Date: 20th June 2019 at 6:30am
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Writer: Micky Z

The word is Daniel Levy will support Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino big time this window and I think he needs to or possibly risk losing their close relationship.

We seem to be off to the usual slow start, with no one through the door yet and news that potential targets values are way above what Levy will pay and this is before wages are discussed!

We are supposedly expecting the squad to be improved and, with seemingly none of our youth prospects close to making any real impact for the coming season, it would appear we will need to buy in.

In effect, we are already one (top) man down following the unreplaceable Mousa Dembele and we could lose the likes of Christian Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld whose replacements would probably cost as much as we would get in return.

As well as fringe players like Fernando Llorente, Vincent Janssen and the two French wingers, this would mean finding at least four players just to replenish the squad. It would be difficult to improve on the quality of Eriksen and Alderweireld so we need to be looking elsewhere in the team to find better players to strengthen which we must if we are to challenge the top two – after all Liverpool made giant strides and leapfrogged us with 2 key signings last year.

It could be argued both were overpriced but has this investment been repaid many times over with their success this year. Will Daniel be prepared to make a similar investment to get us to the next level or risk losing Poch and seeing the decline of our club?

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6 Replies to “Opinion – Spurs Must Invest To Reach “The Next Level” As Pochettino’s Departure Would See The “Decline Of Our Club””

  • CL final, top 4 again, new stadium, boring, boring, blah blah blah… All bought for Spurs by Levy at Poundland prices! Would that be just a few quid short of a tenner then?

    Dreamland here we come! And dreams cost nought!

  • As far as this article is concerned… I don’t see the need to replace Dembele… Dembele wasn’t even fit to play most of the time. In Sissoko I saw a player that is the opposite to Dembele. A guy that can run all day and recover quickly from injury and do a fine job on the pitch… Then of course there is Winks that can play in either of the 2 DM ‘pivot’ positions… We have Toby’s replacement when needed, already at the club. Sanchez… As for Eriksen, I haven’t a clue. But, he aint left yet. But if he does go, I’m sure that the club will have an alternative plan…

    It’s difficult to have a discussion based purely on speculation… But I tried… LOL

  • … And I’m not one for melodrama… There is every much chance imo that the club will improve if MP were to leave… But that would depend on who replaced him of course and how well they do… But whomever that may be, I wouldn’t expect a hasty decline at THFC… It’s never about just a player or two or indeed the manager… It’s a bit more sophisticated than that. Not much but a bit… LOL!

  • Hot Tott. Irrespective of what you might feel about Dembele he was a member of the squad that has not been replaced. At very least if he and any other players that leave need to be replaced by equivalent players. If this is all we do then we are standing still when our squad needs to be SIGNIFICANTLY improved to keep ahead of Utd and Arsenal and hopefully compete at the top.

  • It’s time for Levi and M P to work together and erase this constant fear that P M is on his way or being touted away. Agree to who they need and go and get him
    This sense of harmony will filter down to the players and performance will also improve. Spurs have come a long way and the way forward is harmony…

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