Date: 9th April 2017 at 8:22am
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The late, great Grandma Gladys used to tell me a break was as good as a rest, and so I’ve taken on-board her advice, packed my bags and now I await my taxi.

While I take my weeks Easter sabbatical new VS front page articles will be almost non-existent, and so may I suggest, to those of you who prefer to post comments via the sites front pages then perhaps you use this section to discuss this week’s topics. There is of course the option of using the forums.

Our next game is on Saturday 15 April against Bournemouth and as usual OyVeh Maria will have prepared his Match Preview well ahead of the 12:30pm kick off.

In the meantime…

The rotating and interactive globe has proved popular ever since I introduced it a couple of weeks ago. And so I thought what the heck, it would be rude if I didn’t embed this new one while I was away.

Latest THFC news…

The clubs official Twitter feed will automatically update straight after they upload their material, and as I don’t have a Twitter account then at least I can find a WIFI signal and check in once every other day for the latest news.

Happy Easter and…



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  • I can’t believe that the media have even made an article out of this…


    GGS, let’s look at that miss… cross comes in, Jannsen’s vision is blocked by the defender in front him, who misses the ball and it arrives waste high for Vincent and more or less hits him, ricochets off his thigh on to the cross bar. How can that be deemed a failure? On the other hand, Trippier’s cross for Son’s volley allowed plenty time for Son, un-obstructed, followed by a great strike. Janssen imo has been unlucky with his timing, positioning etc. That shot on the turn was everything I’d expect from a striker but seems no credit goes to Gomes for the save, but noted as a failure by Vincent. Alli and Kane have missed several sitters and until Jannsen starts scoring regularly, those misses will undermine his confidence further. Hope Poch continue to work with him and keeps him involved. COYS!

  • Also to note that had the score been 0-0, that miss by Son from a Kane lay off would’ve been seen as a sack-able offence!

  • CS more than that, if Son had just for a split second, raised his head he would have seen that a simple pass to Kane would have allowed Kane to easily roll the ball into the net. I understand the desire to get a hat trick but to me, the team comes first. Don’t get me wrong I really like Son but the last few minutes he was on, it just became about him getting a hat trick and I don’t agree with that approach. I was really looking forward to a 5-0 or 6-0 score line.

  • Exactly jvd. Kane was (for once) very unselfish laying that off for Son, considering he was probably itching to keep his own target of Golden Boot in sight. Kane would normally have taken a pop himself. Yes, Son was trying from all angles at the end. In a way, glad he got subbed for several good reasons… btw, I had hoped to see N’Koudou given a few mins rather than Josh.

  • LOL, Tino. Glad to see I’m showing up in Recife, Brazil. Have a good break over Pascoa (Easter). COYS.

  • showing up on the globe, I mean. Saw most of the match on Saturday after a late arrival here on the flight through hell. Flight cancelled last minute, rebooked flight late, missed connections and all of a traveler’s nightmares. But I did manage to see all the goals on Saturday.

  • Critical … I agree with everything you said about Vincent and the media. I do get the feeling that goals will come for him as long as he doesn?t give up. Unfortunately he?ll probably get less game time now that one-of-our-own is back.

  • Jvd …. I get your point about Son not passing but, as someone who played as a striker, if I had two goals and we were winning four nil I would have done the same. Most players from any playing position would probably have done the same thing in those circumstances. I wish Dembele would be a bit more goal-hungry because he can hit a ball very well when he wants … but he rarely seems to want.

  • Tino …. I?m wondering if it would be a good idea to have a discussion thread beside some of the polls? Not all of them. For example the current poll (best player) could result in some interesting discussions if posters could give reasons for their choice and argue the merits with others. It could simple be called, ?poll discussion?. What do you/others think?

  • Geoff I understand the selfish nature of a striker too. I played Inside Right in my teens and had only one thing on my mind, shooting for goal. But I was hopin g that Kane would have gotten a goal to keep in range of Lukaku. As I said I really like Son and have no problem with him wanting goals. I’m really amazed at how much goals we have scored this year, from all over the front line. And what a defense! Unreal!

  • Geof I voted for Jimmy Greaves. He was absolutely my favorite player of all time. Unbelievable goal scorer! And a pretty nice guy too.

  • Glenn Hoddle is my favourite ever player, growing up as a kid, he was the reason I supported Spurs, plus my mum gave me the choice of kits and it was either Arsenal or Spurs, last two shirts in the shop a place called sedgewicks on forest road walthamstow. I hated the Arsenal shirt and as hoddle I loved watching he made the call for me. He’s still a legend.

  • Jimmy greaves I only see his goals on YouTube. He’s ruthless and I can only imagine the joy of seeing him in the flesh, hopefully some of the older members will share what he was like.

  • Good idea Geof. What i’ll do, on this occasion is upon my return from my hols (after Easter) is write an article about the current “Spurs Hall of Fame: Out of this list, who was your favourite player?” result etc.

  • I think Poch has an interesting selection dilemma for Saturday’s game. Son has surely done enough recently to merit a start. Given that Kane will almost certainly start, it would be a front 4 of Kane, Son, Dele and Eriksen and by necessity a 4-2-3-1 formation. But if Wanyama is fit could he really leave out Dier after 2 goals in 3 games and a couple of very good performances? And how does he leave out Trippier after a MOTM performance? He’s a better attacking wing back than Walker and has been receiving rave reviews in the media over the weekend. Difficult choices ahead.

  • Gary – good problems to have though! Regarding the discussion above on Son and Janssen, I don’t blame Son for trying to bag his first PL hat trick with the scoreline 4-0 and the game wrapped up. He probably would have done things differently at 0-0. He was on form and thought he could score. I’d rather see an in-form striker be a bit selfish rather than try to be a team player at all costs and let a chance go. Regarding Janssen, it’s a tougher one for me. On one hand, he worked hard and made his presence felt (for once), which is good and must be encouraged. On the other, you feel that in such an open game, with the service he got and the chances that were there for the taking, he should have scored (and I’m not even specifically talking about his miss). For the sake of comparison, as soon as Kane entered the game, you just felt a different dynamic. One of Kane’s first contributions was to try to get on the end of a Trippier cross, which he was about 2 inches away from converting with a glancing header. he gets into positions which Janssen just doesn’t seem to find, makes the right runs, and sees opportunities which Janssen apparently doesn’t. The miss aside, Janssen rarely seemed to be capable of creating something out of nothing like Kane so often does. Granted, Kane is one of the best strikers around in world football at the minute, so there is obviously going to be a step down, but you’d like that step down to be as small as possible. I am still waiting to see the striker who could score a goal out of nothing in the Dutch league, just putting his shoe through the ball from 20 yards out and working the keeper. I just want to see him get efforts on target regularly. The goals will eventually come if he does that. But he should be creating 6 or 7 chances per game, which he just isn’t doing at the minute.

  • Jvd …. Greaves would be my second all-time favourite. What a striker! Got to say that, for me, Mackay was, and will always be, the greatest player to pull on a pair of boots! I would love to have played with him but I would have refused to play against him (lol).

  • Gary …. I agree. MP does have a problem with team selection, but in a good way. Says a lot about the squad at moment.

  • it was Danny Blanchflower who made me a Spurs supporter and remains my favorite of all time. His attitude for me is the Spurs attitude. It isn’t only about winning but about how one plays. One doesn’t cheat to win, one plays with flair to win. One plays football gloriously, and winning is a thrill because of how it’s done. Winning isn’t worth ***** if it’s done by playing as a git. One wins by playing like a man, not by nit picking one’s way. The current team seems to understand that it matters how one plays. Class matters.

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