Date: 10th November 2017 at 11:46am
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No. No and No!

Onomah must be given his chance.

According to the Birmingham Mail, Aston Villa want to buy him.

Steve Bruce wants to break the bank for him

Is he really that good?

If you frequent the forum you`ll know that for more than a good few years Onomah has been one of my tips to make the grade as a Premier league player, but it almost goes without saying that not everyone has agreed and despite his magnificent World Cup, or the huge impression he`s made at Villa on loan, they still don`t.

I`ve chosen my words carefully, some might say I`m hedging my bets. Before he sat on his backside for most of last season I`d have confidently said he would make it in the Premier League as a Spurs player, but a wasted season means we simply can`t be certain of his progress at the top level.

I have previously argued at the time (the previous summer) that he needed competitive playing time to finesse his skills and his footballing education. Nothing, absolutely nothing in my view measures and teaches a young player like playing competitively against men week in week out.

I can`t help but wonder if he had been playing for a few seasons in a lower league how it would have brought him on and matured him – just like it did Alli Dele.

No loan.

Poch held him back, in fact at one time Poch seemed of the view that if you were loaned out then a decision about your future was already made [it was not at Spurs], but it seems I was wrong.

Whilst reading Poch`s book
he had this to say on Onomah:

” We ended up convincing him to stay, despite having one foot out of the club after many clubs showed interest ..” later he says;

“..offers [loan] for Harry Winks and Josh Onomah, but I`d prefer to keep close by [rather than send them out on loan]

There are a good few mentions, so it`s clear to me he believes Onomah has a very bright future ahead of him.

Whilst he handed Onomah his debut against Aston Villa of all clubs, we didn`t see much of him after that, an injury and perhaps how difficult our end of season run was becoming probably put paid to his chances.

I was delighted when he went out and loan and even more-so when he went to Villa – the last time they had one of our young players on loan they ended up preparing him pretty well for us, in fact some might say they helped him become the best Right back we`ve had in my living memory.


It`s a huge risk playing debutants in the Premier league and keeping them involved, losing games costs Managers their jobs, of course that`s a given, but not performing the way the chairman expects the team to when it matters most at the business end of the season will get you the sack too; just ask Harry Redknapp (which I had the opportunity to do recently and it was my impression that as we faltered, Harry`s fate was sealed).

This summer he got his loan, apparently we`re still fighting off interest in him and his progress has been impressive.

The Villains.

Bruce [manager of Villa] is making his thoughts clear and if I didn`t know better I`d say he`s trying to shape Onomah thinking by his consistent praise and publicly making his thoughts known;
After the recent win over Fulham he said:

“We`ll try and break the bank for him!

It now seems there is a bit of a bandwagon being put behind the efforts to do just that; they have a owner with money but of course have also now been curtailed by the Financial FairPlay Rules. But selling some of their deadwood should free up space on the wage role and with increasing confidence at Villa that they are going to play a big part in the promotion race, having young players on board that you believe can complete at a higher standard is unquestionably going to fill Bruce and Villa`s boards minds if they continue their improvement – no small part of which is being increasingly recognised as Onomahs doing.

Bruce added;

“But we know Spurs have got a very good player there.”

I for one hope he`s right, I believe he would add depth and competition for the attacking Midfield role, and although at a younger group his overall play in the Winning World Cup squad was as impressive as I`ve seen from a Spurs lad, and let`s be honest, medal winning players are few and far between in our squad – so far.

So would you sell or keep?


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  • Keep him. Give him the opportunity to show us what he can offer the squad. By ‘opportunity’ I mean a few games at least.

  • With all due respect to Villa, I think they probably need Onomah’s talents more so than we do. But, to be fair and to be honest, I haven’t a clue wether or not we should keep him or sell. I’ve hardly seen enough of the guy playing for us for any length of time in the 1st team to make a judgement either way. Performing well at Villa, in the Championship is one thing. At Spurs and at the top of the PL, it is all together different.

  • Keep him. Onomah and oakley booth are both going to be top midfield anchor men. I enjoyed watching england u17 and u20 more than the senior team. I m sure if onomah returns Mp will play him in the deep lying mid role same as when he played for england.

  • Poch cost Onomah a season, the loan he has had this season should have happened 12 months ago. The manager seems to have changed his stance this year, maybe recognising that basic maths means its impossible to give more than one player a season enough game time to develop. Now Josh seems to be somewhere he can actually get the time on the pitch he needs, so let him play out the season then both Pochettino and Onomah can take a view as to what happens next.

  • I think that injuries are starting to take there toll with Dembele who is becoming more of a destroyer than an attacking midfielder. Dembele is now competing more with Waynama and Dier for the holding roll which has given Winks his chance to shine this season. If Winks is out, its Sissoko so I can see Onomah given a more prominent roll next season and Sissoko is hopefully sold.

  • Onomah is currently playing at Villa, a considerable distance below our current position in the top 3 of the PL. He has also starred at age group level as have many before him in the past many never becoming top players. Many apparently would like Onomah given first team chances next season when he returns from Villa, who do they think he will replace? We are a top top PL team not mid table, opportunities to bring in young players at more than 1at a time is difficult without affecting the teams form, results, and competitive edge.

  • Frank – Still that old attitude that home grown players can’t be as good as those we pay money for ? seems while its dying its not yet dead. Maybe it’ll only die with that generation of supporters. At the end of the season the manager can judge where Onomah is, Josh can decide whether he wants to remain at Spurs or move on. As for who he replaces, no one can foretell the future. I’m pretty sure when Rose got injured he didn’t think he’d miss nine months football. So trying to figure out where we’ll be next season now its a pointless exercise.

  • Yes Jod you are correct. If one looks at the make up of the teams that tend to win things, they seem to do it with acquired rather than home grown players. Even little Leicester City who sneaked up and nicked the PL title a couple of years ago, did it with shrewdly bought in players like Kante, Mahrez, Drinkwater, Vardy, and Schmeichel etc. etc. rather than home growns, and of course the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, and Arsenal don’t need any scrutiny, they simply rely on signing top players to succeed. Yes you will unearth the very occasional gem from in house development, but they are exceptions rather than the rule, but the odds are heavily weighted towards prudent, targeted investment through a successful recruitment policy, if we ever manage to develop one, rather than our transfer business being conducted by a glorified estate agent.

  • So, we have an unsuccessful recruitment policy?

    As our supporters joyfully sing… “Mauricio Pochettino, he’s magic you know”. He really must be a magician. Or maybe he is just a glorified PE teacher, who got lucky.

  • I would sell while the market is high for him. Realistically, he’s still behind Dier, Winks, Wanyama, and Dembélé in his current position, and I don’t see him making the jump to being better than any of those 4 players within the next 6 months. If he comes back, he’ll sit on the bench and have to bide his time, which will again ruin his development and his market value. Unless we sell one or more of the players above, I don’t see any opportunity for him. If Villa want him bad and are willing to spend lots on him, I’d take the money and run. At best, Onomah is still a developing player who today remains some way off being good enough to start for a top 6 team. At worst, he’ll never be good enough (and success in the lower leagues and/or youth tournaments is rarely a representative indicator of future success). The other factor is that MP is not afraid to keep promising youngsters in the squad. If Onomah has been loaned out, you have to wonder how much MP rates him. He got his opportunity last year and did nothing with it. At best it’s an uphill battle for him.

  • The problem for players like Onamah is that they may well have talent, be good enough for a Pl team but are they good enough for a top four title challening Pl team like us?.

    Lets not get carried away, there was a week or two when villa fans said he was awful, although I think he has had good games most of the time.

    I never rated him when I saw him, but on the other hand he didn’t get a lot of chances and I do wonder whether he would be better than GK!.

    I also think he may want to leave because once a player gets regular football it’s hard to come back and sit on the bench and that is likely to be what will happen if he returns. If he sees himself as a defensive midfielder he is going to be competing with Wanyama, Dier and possibly with Winks and Dembele who can also play deeper in that role. That is a ask. If he plays more offensively he again competes with Dembele, Dele, Eriksen, lamela and Son, another huge ask.

    We are not a mid table Pl team any more so its hard for our youngsters even tough they will get a chance under Poch, but as it is, older players are coming and struggling to break into our team. Wimmer had to go. Carroll had to go. Bentaleb went. Janssen gone imo. So the question I ask is ‘will he want to come back knowing he is likely to play a bit part now he has tasted regular football’?.

    I do think he could take GK place though and do no worse from what I have seen of GK, but again, he has little chance to really evaluate him.

  • Villans not Villains btw, we are Villa not badies! 😉 He’s good. Is he top end of the Prem good? No, not at the moment. No idea if he would become that. He’s very in and out form wise, but then he’s young and learning and the Championship is quite a physical and tough league. Interesting how he develops and also if Spurs would let him go. Probably not unless for a ridiculous price and we’d not pay a ridiculous price.

  • Spursex, Can I request that during the International breaks we have a thread to chit chat about the cockerels in the Lions shirts?….please….considering generally we have a large representation in the squad. Else, there may be a lot of off-topic debates.

    On that note, I am looking forward to seeing how Dier handles the additional ‘responsibility’ tonight. He’s had a couple of fantastic games in the defence for us. I suspect he will be deployed as a DM. But I do think he has in him to be vocal and commanding figure. Tough game v the Gemans, but what a game to have on your cv as a captain.

  • I apologise to all non England fans now and for being off topic

    CS, I thought the Spurs lads all played very well last night. Good to see Rose back in an England shirt as it is for Spurs. I thought Trippier was excellent both in defence and in attack. And Dier did indeed look to be commanding and in control as captain.

  • HT, that was my impression too. The thing is, being a friendly, I don’t think any one was putting in a shift. Amazing how we’ve all got used to the pressing style at Spurs that anything else looks too pedestrian. Either side could’ve won it. Though how that Blokey Loftus-cheek got the MoTM, I don’t know. No real standout player last night imo.

  • I thought it was pretty competitive for a friendly and a good match for the young debutants that played. 5 in all, I think.

  • CS……………I agree, didn’t see what Loftus-Cheek did to warrant MOTM, he played pretty well for a debutant but wouldn’t say he was outstanding, both he and Abraham lacked a bit of composure around the opposition box which is probably understandable.
    Trippier had a great game as did Jordan Pickford who could have easily been awarded MOTM. For me………..apart from one misplaced pass, Dier took to his role of captain for the night in his stride and gave a commanding performance in front of the back line whilst also making some good moves up field at times also. Some might scoff at my suggestion but at times, when on his game, he reminds me of the great Franz Beckenbaur strolling around the pitch breaking up the opposition attacks and turning it into offence.

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