the criminal negligence on the second goal yesterday. But I don’t agree that we might as well go fifth rather than top three. Top three is good enough to recruit new players, but fifth is not. Third keeps us at least where we were last year. Fifth is back sliding. One doesn’t want to do worse than the previous season. At least stay where one was, and try to do better. Hate to give up and accept sliding down rather than aiming higher.

  • If Pochet-Tino fails to keep us moving upwards, he will be a tremendous disappointment after the expectations he led to to have last season. He rightfully with earn the reputations as a cockerel tease. Nothing worse than a cock(erel) tease. One could say that it goes so far as not even to suck.

  • Do we gamble on trying to win the PL or get top four and have another bash at CL next season, or do we try and win Europa and get CL next season that way! Difficult, because has the season has been so far this year it hards to say we can get top four, and that may be a few Europa games may be a better chance of winning it and getting Cl next season. On the other hand, we are not massively far behind and a slip up for Chelsea and the other tema can easily put us back in the frame, so do we concentrate on Pl and forget Europa, whatever we do its a gamble.

    Biggst concerns for me is our transfers, yet again we have brought poorly, still feel we have no back up for Kane and I am not sure Dier is happy, he isn’t the player of last season, or the first season in defense either, think he liked being the best player in DM position and I hope for one he gets his place back. Yep I think we should play Dier and Wanyam, I think Wanyama can do Dembele role just as good and allow Dier to stay deep. Let Dembele fight for his place again because he has gone back to his old ways.

    I think we have to hope Dele picks up form, may be he is missing Dier in the centre, and lets hope Eriksen can take heart from that goal and press on now. I think Son days are numbered, not good enough to start, may as well cash in while is value is still high in Germany, and unless Janssen starts to make more of an impact I can’t see him being kept, Berahino in January anyone. At least he can score and knows the PL, cut down price and some fitness work should see him happy again and get back to his old self, which was good potential.

    I think Sissoko days are already numbered which begs the question, who brought him. I am concerned Verts hasbn’t signed a new contract, and I can also see Wimmer going if Verts does stay, he isn’t going to stick around as second choice, his performances have dropped, he needs regular game time now to have any chance of progressing, and he isn;t going to get it while Verts is around, not in the PL or CL.

    Things are not good at the moment, but they have been worse.

  • The advantage of being in the EL is to give the non-starters some playing time. If we cannot win some matches in Europe with them, then we’ve learned something about them. We certainly should not wear out our better players if we are in the EL, as improving our play and our position in the EPL is far more important. I’m far to tired of our allowing Arse to end the season ahead of us. For me, reversing that is more important than all else. Our first focus should be on putting Arse in the rear-view mirror. Beating some team from Bucharest or somewhere east of the Urals isn’t of that much interest in comparison. Of course, we should be able to win against such teams. But let’s start putting Arse in the rear-view mirror. Until we do that, I’m not really happy with anything else we may accomplish.

  • Sorry Falstaff I really couldn’t be bothered by those squatters one iota – one of the reasons we are taken to town in my circles -is exactly that preoccupation with goons. Time to let go and concentrate on our own achievements.

  • I respect your opinion, Highgate, but for me it’s about beating the Gooners. Has been for decades. I’d rather end up in second with them in third as to end up tied with them for first. If we win the CL and end up in second in EPL with the Gooners in first, the CL would be hollow.

    As to the the thinness of the game thread, I felt like I was in solitary at times yesterday. I remember when we lost to Fulham by something like 5 x 1 in an FA Cup game, I think it was, and we had over 1,000 comments on the game thread. Maxed out the thread and Ox had to start another one. Where have all the flowers gone?

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