Date: 7th July 2013 at 10:59am
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I have just been reading about a group called Our Tottenham which has a few demands in respect of the new stadium development, these start with the club chipping in £100m for urban renewal, presumably they figure we can just sell Gareth Bale.

They go on to demand that no homes or businesses be demolished for the club’s planned ‘Wembley Way’ style approach from White Hart Lane station, that no public money is used for developments ‘related to the stadium’ (transport ?) and that at least half of the new homes Spurs builds are for social housing. Levy appears to be trying to be polite to them, my question is why?

Essentially they only want the stadium built under conditions that would bankrupt the club, so what’s the point of talking? Just let the council deal with them, they at least seem to grasp the reality of financial situation. I never bought all the talk of Spurs being part of the community when the Olympic Stadium was up for grabs, this is why. Too many people in Tottenham see the club as a cash cow to be taken for every penny they can get.

Written by jod