Date: 14th January 2019 at 3:00pm
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Writer: Jod

People don’t like giving up on an argument.

Criticising us for not signing players who weren’t worth signing didn’t fly so rather than give up people just started criticising us for not signing men with no names. There’s been a similar evolution with the question of squad strength.

At the start of the season we were told that we had a decent first eleven but no depth to the squad. That pretty quickly looked stupid. But rather than just hold up their hands and admit they were wrong the critics switched arguments. “Ah yes” they said, “we do have depth but everybody else has a stronger squad”.

I was thinking about that while watching Liverpool lose to Wolves with a sixteen-year-old in the defence because they’d run out of central defenders and the relatively toothless partnership of Sturridge and Origi up front. They didn’t look like a team with massive squad depth.

So what’s the truth?

To me, City have the strongest squad in the league. Conversely Arsenal’s squad is relatively weak, Emery has worked wonders getting as much out of them as he has. United’s squad looks strong on paper but until Solskjaer arrived they weren’t showing it on the pitch. My question with them is more about attitude than ability, they downed tools to get one manager sacked whose to say they won’t do it again. Which leaves Chelsea and Liverpool, I’m not convinced either of them has any more depth to their squad than we do.

There’s one further consideration.

When Leicester were winning the title we were repeatedly told they would fade away because they didn’t have the squad depth of the top clubs. As it turned out they didn’t need it. Because they weren’t playing in Europe they were playing fewer games with a longer turn around than the competition. If you are playing twice a week a strong squad is critical. If you are only playing once a week its a lot less important.


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  • I think our squad is too strong and has too many players. If we buy more strong players, selecting a starting eleven will be a nightmare for supporters. And what would we do with all the strong players we already have. I think it would be far more beneficial to buy more supporters than players. If we buy more supporters the club will have access to more money with which to buy even more supporters. It’s not more players we need, it’s more supporters. Then again ….

  • I thought it was quite fitting that at the end of the game none of the Spurs players came over to applaud the support but many of us just stood and watched Harry cutting a forlorn figure just sitting there with one of the Physio’s who, I note, didn’t even offer him a shoulder to lean on as he limped off across the pitch. It was a fitting epitaph to a game that went wrong and kept getting worse. I have to say though that, at the moment, Trippier should not be allowed to be our RB in big matches. It was his mistake that left us wide open with Pogba pinging the ball to Rashford. The minute Sissoko went off Pogba started to boss the middle of the park and Trippier did what he did against Burnely lost the jeffing ball when most of the defence were making their way up field. 80,000 in Wembley last night and at the end of the game the Manure support spilled out onto the walk ways chanting whe it should have been us ….we blew it…yet again when we needed the front men to stand up and be counted, especially Delle, …we blew it so when you say we have a squad good enough without additions I beg to differ we need a quality, world class right back cos Aurier and Trippier do not cut it and now we have lost Moussa number one and if Moussa number two gets crocked we don’t really have an enforcer for the middle of the park! No offence Winks and Skippy but your work in progress!

  • I think poch has 28 players in the squad, so need to sell 5 to get back to 2 top players each position. This gives rotation and player cover for injuries of 1st team. Young players to back up the squad.

    Geof… Mr Levy is buying in this transfer window, about 24,000 more supporters to fit into the new stadium !

  • I think we have a good squad on paper, but looking at the CM area, we knew Dembele was physically on the decline and Wanyamas knee injury is a serious one, which leaves us short. We also didn’t know Sissoko would step up this season and Winks is still developing, so we really did need to invest in this area. Other than that, I don’t see any of our rivals with significantly superior squad depth.

  • Joe, a good article but I have to say that I and many others have listed players who we could have brought. Our squad has been badly mis managed. We are clearly carrying players who are not wanted (Levy asking too much money for them). As a result, we are unable to get in the players we need. We are clearly lacking a quality right back, a dominant central midfield player – selling Dembele with our current injury plight is madness- and a striker to back up Kane (we’ve been saying this for years). Whilst others are strengthening their squads we are doing nothing. It is going to be very hard to make the top four this season and even harder next season.

  • Jod , Liverpool have lost 1 game in the league and are top of the table they have more quality than us .i know which position I would prefer to be in.liverpool fans couldn’t care to fiddlers f s about the fa cup they are delighted there knocked out .its just not possible to compete and win league, champions league and cups even citys squad last season blew a head gasket in the end .klopps been wise league and champions league are all he’s interested in. if where not careful we could end up getting zero . If Harry’s out for 3or 4 weeks ??and son playing for country the pressure will ramp up on us .champions league places are all up for grabs with Utd back in the frame.

  • Yes, people like to criticise our signings and our squad etc. Personally I wouldn’t want a big-headed Paul Pogba, Alexis Sanchez, Mezut Ozil, £XXX,XXX a week type player taking up space and money to pout and “play” when they feel like it at our beloved Tottenham.

    What you can say about all our players nowadays, is they all try their hardest and leave everything out on the pitch in the main! If they didn’t, Poch wouldn’t play them and they’d be moved on fairly sharpish I get the impression.

    Sounds like Kane will be out for at least a couple of games anyway. With Son also away, I think it’s a good opportunity to give Llorente a real chance in the first team instead of just bringing him off the bench. If he scores a hatful and we keep on winning, it will be interesting to see what the media turn to then.

  • Well I thought we lacked depth last year, and i still think we lack depth this year, yes we have a core of around 17/18 good players, If we really want to challenge to all the trophies, then its more than obvious investment in the squad is needed. If we happy plugging along as we are, making the CL, but not really having the chance to win it, reaching the latter stages of the dosmetics cups but again not winning them, and finishing in the Top 4, then we probably have the squad for all this.

    As for the naming of names, its makes no difference, as the only players will be bought, are the players MP wants, not me.

    Football is full of opinions, yours nor mine are not the only one that matters, so if you think the squad is great, marvellous, or whatever, doesnt actually mean it is, so arguments will continue……

  • This whole article can essentially be summed up in one sentence: “let’s do nothing but there is nothing there to do”.

    Either that’s true and the club need to be a lot more forthcoming with the reality of the situation, or that isn’t true and we are not doing enough. It’s quite simple really.

    But because our club doesn’t believe in transparent communication, we are left to ask questions.

  • You are absolutely correct in that Ossie. It is all about differing opinions. Otherwise no one has a word to say of their own or any reason to dispute any others words…

    But, if we just look at our squad of players this season and take into account the many, many injuries. If we look at the relative spending power and talent of the clubs that are above us and just below us in the league. And if we take into account our best ever points tally at this stage of any PL season and it being one of the more impressive seasons so far, (results wise), than since 60-61… Then surely, any opinion that suggests our team and squad is in fact stronger than many of us have ever seen before, is an opinion that is difficult to dispute.

    Surely, it’s all there, for us all to see if we are clear in what we actually expect. Relatively and realistically speaking… Our squad has been proving its quality week in and week out. It doesn’t mean it can’t or indeed won’t be improved but, looking at it as it now is and not what we would all prefer it to be, it’s probably a lot stronger and deeper than most of us would’ve all thought it to have been, at the very start of this season…

  • … And, it is my final sentence there, that jod is actually talking about…

    In other words; If you see that Spurs are now coping much better than you first thought they would at the end of the last summer transfer window, then it aint nowhere near as bad as many suggested it could or indeed should and would be… In fact, it aint so bad at all… Right here and right now!

  • Yes HT, the squad has coped so far, but what are our objectives, if its to challenge for everything, than no this squad lack depth as we are seeing, If its just to maintain the position we got Top4 and reach CL group stage then we the squad is strong enough.

  • Spurs are coping as well as I thought, as we all know we have a good team, but I cant help imagining what could have been with a little more investment, especially at the full back positions, and in midfield.

  • Ossie, there was good reason why i emphasised my points that this is how our season has been so far and is right now. And this is all we have to go by. And when looking at it, we have to quite honestly say that it is better than most of us expected it to be at the start of it. So, I ask, what’s the problem?

    We can all speculate about how much better it might have been or how bad it could all get but what’s the point of that when it really is pretty good so far? And, given that we are Tottenham Hotspur as opposed to Man U or Chelsea or the two clubs above us? We are (after all), still in 3 cups and, in spite of 6 losses, still 3rd in the PL.

    To put this even more into perspective, look at us this season and then take a look at the mighty Real Madrid, Bale and Modric and the season they are currently having…

    We are Tottenham and we all want the very best for our team and club. But we have to be realistic. And when we look at it all in a sober , non emotive and realistic way, we have to say we are doing very well indeed thank you very much… For now!

    If we drop down the table and then are no longer in the 3 cup competitions. When we have sold Christian and Harry. When MP has fled to Spain to revitalise Real and it’s with those two as replacements for Bale and Modric. When e next lose to the Gooners and when the new stadium collapses before the first match is even played there… and when the sun refuses to shine…. Only then will I start to worry! But never in advance of what might go wrong. Only when it does go wrong… Badly wrong!

  • Ossie …. You say our squad isn’t deep enough to challenge for everything and you may be right. But, right now, we have progressed in three cups and are sitting in a healthy league position. So we are still challenging on four fronts. It will get better or it will get worse but we can’t evaluate the depth of the squad until it’s all over.

  • HT, our eyes dont see the same thing, I would love to see Spurs through yr eyes, but I cant. Yes we can all speculate about anything, cos that what we do, its not just about watching yr team play, and nothing else.
    Just because Real after losing Ronaldo arent doing as well as they would have, but I would take 7th in the prem after winning the CL, and they will probably still qualify for the CL just like us end of the season, doesnt mean anything to me, I still believe this squad lacks depth, and still think we should have signed some players over the summer.
    Yes we are in all the cup comps, and still have a possibly of winning the league, but we will see what we will actually win…

  • Geof, I can evaluate the squad at any time, which i regularly do, the squad wont get deeper as we wont be signing any players until the summer, so this is what we got….

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