Date: 12th June 2014 at 8:51am
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I seem to recall our discussing the same thing following the appointment of AVB?

Of course this is all just me putting two and two together and perhaps making five, but when we read platters comments about our new manager, we not only read that they rate him highly, but that he also demands extreme fitness and hard work. In todays game, it is rare to see a top flight professional that isn`t extremely fit, however is there also a reality that players might be fit, but are they motivated to push through the pain barrier and fight to be fitter? In his first interview yesterday, Pochettino was quick to stress that their was common sense to developing fitness, but do the players once again need to embrace a new philosophy and how quickly and positively will that happen?

Without knowing the individual motivation and hunger of our players, we don`t yet know the answer to that question, but you imagine a player that it yearning for a move, might not embrace the hard miles expected of him, that someone that is still hungry and ambitious to impress the new management. We can obviously make instant judgements on players like Vertonghen, Dembele and a few others that might not want to push themselves too hard, however, the case might be that one of their gripes was that their team mates weren`t professional and hungry enough, therefore Pochettino might actually be just what they were hoping for.

I do worry that players returning from a hard World Cup, might struggle with a high intensity pre season and this might be a good early test for Poch, as to how he manages his players, but also how committed they are to the club. The majority of players who are on World Cup duty have had question marks over their Tottenham futures, so will this be used as a simple excuse by them or even the management to cash in and look for hungry new faces with things to prove? I do however feel that their injuries or fall outs with Sherwood, at the end of last season, might actually work in their and our favour, as they have already had a break from football, which will hopefully have recharged their batteries.

What you do hope is that with the majority of our squad missing out on playing in Brazil, they will already be thinking of upping their work and looking to impress the new coaches. We are fortunate to have a good number of players that look to be natural athletes. Players like Kyle Walker, who can run all day. With greater defensive awareness, you would like to think that he will love the high work-rate and all action demands, but also still be smarting from a frustrating season and also missing out for England. Is he just the type of player that could benefit from hard work, coupled with tactical awareness?

So far in his managerial career, Poch hasn`t really proved to be great with big names and bigger egos. is this a problem for him or is he just been at clubs where they couldn`t attract these players and the ones they could, either saw it as a stepping stone, already in decline or were difficult characters anyway? I don`t get the impression that Spurs currently have too many difficult individuals, but do have ones that need to be switched on to a plan and motivated by it. Though I still applaud, Sherwood for ruffling a few feathers, is it now a time for Poch to inspire, but also leave them in no doubt as to what is expected. However to achieve that, you have to assume that the players want to be at the club in the first place…