Date: 25th November 2019 at 5:55am
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Last week was slightly interesting for those of a Tottenham Hotspur persuasion…the departure of Mauricio Pochettino, the quick arrival of Jose Mourinho and victory over locals West Ham United. It’s another quick Champions League turnaround as well as we face Olympiakos on Tuesday evening and everyone is hoping our new gaffer makes it two from two and picks up his first win on White Hart Lane soil.

Spurs fans are used to plenty of rotation for our European games, but it remains to be seen what Jose will do as given the overall performance, he might hold true with don’t change a winning side, but in the alternative, he could take full advantage to take a look at those players who missed out on his last selection.

Confidence breeds success though and we will be aiming for back to back wins to end November in some style given the upcoming home clash with Bournemouth.

With plenty of fans still mixed on his appointment, another victory will help keep those tempers in check.


Jose's First Home Win

Jose's First Home Win





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108 Replies to “Mourinho Looking For Three Points On Home Soil As Spurs’ New Era Continues – Match Thread”

  • TQ2…. I agree Poch has let Eriksen get away with massive team disruption and non efforts for all of 2019. Jose will either get him back playing properly or sell in January and buy LCD release Jan in Summer transfers. Troy Parrott should be given chance as stand in HK10 injury absence / sub.

    I can accept the fast counter attacking play we did at Wet Spam, as this is very similar to Liverpool and other PL teams City for example. Playing the ball out from the back, sideways and backwards passing is too slow and allows opposition to re group and park the bus. COYS

  • Just watched the full press conference from yesterday, I thought Jose spoke well when answering a full range of subjects. I was particularly interested in his reply to a question about the fans singing his name on Saturday and how he prefers them to be singing about the players.

    I’m sure Loz would agree with me when I am hoping to hear more of the fans singing player songs such as the Dele Alli song, the HK10 ‘one of our own’ song, and the Moussa chant, I’m sure they do a lot to lift the individual player and would love to hear more. I can’t understand why the old ‘nice one Cyril’ song hasn’t been resurrected for Sonny, is it that the younger fans aren’t aware of it? It is really upbeat and would sound great in the new stadium!

    How about some of you guys on here who are lucky enough to attend matches getting it going next time Sonny scores!

  • TQ2S….”nice one Cyril er Sonny” it has a nice ring to it, would love to here that reverberating round the ground, esp “lets have another one” after he scores, he! Son deserves/has earned it. COYS

  • Playing out from the back is not a problem in itself. It has proved to be a very exciting way to play the game from the likes of Guardiola at Barca and City etc… And Pochettino (not so long ago) with Spurs of course.

    It’s more about how a team plays it around the back and not the tactic itself. And the way Spurs started to do it more and more under Poch, just stopped working. And I think that from the start of this season in particular it was made less about keeping possession (the intention) and more about Spurs defenders putting themselves under more and more unnecessary and unintentional pressure. And within this, a failing effort to take advantage of the new rule, whereby the keeper can now play it to a defender inside the box. Thing is, that with an intensive high press such as Liverpool favour and many more PL teams now as well, it saw us all too often with nowhere to go, apart from back to the goalkeeper from whence the ball came. Or giving up possession when eventually played long, out of panic.

    I know that Jose has pretty much been in opposition to Pep G and others style of possession football and tactically against it as standard way to play. Which is why many followers of football have dubbed JM’s style of football as boring, overly defensive and even anti-football. Or, anti-Pep if you like. (They don’t get on do they).

    Thing is that football is constantly changing, innovating and developing. And, even Pep’s way could prove to be outmoded before long. And of course, for it to be done as well as Pep’s teams do it it is heavily reliant on having top players in the side. Players with the utmost confidence in their own abilities on the ball. And a solid belief and confidence in their team-mates abilities too.

    However this confidence is the same in whatever the coaches favoured tactics are and with whatever players they have at their disposal. It’s always about the players’ belief in the coach, his coaching practises and the ability to follow the bosses instructions to a tee and without dissent.

    It seems that this is where Poch and Spurs were losing it. And where perhaps Jose can make his gains.
    With a fresh impetus and perhaps a more direct aim and way of playing. Less a philosophy, more a way of simply getting the job done.

    I only hope it doesn’t become just about winning. I hope that it can incorporate the flair we have in our team as well. The best of both worlds and, not fixated just on the end result as Jose had became so single -minded about. That is his teams almost forgot how to play football as any form of entertainment, and just as a way of winning.

    When I think back to Jose’s first stint with Chelsea and talking since to Chelsea supporters, I was reminded that it wasn’t Abramovich’s money alone that was the major factor that gave them their new found success but, it was more about the talent of Jose himself. In fact it was Abramovich throwing big money at players that Jose didn’t actually want at the club, (Shevchenko and others), that saw him fall out of favour with Roman. But, Roman started throwing money at unwanted players because he wasn’t happy enough to just win titles. He wanted Chelsea to entertain. And Jose’s football wasn’t entertaining enough, enough of the time. Not for the owners eyes anyway. Chelsea supporters didn’t in the main seem to mind.

    I have a strong feeling that many, many Spurs supporters also won’t mind a more pragmatic Jose, winning something with us as opposed to a more attractive Poch not winning anything at all…

    But, I don’t want to pre-empt anything. I am just excited (for now) about Jose having the opportunity now with THFC to re-invent himself and once again have the chance to make another whole bunch of London PL club supporters happy. For a while, at least. Perhaps until Levy, the players and us supporters eventually get bored with him and his football…

    Ah but what if we do play some great football under Jose but still don’t win?! 😉

    If’s and buts. If’s and buts!

    Come On You Spurs!

  • Well said HT. I agree with most of what you said. Except lately under Poch we weren’t playing entertaining football. We were slow sluggish and lack lustre. Apart from 30 minutes against Bayern (We all know how that finished) and the win over Palace we’ve been pretty poor this season. Let’s give Jose a chance. 3-0 tonite COYS.

  • Niall D, I did mean the Poch of old and not his recent Spurs that we have been watching. If we were playing the old way under Poch, he’d probably still be the boss…

  • HT….well written post, totally agree regards Poch.

    CL tonight, a win for Spurs, qualifying for knockout stages, that will do me. COYS

  • I’m expecting things to be tweaked a bit differently tonight as to how we set up vs the Irons.

    Maybe a slightly different line-up and possibly a slight change in the formation or the way the formation operates. Depending on who Jose picks to play and knowing that this is Olympiakos at home in the CL. Different in many ways to playing WHU away in the PL.

    Not a great deal different to Saturday, because Jose hasn’t really had enough time to do too much, too differently with the players. But one thing we can thank Pochettino for is building our team to be flexible and to adapt its approach tactically and in formation. It didn’t always work out of course but it also won’t always work with Jose either.

    One thing I know about Jose it that he is not as one-dimensional as even me, myself, has made him out to be in the past. He will adapt his tactics on a game by game basis and according to the opposition being played and the players he picks. In other words, if he were to play Dier again tonight but with Ndombele and not Winks, this will give the team a different dynamic. Likewise if he were to drop Lucas and play Lo Celso or Eriksen. Or, whatever combo up top…

    Playing Rose will perhaps give a different look, as when playing Davies.

    I think it will be tough tonight but I’m confident of a Spurs win. Maybe not a convincing one but 3 points, nevertheless…


    Up the Spurs!

  • Some pundits think that Olympiakos will be concentrating on maintaining their push to win their home league as they have only the slimmest of chances of qualifying for the knockout stages.

    Seems likely they won’t be playing any expansive football tonight if this is the case so we can expect a tight game with them sitting in with two banks of four or worse a five and a four with a lone striker.

    Still hoping for a comfortable win so we can go to Bayern without any pressure or need to get anything from the game.

  • HT….I think you could be right there regards Rose and N’Dombele, makes sense to me, and changes in the 2nd depending on how we are doing, mind that sentence is pretty dam obvious the way JM looks at things.

    A nice win tonight lads, “let em av it” COYS

  • PY, he may well play Jan tonight as he is now apparently available to him. He could drop Sanchez but he might even do a ‘Poch’ and swap out Toby for Jan and keep Sanchez in the team.

    It’s all guesswork but Davies is out (I think), as is Lamela, Hugo of course and Vorm. So he still has plenty of decent options…

  • HT….yes plenty of maybe’s for JM, as you say its all guesswork so we will just have to wait and see which winning team he picks. COYS

  • I’ll play the game of guess the team:

    Aurier Sanchez Jan Rose
    Winks Ndombele
    Lo Celso Dele Son

    It’s a 4-2-3-1 on paper but as with on Saturday it may look completely different in the game itself. Which was not really a 4-2-3-1 at all… Not when we were in control and on the front foot anyway…

  • In the short time JM has been in charge !!! I have warmed a little towards him and was impressed ‘ apart from the final 30 mins on Saturday ‘ with the transformation in the movement and speed especially from the forwards. . How refreshing !! Mind you West Ham were very poor .
    However the one problem of kicking long balls forward is you often give the opposition possession back .
    Fortunately West Ham were pathetic at keeping possession but more accomplished sides will apply pressure and will hurt us ? However am
    looking forward to this evening and hoping for a further improvement .

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