Date: 21st June 2019 at 7:18am
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Kyle Walker has recently committed his future to Manchester City by signing a new five-year contract and Tottenham Hotspur fans have taken to Twitter to tear into him once again following his update.

Now 29, his new deal will keep him at the Premier League champions until he is 34-years-old.

The England international left us back in the summer of July 2017 for a fee thought to have been in the region of £53million (Guardian).

In his time with Pep Guardiola’s side, he has managed to win a number of trophies including back-to-back Premier League titles and a domestic Treble this season.

Walker celebrated the news by posting an update on his personal Twitter account, however, many of our supporters took it as a chance to continue to criticise him for leaving us because of the amount of money he earns at the Etihad Stadium.

Some continued to share those opinions, whilst others were actually quite shocked that he was handed a deal for that length of time in the first place considering how old he is.

A fan stated that he felt Walker would have ‘5 more years of lining your pockets’, whilst another said he would be ‘second choice next season’ at Manchester City – a thought echoed by someone who stated they would ‘be surprised if you last that long’.

Here are some of their reactions to his new contract…

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7 Replies to “‘Only way is down’ – Lots of Tottenham fans ‘having a laugh’ at individual’s tweet”

  • You Spurs fans need to get a grip. What would Walker have won with you? About the same as Kane’s contribution to your pathetic surrender to Loserpool.

  • You lot really do take the biscuit. You’re ‘laughing’ at a two time Premier League winner, two time League Cup winner and FA Cup winner who’s just signed a new 5 year deal on more money? Honestly, the jealousy and stupidity on display here, really is mind boggling. How many winners medals would he have had on his chest if he’d have stayed with you?


    This is where the ridiculous partisanship of football is displaying itself. “He left us so we’ll pretend he’s shit so we don’t get upset”. You really are a bunch of small time plonkers.

  • I think the only people ‘having a laugh’ are Kyle Walker and everyone involved with City.

    7 years at spuds = no trophies
    2 years at City = 5 trophies

    You silly people.

  • The article and the reactions read as bitterness. The comments made by Tottenham supporters are very similar to Liverpool supporters who claimed that Raheem Sterling, “on the bench”, “left for money”, and “oil money”.

    Speaking of money, it wouldn’t kill to actually research how much Tottenham received for the transfer and what Walker’s wages actually are. For instance, Tottenham received £45 million, plus potentially £5 million in add-ons, as BBC states for the transfer. For his two seasons at City, Kyle Walker has earned £100,000. That source is from Spotrac, a source that is very accurate with their information on wages. To put those wages into context, it is he same as Vertonghan and is £10,000 more than what Harry Maguire earns at Leicester City. The only criticism I have about Walker and leaving Tottenham is telling Maurico Pochettino near the end of the 2016-17 season that “his heart was not in it anymore.” That is only one side of the story and just a quote, not the whole context of the story. I believe if Walker said that, then that is a poor choice of words. That is just my opinion.

    Supporters are criticizing Walker’s performance can only look at what he has done his past two seasons. First, he has played an incredible amount of matches, near 120 matches, since he has joined City. The 120 matches include 100 matches for City and about 20 matches for England. Kyle Walker said that he only had five days of rest between his two seasons at City because of the World Cup. Five days! That is well below the typical rest period for footballers. Second, he has been a major piece in the five trophies that City have won since he has joined. He even put in a full shift at the Community Shield vs Chelsea last summer. Walker has been fantastic since joining City just by work rate alone. His wages are well earned, which are rumored to raise to £120,000. I won’t complain. He has worked hard and has been the consistent defender in a back four that has allowed the least amount of goals in the last two seasons of English football.

  • When I’m speaking of wages, I’m speaking of weekly wages, which I forgot to post in the second and third paragraphs.

  • Money Medals The Sheikh and Pep plus living in his native North vs No money no medals Potch and Levy and living hundreds of miles away from his roots

    Don’t get me wrong , Potch is good and he has a good team but Walker’s decision was a no brainer

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