Date: 1st December 2017 at 11:02am
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Front Page Poster of the month:

The quality of the front page posters is absolutely top-class and continues to impress me, no matter what the issue is, the current debate, it’s hallmarked by the sheer effort that is made to be coherent, logical and erudite. Front page debate here is clearly by lifelong fans who have a deep knowledge of the game and the intelligence to verbalise it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be what it is unless differences occur, the passion for our club, and for the game is pervades all.

Picking out a Poster of the Month was supposed to be a quick and simple exercise, (a bit of fun to give everybody a smile and another reason to make the effort – as time goes on, we hope to give the winners bigger and better prizes), but it’s proved to be nothing but.

For the month of November the Alert team have each put forward strong arguments for who it should be and the debate has been nearly as lively as this front page.

In the end we finally managed to come up with a short list of three; Honourable mentions must be made for Critical Spur and Muttley, they were both narrowly pipped in the vote by our winner ‘ItsMe’ for his post in regards to Danny Rose:
Here it is:

‘ Personally I am unsure what Rose agenda is now. I will say I am shocked he is allowed to speak to the press after his outburst. His latest about fuming, lack of fitness, horrendous first half etc is difficult to analyse what his intentions were, whether there was a dig and a way to say ‘I’m off’ or whether it was simply saying, what he said, he was upset he wanted to be part of the NLD but he respected and understood Poch decision and that was confirmed when he spoke about his lack of fitness against BD, his interviews are ‘edgy’ and difficult to read.

I don’t suppose we will know what the club, manager and Rose himself really feel until the next 2 windows come and go. If Rose is still here come Sept 2018 then it’s fair to say things are not as bad as we sometimes think, but until then we just don’t know. I do think he will give all though and look to build his fitness and game time, he wants to play and he needs to play, he doesn’t deal with not playing very well, he wants to win something and he wants to go to the WC so no matter how long he is with us he will do his best and give 100% but nothing we can do but wait and see what happens in the next 2 windows.

Biggest mistake we made was selling Walker, not just for footballing reasons but to a rival club who are probably going to win things and this has set the tone for Rose imo. He has simply seen we caved in to Walker and Walker has got mega wages and likely to be with a club who is going to win things, rose is better than Walker so its obvious he is going to feel he wants the same and he now knows the club will sell, if they let Walker go then they can let him go is what is probably in his head. Big mistake, madness and still cannot see why we made that decision?.’


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If ItsMe would care to Direct Message me, I’ll ensure that his Offical Tottenham mens Slippers – have to be used for watching Spurs during the winter in front of a fire : will be on their way to him as soon as I can make it happen.

The Forum Poster of the Month:
This time was a unanimous decision and goes to a poster who isn’t a prolific commentator, but when he does contribute, it’s normally well worth the read: Paddyspurs post on the ‘Book thread’:

‘ Disaffection spreads through a group either actively, recruiting others to the cause – or dampening the spirits of those not recruited. The three i feel are actively not with things now are Rose, Alli and Dier. haven’t seen a lot of bromancing recently.. My feeling is that this was going on for them before the book. What does Poch do? Come down hard, indulge them, try to reason with them, exclude them from the group, take January offers? He can’t stick his hand in his pocket and give them more money. Sometimes as a manager we are up against forces bigger than us – greed, player power, deceit. The book giving himself a halo was a bad idea though?’

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Congratulations, please DM me and even though you’re in California, you’ll have to wear the slippers by a fire! (UK size please!)..

As December is for most of us a special month, we’ll try and up the prize a notch or two for December – so keep those posts coming!


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  • Of course, it’s nigh impossible for me to write up why the post won; all I can say is that in our judgement it was a top class post and we all finally agreed on it after a process of elimination!

  • Spursex……………….. well deserved award but you’ll need to send ladies size slippers! 🙂

  • well done it’sMe.I love the passion in your posts. Keep it up and hope the award (and slippers) bring a smile to your face. Hope also, you remain healthy and continue with your contributions…..the hallmark essays! You are (amongst may others) one of our own! COYS!

  • Thank you but I have no idea what this ‘poster of the month is all about’ I just post and yes I am a female.

    Article says I have to ‘direct message’ someone, not sure I know how to do that or what I have to say! I think it’s so kind that someone likes my post 🙂

  • Spursex – well I never. I think I have managed to access my private mail, never even new it existed. I think I have just message you, asking if it’s the right person! You learn something new everyday – if your willing to.

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