Date: 3rd November 2017 at 11:39am
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£7.5 million for winning, £105,000 Bonus in next wage packet..

According to The Times this morning, those who play and win the Champions league can have a nice little earner courtesy of Levy`s foresight; getting to the last 16 means they will now share a cool £2 million between them and find an extra £105,000 in their next pay slip.

Of course it won`t quite be that much when the taxman takes his share, but none the less it should be enough to keep their respective better halves from breaking the piggy bank to fund their Xmas shopping.

As I`ve said many times before in answer to criticism to our wage structure, this article confirms what I have always been told and believed; that our players can earn a lot more than the ‘base` contract payments because although we allegedly have a strict wage structure, we do provide heavily incentivised contracts that reward winning performances and higher finishing places.

It`s a pay as you win philosophy that I have always supported, even if it is the stuff of nightmares to my agent friends who do everything they can to limited its` usage.

According to The Times, players can lift their base contract earnings by a not to be sniffed at 20%.

Not too shabby, not too shabby at all, is it?


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  • Its the only logical way to do it. If we progress in the champions league we make extra income which enables us to pay bonuses. We don’t get into the situation where we are paying out money we don’t actually have.

  • Geof – it is, but I’d like the club to commit to certain players regardless of the performance in the CL. Regardless of how far we go int the CL, Toby Alderweireld is a great CB and his performances in the PL alone would merit an enhanced salary and a long term contract. Levy is taking zero risk, and leaving the door open for richer clubs to come in and given our players base salaries which are superior to what their total earnings are at THFC. When Leicester won the league, their first order of business was to give Vardy, Mahrez, Drinkwater and others big raises to try to keep them at the club. Kante aside, they kept their title winning team intact, which is probably why they’re still in the PL today. The investment I am advocating for is a structural investment, rather than a bonus amount that some of those players should be earning anyways.

  • Levy is not immune to rewarding his managers with the odd sweetener or gift or bonus, either. I remember reading that Martin Jol was thanked for some impressive form, with a birthday present of a Porsche. And, I recently read that Poch had the not so insignificant little gift of a Bentley (car not David), as a thank-you and appreciation of his good work.

  • jod – you seem to avoid that same little question too. With the new money from the Nike deal, other sponsorship deals, CL money for the last 2 years, yet a payroll which hasn’t grown proportionally, where is the money going? I have answered yours numerous times – our club is amongst the lowest in the PL when we look at the revenue-to-wages ratio. Increasing that slightly (even while staying below the league average) would open up new possibilities for us. I’d much rather see the club invest in the team than in fancy toilets in the new stadium (presumably where the money IS going). Will you answer my question this time, and tell me where/when our new revenue streams have been reinvested in the 1st team squad?

  • Any idea of the breakdown of what the club earns at each stage of the comp?… sorry, just being lazy!

  • To date we are assured of ?23.7 mm this includes the last 16 bonus which we assured of. We can add another ?1.5 or ?3mm if we win one or both of the next 2 group stage games. The players seem to be getting about a third of the prize money earned.

  • Thanks jvd, tha’s exactly what I was trying to figure out. No doubt all the coaching and backroom staff will get some share of it….deservedly so. COYS!

  • THFC investing most of the money from various competitions performances into playing staff base salaries…. Is just a blinkered attitude…by short term gains which greatly increases the financial burden on the new stadium, and giivng players less incentive. The stadium and surrounding area is costing millions more than just the originally estimated £400m for the stadium. Thanks to over 4 years delay by Archway Steel legal fight…Planning Harringey Council, Boris and others at London City Hall, haggling over funding and payments. So Levy is doing a great job juggling all this, which means that If he had put all the money into players / team we would not be where we are with the stadium, and future progress as a club diminished. Just as Chelsea has been with russian money debt now allegedly at £1b or so. He will eventually walk away at any time and want his money back..and they will be bankrupt, as no new stadium (good 3 or 5 years away..) Finance for new buyers etc.

  • Block D – lots to say about all of this but for starters, anyone assuming that Abramovitch is just going to leave is just making an assumption. He could be bankrolling Chelsea for the next 40 years for all we know, and leave his entire fortune to CFC when he dies.

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