Date: 12th February 2014 at 8:55am
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Well time for a look at the season so far (IMO) AVB or Tim? Well 2 different types of managers with their own ideas and values, and tactics (although I use the term loosely because they both have serious flaws) At the beginning of the season we were going well, not exactly setting the world alight but ticking along, meanest defence in the early season and everyone wondering who we would draw in the CL next season, then 2 disastrous results and the world is coming to an end.

So AVB off you go into the sunset and have a nice long holiday courtesy of Spurs season ticket holder’s hard earned cash! Tim you take over and see what you can do, not because you are proven manager but because you are cheap by comparison, and have done ok with those kids you have been training. Have we looked any better since TS took over or are we back to where we were at the start of the season? Or have we simply been lucky? Well we have scored a few more goals mainly because the out of (AVB) favour Ade is allowed time on the pitch and to be honest looks as though he wants to prove a point, tackling back! Working hard for the team, not things he has been accused of in the past! But great to see, 100% commitment from him. Soldado well Hairy Henry at the ArSe started slow, and we know how that worked out! But even those fans wondered what he would ever amount to during his first season! So if he is still struggling by JANUARY 2015 then get him on a plane out of London and let him ply his trade elsewhere. Same for Lamala he has a good touch, but at present cannot live with the pace of the Prem and needs to toughen up, however I think someone told Levy he dribbled and was Argentinean and Levy got confused and thought he was buying Messi’s younger brother! another 1 for the January 2015 window.

Capoue poor guy has 1 good game covering at CB and he gets the plaudits 1 bad game in midfield and he gets mauled! He is strong and physical and will grow into the Prem given time, Erikson is truly a nice player to watch and has a vision that is second to none within our team, Siggy squad player that should not have a starting place in our current team unless through injury, Paulinho has made the transition pretty well and will grow stronger the longer he stays, has an eye for goal but fades as a game goes on not yet a 90 minute Prem player but that will come, Lennon seems to have stopped running at players as much as he did under Harry, and needs to get his confidence in his running back again. Townsend his injury really did come at the wrong time, and will need a few games to get back to where he was but when in full flow is a delight to behold. Chadli just not proved himself shown a few glimpses of what he has but to few, and I think a lazy player for a midfielder! tackling back! that’s something for other players to do but not him it would appear. Holtby I feel for he has tried hard and when he has played well the next game he ends up on the bench, managers have to be consistent just as we expect the players to be, and stop messing players about as they would not except the same behavior from any player.

Dembele I have mixed opinions about Dembele as I think he is great on the ball has a lovely left foot, but tends to take one touch too many and misses his opportunity to play the perfect ball if he had Erikson’s vision he would truly be a world beater. Sandro, the heart of our midfield WHEN he plays, need to sort out his injuries instead of keep rushing him back. Bentalab good young player that does not seem to have been phased by being thrown into the Prem frontline not ever going to set the world alight but will do a job, hence TS using him ahead of others, ok now My own personal favorite our defence Dawson 100% committed to the cause but found wanting for pace and gets turned too easily (IMO) but would bleed for the team if needed, Vertonghen easily our best defender and reads the game very well but like Daws not blessed with lighting pace, Kaboul if he was not made of glass he could be a top class defender, however when he has played recently his positional capabilities are called into question, and he has been responsible for giving up soft goals. Vlad a very good player whose main weakness is pace, but can pass the ball as well as anybody on the team, good timing in tackles and does not get booked as often as Dawson due to his timing.

Walker hmm tricky one this I like Walker but has been caught too far up the pitch on too many occasions this season, I used to love the way he would storm back and make game saving tackles but I think this has fallen off lately and he has started to meander too much in the opposition half leaving Dawson’s pace exposed, Danny Rose (IMO) just not yet good enough for the Premiership and a position we have been lacking in for too many years and one that needs to be addressed in the summer. Naughton and Fryers ok squad players but no more than that at present. Defoe should not have been allowed to leave needs to play then he WILL score goals, Harry Kane would make a great Championship player, but as yet I cannot see him ever getting a regular place in even a bottom 3 side, I hope he proves me wrong a scores a hatrick against someone like the ArSe but I just cannot see it.

Hugo Lloris a very good keeper who I think has been both mis-quoted and under supported by his defence so far this season we have no idea how the question that led to his end of season review was worded or loaded, he probably could play for most top teams in Europe but I think at present he is best of a average bunch of keepers currently playing, he is not without a occasional rush of blood, but much of this has to do with his faith of what is in front of him, rather than his poor decision making.

So with the squad we have what we can hope for probably 5th or 6th by end of season and I think we are not as good as the best but better than the rest. On our day we have the beating of most Prem teams unfortunately our day does not come around with enough consistency to challenge this year for a top 4 place, and there is the rub, we are too inconsistent in our play and our selections and add to that injuries and it is easy to see why our results are up and down. Well I am now tapped out and will go and watch this afternoons game live on TV here in the UAE wishing I was there in the cold and the rain and cheering on our beloved team.

Written by Tony Spiezick