Date: 25th July 2019 at 7:30am
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Toby Alderweireld looks set to stay at Tottenham as no club have matched his £25m release clause before Friday’s deadline. According to Anthony Chapman of The Sun, Spurs are planning to raise his asking price to £40m when the clause expires.

As things stand, no club in Europe have stumped up £25m to sign Alderweireld, so why would Daniel Levy risk pricing out potential suitors? The 30-year-old could be on his way out of Tottenham for nothing in 2020 unless he signs a new deal or is sold this summer, so it’s in Spurs’ best interest to keep suitors interested.

Levy is clearly happy to sell Alderweireld for the right price, but why is he valuing the Belgian international so highly? The Tottenham man is a fantastic defender, but the next contract he signs could be his last and he will be a free agent in less than 12 months too. His value will surely shoot down in a matter of months.

Alderweireld would be the fifth most-expensive centre-back in the Premier League if he left Tottenham for £40m. The most a 30-year-old central defender has gone for is £14.4m – Sokratis to Arsenal in 2018/19 – so Levy would be making a mistake trying to get so much money out of the Belgian.

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8 Replies to “Opinion: Tottenham’s latest transfer decision makes no sense”

  • Right, so if its in the Sun it must be true. Since no one seems interested in Toby why not just let him run down his contract and either sign a new one or leave ? Because he clearly isn’t going to be sold.

  • Give Toby a 2 year contract, he is a top defender, don’t let him go to our opposition, epically,. Man United and Arsenal

  • Clearly Toby has changed his mind about leaving, so get him a new and worthy contract. The man has a clear 3 or 4 years of top class defending left in him, and that has to be worth far more than selling him today for £25m, or even tomorrow, for £40m. And the same with Eriksen. Him putting pen to a new contract would be better than any player purchase we make this summer.

  • He is staying for another season, good enough for me. Not many CB’s around as good as Toby.

  • Do we as Spurs supporters tend to overate Toby? I think that maybe we do. Don’t we?

    He’s a very good defender no doubt. But We bought him cheap in the first place without any competition and now he can’t even be sold at £25m. Why?

    People have been saying on here every year that he has been at Tottenham that we surely won’t be able to keep hold of such a talent for much longer. Mostly it’s said because we apparently don’t pay him enough. And yet, here he is. Still not gone despite being available ‘on the cheap’…

    How is it we keep managing to retain all of these supposedly “underpaid”players? Does Levy hypnotise them? Or do they just love being at Spurs? Maybe they are just not as desirable to others as we seem to think they are?

    I don’t really care what the answers might be. Toby is still a THFC player and that’ll do for me… Now, if we can get to the end of the TW with no other team also not being at all interested in Rose and Eriksen, I’ll be thrice as happy….

  • What this article seems to be suggesting is that because Toby hasn’t been sold for the relatively paltry sum of £25m, that he should now be on the market for even less! I’m not sure that I understand the logic of this. I thought he is a player that we’d all like to keep. Certainly not a player we should be virtually giving away in the hope that he will definitely now leave… ?

    Maybe he just doesn’t want to go. Maybe no one wants him…. Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner… Maybe not?

  • Hot Tottingham has a point, if everyone valued our players as highly as people claim on this site they would have all gone by now. The truth is there are only a handful of clubs those players would be interested in going to and those clubs can afford to be very, very choosy. As far as Toby goes I’m not sure he’s quite what he was a couple of seasons back. Then I rated him ahead of Vertonghen, now its the other way around. He’s still a more than useful defender though. He’s also a professional who will just get on with his job. Eriksen’s reaction to not being sold would worry me more. I thought he had problems last season and I’m no sure he’ll handle rejection as well as Toby.

    c b waters – “Clearly Toby has changed his mind about leaving”. No clearly he hasn’t, its just that no one wants him. Another of those Donald Trump style “alternative truths” ?

  • Or maybe he is just holding out to go on a free transfer next summer so he makes a shed load of money.

    There is talk he has already agreed to return to Ajax. I guess we will have to wait a year to find out.

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