Date: 8th January 2018 at 7:49pm
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Who said the romance of the FA Cup is dead? I can imagine Newport are preparing to get out the flags and bunting at the end of this month in preparation and dreams of making last weekend. “Giant” killing defeat of Leeds a distant memory.

As yet there is no definitive date (26-29th Jan) for the game or of course a hint of a TV station, but though Newport v Spurs may not be up for tie of the round, it`s one that will have the romance of the cup all over it.

Newport sit mid table in League 2 at the present time and Pochettino and his boys shouldn`t have too great a fear, however, it also represents what should be safe passage into Round 5 and surely we have to consider this competition as a viable route to Silverware, which no doubt the players, manager, board and fans crave equally, even if for slightly differing reasons…

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  • Kane will stay if MP starts wining trophies. MP has had 4 seasons and missed opportunities to break his duck as a trophy less manager, it’s time to deliver no more excuse’s.

  • If Poch doesn’t find a way to win games like this without playing Kane then expect the same burn out we saw when Leicester won the title.

  • Kane hasn’t said anything like that about MP or anything about leaving or why he would indeed leave. The headlines have, but not Harry himself. Kane simply said: “I’ve always said (we need to) just keep progressing, keep getting better. We want to start winning trophies — that’s the aim. As long as the club keeps doing that, then I’m happy here.”

  • Kane will want to play no doubt and if we are to pay some respect to the competition then perhaps he should play. I was surprised about him being picked for the AFCW match but I doubt that Harry would have suffered too much from the experience.

  • The Newport game comes on the weekend before we play Man Utd on the Wednesday (31st January) and Liverpool away the following weekend. I would hope he’d get a break just to avoid possible injury if nothing else.

  • Rather than argue the yes he did, no he didn’t say, regarding Harry Kane’s statement, suffice it to say that yes it is high time we won a trophy. Every season we compete for 4 trophies, the LC and FA Cups plus the PL title in the UK, and the EL or the CL in Europe. It is fair to say that we as a club have treated the LC, the FACup and particularly the EL as a nuisance rather than a genuine opportunity to win a trophy, pinning everything on the less realistic targets of the PL title and CL both of which we are at fairly long odds to win. Given it is now 10 years since we won anything perhaps a change in emphasis would be useful, and a genuine effort to go all out to win a trophy would be desirable, if we want to keep our better players on board.

  • Frank, unfortunately, the biggest prize in modern football, is money, not trophies, as you need the former, to get the latter, hence all clubs prioritise the EPL, or top 4 qualification over everything else. And as Arsenal are finding out, the FA Cup won’t keep players happy.. (Sanchez, Ozil) it has lost its prestige.

  • If reports are true, looks like Alexis Sanchez is on his way to Man City… because you know, their attack desperately needs strengthening…….

  • Guyver the fact remains that we just avoid fielding competitive teams in cup competitions, showing no real desire to win them, and calling our ambition into question, unlike both Man U and Chelsea in the EL in recent seasons. We can prioritise the PL title and the CL all we like , but we have little or no chance of winning either.

  • I’m not sure that’s a fair comment Frank. Last year we got to the semi final of the FA Cup and fielded our strongest team but weren’t good enough on the day. This year, in the league cup, Poch’s despite comments regarding prioritising the EPL and CL, we actually fielded a strong team against West Ham. It was complacency not the strength of the team that was our undoing.

  • Most clubs avoid fielding competitive teams in domestic cup competitions. All the top 6 made either 8 or 9 changes to their line ups in he last round of the FA Cup and the smaller EPL clubs also made changes on mass, even with their smaller squads. Man Utd only took the EL seriously AFTER their top 4 hopes were over and even that had a lot to do with the prize of CL football, rather than the EL cup itself.

    “I have to player them by periods. And I don?t have another solution. In the Premier League we can only finish fifth or sixth, I think. I don?t think we can finish seventh and I don?t think we can finish fourth. So fifth or sixth.

    “We can win a trophy and by winning that trophy we can play Champions League next season. So that?s the game. Mourinho

  • Not arguing with anyone Frank, just relaying the truth of what Harry actually said. I get fed up with nonsense headlines being the reason for peoples comments, just to have yet another negative spin on all things Spurs. What Harry said was actually a positive thing. The complete opposite to how it’s being portrayed.

  • I suppose when I say avoid fielding competitive teams, im really saying avoid fielding the strongest lineup. With the squads most top EPL clubs have, irs difficult not to field a competetive team, especially when playing against clubs from the lower leagues.

  • Exactly Guyver. I’m sure Wenger’s intention wasn’t to lose in playing that ‘weakened’ team in the fa cup.

  • Of course our chairman, our manager and our players (as with us supporters) want to win stuff. It’s football, a competitive sport. Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in cloud cockerel land!

  • How many clubs compete in the FA cup? It’s not more realistic to say we can win the Fa cup and not the PL, if we have already shown that we can get as close as we have just done. Not now this season, of course. So although the PL top 4 is still our aim the FA cup becomes more of an opportunity of a trophy than the PL but it doesn’t make it any easier to win it. All we can do is attempt our very best to win it, as we did in the PL last season. And as I’m sure we will with the CL this season. Which is also a very difficult competition to win but that doesn’t mean it’s unrealistic if your still in it and having beaten the reigning champs already.

  • Then again, if the CL is considered unrealistic to our manager and team, then perhaps we will see our best players against Newport County and should play our ‘B’ team against Juve.

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