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Last week was slightly interesting for those of a Tottenham Hotspur persuasion…the departure of Mauricio Pochettino, the quick arrival of Jose Mourinho and victory over locals West Ham United. It’s another quick Champions League turnaround as well as we face Olympiakos on Tuesday evening and everyone is hoping our new gaffer makes it two from two and picks up his first win on White Hart Lane soil.

Spurs fans are used to plenty of rotation for our European games, but it remains to be seen what Jose will do as given the overall performance, he might hold true with don’t change a winning side, but in the alternative, he could take full advantage to take a look at those players who missed out on his last selection.

Confidence breeds success though and we will be aiming for back to back wins to end November in some style given the upcoming home clash with Bournemouth.

With plenty of fans still mixed on his appointment, another victory will help keep those tempers in check.


Jose's First Home Win

Jose's First Home Win





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108 Replies to “Mourinho Looking For Three Points On Home Soil As Spurs’ New Era Continues – Match Thread”

  • Tomorrow’s game should see Lo Celso in the team, Dele on the bench, and depending on injury of the squad, Rose in, Jan in. Lamila in Moura on bench for 2nd half. Again we dont know what the team sheet will be… I will be there to witness our progress with JM first home game… COYS

  • With Jose’s comments about the team showing obvious tiredness for the last 20 minutes or so on Saturday. I think he will make some changes and probably out of necessity.

    It also looked as though a few of our players may have picked up knocks against a hard tackling West Ham.

    Whoever plays, this should be a game we can win and win well, imo.

    And, I wonder if the home crowd will be singing JM’s name again. As they were at the end of his debut.
    It was no wonder to me. After all the game is about winning and we won. Which we haven’t seen a lot of recently.

    So, let’s win this. let’s score some neat goals. And, let’s not concede again through poor defending. Not too much to ask, s it?

    Come On You Spurs!

  • I don’t think Jose will leave anything to chance, he will want to play the strongest team he has fit and available to guarantee our passage to the knockout stages. If he can get this done tomorrow night he will have a couple of months to concentrate on improving our PL form and position and getting through round 3 of the FA cup.

  • Well lets tick some boxes first! Dele in the NO.10 slot…. been wanting him in there for an absolute age! Dier as a screen for the back four …OK ..he was slow but then he isnt match fit but he still keeps giving hospital passes! At last….not playing out from the back ! Amen to that change of tactic please keep it like that! ……..Not so heavy on the Wing Backs bombing forward instead using the front 4 to create all the chances and opening and getting behind their defence…OK it worked for this game… nice to see Moura get a start! Bum notes…interesting JM palyed Davies who also played for Wales and not Rose who didnt play for England…Davies may be out for a few games as a result…….SIssoko on the Bench? Was JM saving some players for the Olympiajkos game? Last 20 mintes? yet another collapse that nearly cost us all 3 points ….. can we haul ourselves up the league to get 4th place with this squad? I can see us wining an FA Cup this season if we dont get many injuries but alreday I can see JM making us a counter attacking side and you can bet your sweet bippy that Jose will get a couple of players in in the January TW especially at the back! ..Think Eriksen has decided to go in January so that may give Levy some funds for Jose….intersting chat over a pint with some of the Spurs fans in Stratford shopping centre before the match ….mixed veiws on how Poch was dismissed and why he was dismissed in the way that he was! Overall it feels like the king is dead, long live the king …we’ll see ! Everyone expects Man U will be the bench mark game of Jose’s early reign but i want to see how we deal with Bournemouth because we have been pants against the lower teams at home….interesting watching Spurs play on Saturday …must admit I did quite like it aftre the first 15 minutes to the 60 minutes but we really have to start getting some clean sheets! Over to you Jose for that one! WHL will be full tomoz …! Expectations will be high!

  • I don’t think there’s any doubt about that TQ2. He’d be a fool not to.

    It’s just a question of who will be his strongest and fittest for the match on the night.

  • Looking forward to the game tomorrow night, excited actually lol!

    As others have said, JM will make changes, where I haven’t a clue, that’s JM’s job, he will be thinking about it deeply, some of the changes maybe enforced other’s so he can look at player’s, nothing better than a competitive match.

    Otherwise I am up for a comfortable win and then JM can concentrate on the league and FA cup, so over to you bossman. COYS

  • Still can’t get my head around Jose being our manager. We did play well on Saturday but the last twenty minutes was a massive worry. I don’t think the players are anywhere near as fit as they used to be – clearly they were not putting it all in in training in the last few weeks of Poch’s reign hence the number of leads lost. West Ham were so bad on Saturday but we still nearly managed to throw the game away, as soon as Antonio starting running at us we were all at sea. We have some magnificent players at the club but I believe there is still a lot of work for Jose to do particuarly when we don’t have the ball.
    Can’t wait until tomorrow though. COYS

  • Its been talked about what will happen team wise tomorrow night, and as I have already said I haven’t a clue, but when you look at our squad there are a number of alternative set ups JM can use, so he has plebty to think about.

    DH….you mentioned and questioned the fitness of the lads on Saturday, though I don’t disagree with you there, I think other things/scenario’s came into the equation, time and coaching will sort these out. COYS

  • About being all over the place when Antonio came on, it has been a feature of our defensive play for some time, we don’t have players that show much composure whem put under pressure.

  • Like a few other games this season, I’m not sure we can learn too much from this game against Olympiakos.

    If we win, what have we learned? We’ll have beaten rather modest opposition at home. Good for morale, great for financial reasons (progressing to the CL knockout stages, and its prize money), but even a positive result wouldn’t be proof that we have turned a corner.

    If we draw or lose, then the Jose honeymoon will almost instantly be over.

    I am hoping for the win of course, and I am also of the opinion that the team should take one game at a time. But our next 2 league games, on Saturday and Wednesday respectively (Bournemouth and Man U), coincidentally that teams directly above and below us in the PL table, will tell us a lot more about our prospects under Mourinho.

    • Every minute of every match tells us something BS. About the players, the team and the gaffers tactics. About who looks sharp. Who may need a rest. Who s up for a challenge and who is not. And much more.

      If we go 1-0 down can we still look good to get the win? If we take the lead can we hold on to it.

      Every match we play has the same questions asked of them. And every game played can serve to boost confidence or lessen it.

      And for a new manager in charge of just his 2nd match and a match in which we can qualify for the next stage of the CL. I think Jose has a hell of a lot to learn from his payers and team… As do we…

  • Tiredness late on in a match can of course be down to a general lack of fitness. But I’m not sure that that was the case on Saturday.

    The only player that looked to me like he wasn’t quite up to a good level of fitness, was Dier. And that is perfectly understandable. But I thought he played quite well, nonetheless.

    I can accept that what Jose said afterwards made perfect sense. The fact that it was an emotional week for the players and also, that a few had only just returned from International duty the day before he arrived.

    Before the tiredness set in, I saw a team that put a lot of effort into the game. For example, I have never seen Harry cover so much ground and make as many crunching tackles as he did. I saw most of them doing this without letting off, until perhaps the last minutes. I wasn’t surprised to see them fade… And of the 3 subs that Jose used to relieve this? Eriksen was pretty ineffectual. And both Rose and Sissoko got pretty bad knocks soon after going on. And this couldn’t have helped overall…

  • We will learn something from every game until the end of the season and see how the players react etc tactics formations etc. Against the bottom teams against the top 6 teams. We won’t win every game under Jose but I want to see improvments, if our back 4 will be leaving, that’s 100 mill at least for the defence. As Jose says take each game as it comes.

  • HT….very good run down of the game on Saturday, you mentioned Harry running around all over the place, was that Kane or Winks or both lol! me I noticed Winks sprinting/breaking his neck at times to stop Wham break away’s, I also agree about the heaviness of some of Wham’s tackling and the affect it will have had on the player’s.

    123spurs….as your post its the old adage “one game at a time”, exactly what is going to be happening at Spurs. COYS

    • I meant Harry as in Kane. I’m used to seeing Harry graft for the team but I thought he worked even harder than usual. Hard, but not just as in working hard but hard in the challenge. Almost on the dirty side if you like…

      Mr Winks always makes the effort as well…

  • TQ2Spurs – “he will want to play the strongest team he has fit and available to guarantee our passage to the knockout stages” You can’t guarrantee anything in football, that’s what makes it interesting.

  • Reports from training this morning suggest that only Davies and Lamela are not training with the rest of the squad (I assume Hugo wouldn’t have been either) so Jose should have plenty of options other than left back and maybe goalie.

  • Re Saturdays match. For 60+minutes we dominated the game(like we used to) Delle at his best. Both Harry’s played exceptionally(I’ll eat a piece of humble pie on my previous Winksy statements). We played it long when necessary and from the back when we could. Our 3 yes 3 subs were all used around the right time there is a glimmer of light in the tunnel. I think Jose has told the players to play how they can play he has loosened the reins and started to give them some confidence. Yes they got two late goals but we should’ve been about 4 up by then and they should’ve been down to 10 men good old VAR. As stated(by123) every game played gives us something, can we say that if we win on Tuesday our confidence will be high going into Saturdays game. And We can relax in our next European game. COYS.

  • JM has said no to Ibra – perhaps Ibra still wants to be the main man and on top wages also – shame as would have been a good foil for HK10 and a top replacement for Lloro. Just hope HK10 doesn’t get injured again like has happened in the last 2 season’s especially with Mourinho looking like he wants to use both Sonny and Lucas on the wings.

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