Date: 20th July 2019 at 7:30am
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Danny Rose was honest about the possibility of leaving Tottenham this summer, and subsequent reports suggested he was on his way out for £20m. Matt Law of the Telegraph, however, believes that Rose could end up staying if he’s not convinced about other projects.

If he made a U-turn on the decision to leave, the 29-year-old would have to maintain a strict fitness regime to ensure he’s on the same level as his Tottenham teammates. Rose has interest from Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus, but there’s not been a concrete approach from either club.

The England international was a regular at left-back last season, making 37 appearances in all competitions, but Ben Davies could take his place in 2019/20. The 26-year-old recently signed a new long-term deal and is primed to replace Rose after racking up 40 appearances across the board last season.

This could leave the long-serving Lilywhite with a problem. Rose may not be first-choice under Mauricio Pochettino if there are ‘personal problems’ that need addressing. The Tottenham boss admitted this could ‘take a little time to fix’, which suggests that Rose may need a leave of absence. He nearly left in 2017 before ending up staying, and this latest incident could lead to another U-turn.

The 29-year-old was omitted from Tottenham’s pre-season tour in Singapore and finds his club lining up Ryan Sessegnon to replace him. It may be an embarrassing situation if Rose ends up staying, as it would prove he needs Tottenham more than they need him.

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14 Replies to “Opinion: Tottenham man could make another embarrassing U-turn”

  • It’s not an ’embarrassing U turn’ though is it.
    DR has been honest that it’s the club who hold the cards at this stage. He seems happy to stay and fight for his place as he always has done. We should fight to keep him as he is one of the best left backs about.

  • Danny Rose is a fine player but unfortunately, he’s also a bit of a nut job. It’s been well documented that he’s suffered from a bout of depression and deserves sympathy on that front but he sure as hell didn’t help himself by giving several public interviews with that arse end rag the sun whereby he openly ridiculed the manager and the club in their transfer activities, forgetting that the club stood firmly behind him when he was injured (long term) and suffered loss of form. The guy really needs to take a long good look at himself, stop thinking that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and keep his effing mouth shut.

    • What a thoroughly obnoxious piece of writing this is.
      I do genuinely hope you or anyone you love and care about do not suffer any kind of mental illness.
      I also very much hope you are showen far more compassion than you your self possess for outhers.
      This is why the internet can be such a cold dark place it gives totale annanimity to cowardly so called wordsmiths to hide behind there screens and keyboards.
      Go find anouther hobbie prefrably one your good at.
      Writing or social commentary for you….. NO.

      Now be a good lad and run along.

      Paul W Stevens.

  • Nothing embarassing about Danny at all. Danny is our best most consistent player in defence at Spurs. Everyone would hate to see him go. We love Danny Rose!

  • Levy has kept Danny behind to discuss his most recent public malign of our club and imo it’s well deserved and If he is to be sold it would be Rose’s own doing. In saying that Levy and Pochettino know Danny is our best left back and one of the best LB’s out there which is backed up by PSG and Barca considering bids.

    So that’s why Poche said that Danny has stayed behind because of a club and personal problem ie his big mouth, but if when we get back he is still there Danny will be part of his squad. Now I can see nothing embarrassing about this situation,Danny stayed behind because he was summonsed to Judge Levy’s court room and Levy’s final decision could go either way stay or be sold and Levy must be really angry as not even Pochettino can tell which way it will go. I know Danny needs to be told to just shut up in public and if he has a gripe with the club bring it to human resources or his own representatives, but I hope Levy’s business mind over rules his personal one and he keeps Danny as we could never replace the passion and heart that Danny Rose always plays with. Danny plays this way because he truly loves Tottenham and our badge and I hope Levy remembers this over his own anger. COYS!

  • While I agree with some of the comments said, and Danny should keep his mouth shut about issues at Spurs there have been some very poor decisions made by Poch and Levy that makes players who love the club very unhappy. The actions Danny took right or wrong was about his wages £60K per week, being one of the best LB in the Premiership was paltry compared to other top clubs, the argument from Levy was there is a club wage structure, the same wage structure that has gone on to cause a huge problem for the club with Eriksen £75k, Alderwierald £65k, and Vertonghen £80k when the club broke the so-called wage structure to pay Harry Kane over £200K per week this was not the correct decision for the club. Eriksen now refuse a new contract even after they have double his wages shows the kind of problem management created for themselves and the club, Poch decision to play Harry Kane instead of Moura in the CHL Final was another very poor and disrespectful decision and we will soon know how much this decision may have affected Moura’s game next season or his relationship with Poch another poor decision seems to be on the horizon is the return of Fernando Llorente what is going on at Spurs, get rid of Danny Rose who has attracted some big clubs and we will bring back Llorente at the age of 34 why not Jermain Defoe, players like Rose, Eriksen, Alderwirald, Vertonghen are the backbone of the team that is difficult to replace unlike some of our over hype up players who fail the team when the big games turn up Danny Rose game has always been bigger than his mouth.

  • Convenient how most forget he signed a new deal, was injured for over half a season then started to moan he wasn’t getting paid enough. If you were his boss you would hardly be happy. As a fan I found that ignorant beyond belief.

    He signed the new deal we didn’t make him do that. If he thought he was worth more then he should have fought harder for that.

    It all started when his mate Walker went to City. Walker probably would have been texting him and winding him up about his new wages.

    Looks to me Rose has taken advice off his agent and it has backfired massively.

  • There is no doubt Rose is in the top 3 LB in PL. He just has to keep quiet, and gripe behind closed doors at home or his agents, even poch’s office. I agree walker has had a wind up on danny, he has got to take it on the chin and get on with his job every game. The Fulham lad is not anywhere the level of rose as LB.. IMO.

  • Danny Rose will be a Spur forever in my heart. If only for that first goal vs the Arses.

    As to some referring to him as a nut job: shame on you. You want to talk about nut jobs? Look at those leading the UK into national suicide to stroke their egos. You think Brexit won’t hurt our beloved club? Now there’s a bunch of nut jobs. As to Danny Rose, thank you for being a Spur, Danny. You live in my heart for this. That first goal was a moment I’ll not forget even if dementia takes all else from me.

  • Wow. What a goal in extra time for our Harry today vs those Italians. Wow. What a goal! Almost fell over watching that one. And it was before August. No waiting for September Kane goals this year.

  • If you go Danny, then good luck and all the best.

    If you stay Danny, then good luck and all the best…

    Just to say… When a man or woman, (especially one in the public eye) is willing to stand up and admit to having been depressed, then this should be respected. It is a noble thing to do. It is a show of strength, not in any way a weakness. And Danny has been just as tough in expressing this very personal thing off the pitch as he has proved to be a trooper, on it…

  • The only thing embarrassing here is your lack of respect for a club legend like Danny! The man has more passion in his body than most people alive and has gone through hell and back with deaths, suicides and following depression to be MoM in the cl final and being arguably our best player second half of the season. 12 years of service and second longest serving player in the pl. The man is Spurs and we should advocate for him to stay not leave you idiot!

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