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Hi all, this is probably going to be my longest and most in-depth Nonsense thread so far. So if you’re scared of a bit of reading, maybe you should look away & run for the hills!! I guess there’s nowhere better to start than Mr Borges da Silva, AKA Willian. Talk is really gathering pace on this one, some people even suggesting he’s already in London, whilst others claim he was actually at our training ground yesterday. Personally I very much doubt that because 1, there’s no way he’d have been there and not been spotted. And 2, he was shown our training ground last year, so wouldn’t need to see it again. Anyway, what other gossip/ITK is there about him? Well he could move to a village that shares his name, and yep I’m serious..  

If that doesn’t say ‘done deal’ I don’t know what does, lol. 

However, joking aside, according to Russian media, its close…

Deputy editor of the ‘Radio Sport’ and commentator ‘NTV-Plus’ Nobel Arustamyan said the midfielder, ‘Anji’ Willian close to the transition to the ‘Tottenham’.
‘Tottenham’ reached an agreement in principle with ‘Anji’ by Willian. The probability of the transaction is very high.
Now – medical examination and personal contract player, ‘- wrote in his Twitter Arustamyan.
Earlier it was reported that in the struggle for Willian ‘Tottenham’ inferior ‘Liverpool’ – Liverpool have offered for the Brazilian EUR 30 million, and 50 percent from its resale…..

Is Russian media to be believed? Well, if they are not reliable in Putin’s eyes, they disappear ;-).. We will see I guess! But the guy mentioned in those tweets has close ties with Anzhi, supposedly, and is the main guy at some local radio station and also worked with club, se the clubs radio station, Anji Radio.

Let’s just pause for a quick comparison between 2 of our supposed targets.. 

Willian –

Lamela –

I know many of you (us) don’t bother with stats, but not everybody is aware of a players ability, so only have stats to go by. Assuming you’ve checked out the links (it’s only a couple of pictures, so no reason not to), you should perhaps already know that Lamela plays in a league with tougher defenses. However, in those links, Willian is better statistically in nearly every area, especially creatively. Key passes per game, Assists per game, cross accuracy, and even dribble success. Although the fact that they play in different leagues makes a fair comparison difficult.

Anyway, let’s take another quick break, but stick to this topic, and enjoy some banter from ex pro footballers…

Didi Hamann ‏@DietmarHamann –  I just hope we beat Spurs to Willian #LFC

Peter Schmeichel ‏@Pschmeichel1 –  @DietmarHamann really you should hope just to beat Spurs…!!!

BRILLIANT banter by big Peter Schmeichel 🙂

OK, break over, back to business… Gianluca Di Marzio ‏@dimarzio – Update on @willianborges88: @SpursOfficial offered in the night 35? to #Anzhi and is close to sign brazilian (now in London).

Then, as of 12pm this afternoon, and because the British press are believable when they say something I/we actually want to hear, 

The Sun – Tottenham ‏@SunTottenham – Tottenham set to sign £30m Brazilian star Willian #thfc

Then 30 minutes after that, something popped up that sort of backs up earlier stuff about Lamela’s representatives, plus our Willian ‘deal’

Wayne Veysey ‏@wayneveysey – Lots going on at Spurs. Willian has chosen #THFC over LFC & is undergoing medical today. Roma chief Sabattini meeting Baldini about Lamela.

Even Greg Stobart is believing we’re actually close to closing a £60m double swoop for Willian and Lamela – 

Oh, here’s a pic of Willian supposedly at Heathrow airport this morning – – I can’t really see Heathrow being his airport of choice if he was moving to Liverpoo?? 😉

Ben Smith (of the BBC) is also getting in on the act – Ben Smith ‏@BenSmithBBC – Spurs now look set to complete moves for Wilian and Erik Lamela. Anyone would think they were about to come into some money….. 

note that last sentence, well Willian and lamela are close to signing, according to rumours etc, and coincidentally rumours are circulating Spurs accept £93m plus Coentrao, if true good business from spurs!! 

As you all know by now, I know nothing about gambling, but Sky Bet have removed bets for Willian’s next club. I’m guessing that would suggest it’s almost a foregone conclusion as to his destination? 

And just because talk of Willian isn’t exciting enough, Italian media claim that the father & agent of Lamela are going to be speaking with Franco Baldini today (Tuesday) about a deal for the young Argentinian.

Right, that’s the Willian ‘love in’ done with, what about other links & rumours? Well let’s just dive head-first into ITK.. 

Who: Ali Z
Where: ???
When: August 19th
Club are more confident that he (Bale) will stay for another season, not heard from the cad’s of madrid for a while, things settling down…………

Who: hertyid
Where: ???
there is a medical booked for this evening. same guys who did Soldado. i have no idea if it’s for Willian………. 

Who: Grey Fox
When: 20/08/13
‘Been told we have agreed price down to Willian and his agent now as where he ends up, but we probably favourites another defender is on the cards and my contact thinks that we might for go another striker if we can nail La la.

We are trying to get rid of Ade, but it will be end of next week if we can do anything i.e.e last minute dot com, and sadly Benny will be gone if he can pass the medical he didn’t pass the first one.’…………………

Back to rumours then :-). The craziest one coming from an Italian Journalist called ‘Luca Marchetti’, who seems to believe we are the closest to signing Samuel Eto’o, with Inter Milan also being interested. I’ll not bother with a link to that one, due to the fact that the £300k p/w AFTER TAX, that Ato’o is currently earning = Just a tad out of our wage ceiling, lol.. 

I’m happy to report that we are once again being linked to the exciting young Croatian striker called ‘Ante Rebic’. This lad has quite a future ahead of him (in my opinion) and can operate anywhere along the front line. Here’s the link –…n-on-impressive-young-croatian-international/

According to press in Staffordshire, Stoke City are contemplating a bid for Defoe –

Whilst somebody on another forum said this, ‘My dad had dinner in the same restaurant as Defoe last night and was sitting on the table next to him. Asked Defoe is he’s staying and if he’s excited for the new season. Defoe said it’s a great squad but he needs to be playing and isn’t sure what’s going to happen. ‘

Let’s be honest here, it’s nothing new, Defoe says the same thing every time he knows he’s gonna be on the bench. Fair play to him (if he is re-evaluating his options). He’s by far from my favourite player, but he’s served us well and is probably desperate to get on that plane to Brazil next summer (assuming England qualify), and he’s not going to do that whilst sitting on our bench. Personally, Defoe out & Rebic in = good business. 

Well, how about a name popping up out of nowhere, just as Capoue & Chadli did? Well here’s one, Todor Nedelev!! Apparently a 20 year old Bulgarian, rated as ‘the best player in Bulgaria’ by certain sections of support.. Here’s the link to him – 

Is this where Mr Baldini is earning his wage? Well here’s a clip of the boy in action – – He looks outstanding!! 

Here’s another link that states it’s as good as ‘done’ – 

Then this – @BAleksievSpurs: The coach of FC Botev cofirmed about interest from Spurs regarding 20 years old Todor Nedelev! via @Marin7805 #COYS #THFC

Or this – Marin Marinov ‏@Marin7805 –  He’s the brightest prospect in Bulgarian football at the moment. A winger with a knack for the spectacular goal!

Stats? Ok then!! 

13/14: 14 games, 10 goals, 3 assists, 98 min/goal
12/13: 29 games, 9 goals, 10 assists, 216 min/goal

And here’s a tweet from one of the many Bulgarian THFC supporters (yeah I may be exaggerating there).. Bulgarian yid on twitter
Boyko Aleksiev ‏@BAleksievSpurs – Hope we get Todor Nedelev, 5 million is a ******* steal.. He is an amazing talent, can say he is the best player in Bulgaria and he is 20y! 

It looks like he can play either left or right wing, last year he was mostly on the left but this year he’s playing on the right and his stats are even more impressive. Hey, this could be a nothing rumour, who knows? If you want ‘facts’ perhaps the Nonsense thread isn’t for you ;-).. 

Speaking of Nonsense, I guess not mentioning the Welsh fella is pretty impossible, so here’s the latest example of a flappy mouth at Real Madrid. 

Real Madrid forward Raul is a keen admirer of the PFA player of the year, he feels that Spurs have made him “too expensive”.
“He`s a brilliant player and would bring a lot to Madrid, but his price is too high,” Raul is quoted as saying by Spanish newspaper AS. “Tottenham have overestimated his price.”
He added: “The Real Madrid board is working hard to assemble the best team possible.”..

No Mr Raul, Tottenham have not overestimated his price. Tottenham has a value for it’s player, your club either pays it or shuts up and gets on with struggling to beat the mighty Real Betis!!

Speaking of the Welsh fella, this is a FANTASTIC article, which demonstrates how Levy is 100% correct to hold out for ‘his price’ and it explains why Bale is worth more to Spurs, than the £85m that Madrid seem to be willing to pay, how we CAN afford this spending spree without selling Bale etc etc etc. I implore you to read it –…-to-sell-bale-or-at-least-why-they-shouldnt/?

However, to repeat/back-up something I mentioned earlier….. Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, here we go. The transfer of the exterior Welsh to Spanish club has been accelerated in the last few hours, you are defining the details of an important deal in the economy of the European market. An operation for 93 million pounds, and will be also included in the negotiation Fabio Coentrao. It remains to be seen whether the Portuguese will lower the amount of cash that will go into the coffers Tottenham, or will be added to 93 million. Now Tottenham have a small budget important to invest in the market. And Real Madrid wins Bale. – http://www.gianlucad…nto-i-dettagli/

Now, IF that is true, open your minds and consider everything there. £93m plus a (former) ?30m player is incredible. I love you, Gareth. I won’t ever forget your incredible goals, but that amount of money is just too much to turn down. Oh, and we might get Coentrao, Willian and Lamela, too?. 

Then there’s these tweets – Gianluca Di Marzio @ dimarzio – Tottenham, accelerated Willian. And Lamela …http://  

Gianluca Di Marzio @ dimarzio – Bale-Real Madrid 93 million pounds, not Euros….

Forgetting about the Welsh fella again now, I’m afraid there’s nothing new on young Halilovic, but I have come across a pretty interesting article about one of his brothers (who’d be coming to our academy IF we get Halilovic).

OK, I’m all typed out now, so I’ll finish in the same way as I started, by speaking about Mr Borges da Silva, AKA Willian.. 

Marcus Christenson ‏@m_christenson – Liverpool refused to go above their initial valuation of Willian & so lost out to #spurs, says @AHunterGuardian: #lfc 

BBC on to it (I believe them over ANY media outlet: Tottenham are in advanced talks to sign Brazilian attacking midfielder Willian from Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala in a deal worth about £30m. The 25-year-old has also attracted interest from Liverpool, but it is understood the Anfield club have missed out. Attacking midfielder Willian, who has two Brazil caps, is expected to make a decision on his future on Tuesday. If Spurs pull off the signing, it would be the third time this summer they have broken their transfer record. (Yeah and we’d still get people saying ‘LEVY/ENIC OUT’)

The Telegraph also picking up on it now –

Just because we seem to suddenly be living in a real life game of Football Manager, here’s something to look at & hopefully get those spirits raised IF the Welsh fella is to move.. 

So, I’m not even going to apologise for going on so much. It’s the final couple of weeks of the window, it’s when things start to really happen, so info is all over the place. You know the score by now, respect eachother, respect yourselves, respect the site rules and the work that oxfordspur puts into keeping it going. Now stop reading this Nonsense and get chatting your own Nonense 🙂 COYS

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