Date: 10th June 2019 at 1:38pm
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All the excitement, joy and anguish of the Premier League season and Champions League is behind us. So now we can now look forward to it starting all over again in August! There’s just no end to it! But between now and the kick-off of next season there are a number of questions that will preoccupy all Spurs supporters.

The transfer window will, hopefully, answer all of these questions. To be honest, these are the same questions many have pondered for the last three or four seasons. But this time the questions have a different feel about them.

Who will be leaving? Who will be arriving? Will the Chairman and the Board back the manager? Will every effort be made to take Tottenham to the next level? It’s quite probable that the answer to these questions, and what transpires during the next two months, will define THFC for several seasons to come.

The ‘different feel’ comes from the fact that THFC now stands at the crossroads. Which direction will we go? Do we simply consolidate on recent progress; do we do nothing and risk falling back into the waiting pack; or do we make a statement of intent that Spurs are going to push on and challenge for everything on offer.

Levy is a very astute businessman. There is no doubting that. During his time at THFC he has ensured that all of the groundwork required for a club to be a world force in football is now in place. This has been steadily achieved across several years. He will be aware that the success of any business depends on consumer demand for the product and that a successful business has to have a product that compares well with its competitors in the market place. THFC currently compares very well in that market place.

I don’t know which faces will go and which faces will arrive but I do think that Pochettino will be supported by the Board and Chairman. After all, at the end of the day, it’s good business.

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  • A cute and very reliable little dickie bird (with a great sense of humour) has informed me that Spurs are very soon about to break their current transfer record and, by quite a tidy little some… It’s true!

    Just you all wait n see…

  • I’m happy to take your word for it and look forward to the announcement, hope it’s a central midfielder!

  • Well HT you have my inquisitive butterflies going… Hope your right we cant say its not over due. Plus I hope he brings a couple more quality friends with him.

  • I will believe a complete change in the underlying philosophy that Levy operates within, and that we make any notable signings, when it happens. I honestly believe we will continue the bargain basement methodology that has been practiced, even before the total inactivity of the last 2 windows. The analogy of Leopards and spots comes readily to mind. There are obvious areas in need of improvement in the squad, to attempt to close the glaring 20+ points gap to the top 2, and reduce the number of PL defeats from the current 13 games, and we may lose some quality rather than acquire some.

  • Frank …. ‘When it happens’, is the time to believe for all of us. Continual ‘fake news’ is not believable. Isn’t it lucky that Levy is not a leopard.

  • Talking about ‘fake news’, we’ve apparently just completed our record signing. I think it was with Decca, or was it RCA, or maybe, Capital? Not sure which but it’s bound to lead to a ‘hit parade’ down the High Road.

  • The exciting new album comes out in August and will feature all the best loved THFC songs, sung in perfect harmony by the squad choir. They are still working on the ‘title’.

  • What I really love is the way its taken as read that what we need to do is abandon what’s got us this far. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if the Manchester clubs have more money than us we are going to find it very difficult to buy success with their leftovers. The club we do need to learn from is Liverpool with their highly targeted transfer policy. Coutiniho never replaced, the money spent on the defence where it was needed more and most of it left in the bank for a year until Van Dyke became available. United’s net spend is 3.5 times Liverpool’s, City’s 4.5 times. But Klopp has got far more for his money. Of course to do that you need to be looking at real players and on this site its all about imaginary players, men with no names. Its about spending money for its own sake, not what you get for it.

  • jod …. Players only get names when they wear the Tottenham shirt …. baptism at the Lane. Until then they do not exist.

  • Geofspurs – And yet we are supposed to spend money on these non existent players. Doesn’t make much sense does it ?

  • could it be a serial winning manager like Allegri that would be a fantastic signing one in and one out sorted

  • jod …. Not sure why you are so obsessed about names? If you read the 50-100 names we are connected to by the media every day, that should be plenty of names to keep you happy. Why do you need more names on VS …. it just adds to the overall confusion.

  • And …. humanity has progressed (or regressed?) in every area of endeavour because people have asked questions without being able to answer them. All people on VS are doing is suggesting where they think a playing position can be improved. They don’t NEED to name a replacement. It’s enough to identify a possible problem.

  • A cute and very reliable little dickie bird (with a great sense of humour) has informed me that Spurs are very soon about to break their current trophy drought and, by quite a tidy little some… It’s true!

    Just you all wait n see…

  • Jod……I don’t understand why you keep labouring this point about ‘non-existent’ players, this is an open forum for everyone to discuss all things Spurs, this includes opinions on where supporters think we need to strengthen and/or improve the squad. Some offer up specific names of those they believe will do this and some just offer an opinion on which area(s) of the pitch that need improving or strengthening but leave it to our scouts and coaches to indentify suitable candidates. I don’t see why you have a problem with this, we are fairly sure that Levy won’t be duped into buying non-existent players……he’s far too smart for that!

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