Date: 23rd June 2020 at 10:23pm
Written by:
Tottenham Hotspur
2 – 0
West Ham United

White Hart Lane

Premier League

23/06/2020 8:15 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Craig Pawson

Tottenham Hotspur West Ham United
Soucek (og 64), Kane (82)
Lloris Fabianski
Aurier Fredericks
Sanchez Balbuena
Dier Diop
Sissoko Noble
Lo Celso Rice
Lucas Moura 72 Soucek
Alli 59 Bowen
Son Heung-Min 86 Antonio


Lamela 59 Felipe Anderson 71
Bergwijn 72 Lanzini 71
Winks 86

Game Statistics

15 Goal attempts 10
4 On Target 2
9 Corners 4
12 Fouls 7
2 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
65 % 35

Friday evening’s tie only returned a point for Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho, but it was 90 minutes back in the tanks of players, and Tuesday evening’s clash with West Ham United was another opportunity to pick up a win and close that gap on the Champions League places.

Back at White Hart Lane this evening we certainly started the brighter.

For a change, we dominated possession in the first half and certainly created good chances. Son Heung-Min did have the ball in the back of the net, but the Video Assistant Referee ruled it out for offside. There were reasons to be positive though, especially as the visitors had been restricted to only one chance of their own. Onto the second half, where hopefully we’d seize the advantage properly.

West Ham did step up more in the second half and created some chances of their own, but Lloris was untested largely and our stream of missed efforts continued, until we forced a credited own goal by Soucek with 25 minutes remaining on the clock.

Harry Kane proved Jose Mourinho right as he hit a second in the 82nd minute and game over – three points and Champions League hopes remain alive and the result certainly wasn’t unfair given the times we should’ve tested Fabianski but fluffed it.

Given everything this season, we’ll certainly take that though.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Ndombele, Gedson Fernandes.

Unused West Ham Subs:

Yarmolenko, Wilshere, Ogbonna, Ajeti, Costa Silva, Randolph, Johnson.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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133 Replies to ““Merse Is That You, It’s Jose” – Spurs’ Restart Is Back With More Of A Bang As West Ham Get Hammered – Match Stats”

  • WHU did their very best to make it difficult for Spurs. And it was, kind of difficult. But not really. Haha!

    It was quite easy, in the end… No worries!

    And Harry looked so knackered after scoring that goal. But he put it away with his usual style.

    Why was he knackered? Because once again, he worked his little lily-white socks off for the team. As they all did.

    CL here we come!

    Up the Spurs!

    • Come on,we played some boring anti football stuff…. parking the bus all game….lol… waiting for it.
      On a serious note
      We played some good footy,lol celso getting better by the game,had Mark noble chasing shadows with some sweet touches..
      Dier marshaling the defence , shouting orders was good to see.
      Thought everyone had a good game…one point off fifth place with manure and Sheffield to play each other…the plot thickens…up the spurs…coys

  • This is more like it a dominant performance. We played on the front foot.We kept posession well. Good high press. They were given very few chances and we made them look ordinary. I got the feeling we could’ve scored 1 or 2 more but we eased off at the end. Best match I’ve seen Aurier play. A good all round performance. It maybe shows we are more than a one trick pony. We can play on the break(which I personally detest) or we can keep possession and dominate. Happy bunny tonite. We’ll done COYS.

  • This was the performance we’ve been waiting for. I have no criticism. If Aurier plays like this in every game his name will be the first on the team-sheet. Sound defending, good possession football, good in attack (but probably should have had a couple more goals). Harry did his thing. What’s not to like? Gotta love football!

  • Still rusty or we’d have scored more but you can see the match fitness is slowly coming back. You could see Kane’s relief when he put the ball in the net, a very good finish. As much as anything I can see what Jose is trying to do with the team even if it isn’t quite there yet. Problem position for me is the number 10, Lamela wasn’t convincing in the first game and Ali wasn’t in the second. Its not that they don’t try its that they don’t seem to make much of an impact on the game. If the manager is determined to play with a 10 maybe we should try Lo Celso there, which would mean he could play Winks in midfield which might tighten that area up.

  • JOD – good morning and good to see you posting as usual on here first of all! One big criticism of Dele and the only main one I can find is that he does not appear able to shoot from distance which is a shame given his role as a no.10 in the team. Yesterday he had atleast 2 good opportunities to shoot from outside the box, half decent chances and he completely scuffed both – a big disappointment given his obvious talent! If only he had the shooting range of a Sonny or even more so a HK10 – that would really complete him as an attacker I feel. That said still think he’s a top quality player and deserves his spot in the side definitely over Lamela and as for Lo Celso like having him in CM because allows him to dictate the play from deeper as was shown last night. We are blessed to have 2 talents like Dele and Gio and hats off toJM for finding a way to include both in the same line-up.

  • I thought that Dele started the game very well. And he was passing the ball around well. He did fade away but I’m sure that that was due to a lack of match fitness. But he did put in a lot of effort. And even though you guys are calling him a “No.10”, he was everywhere on the pitch as usual. And Lamela also covers a lot of ground himself. And it was Lamela from the edge of our box, that did really well to set up the counter that saw Harry score.

    I’m with you EJ on Lo Celso. I like to see him as a playmaker, sitting a bit deeper and playing off the other guys.

  • We were again very tidy. This may not be the entertaining football some fans want, but it’s sensible football as we look to rebuild. We gave little away in terms of chances, and created a few ourselves. With a bit more sharpness, our strikers could have scored more, but rust is to be expected.

    I am usually one of Aurier’s biggest critics, but he was a MotM contender last night. It’s up to him to show if he can sustain that level of performance. I personally have my doubts, but credit where it is due. In fact, the whole back 4 played well, and Dier is starting to show what he can do at CB.

    My biggest disappointment was Lucas. It’s another season of underwhelming returns. Some posters defend him vehemently, and have cited all sorts of reasons to justify his shortcomings (lack of opportunities, system, etc).

    He’s had more than enough chances under Jose, and has 7 goals and 3 assists to his name in 40 appearances this season (4 goals in 28 PL games). With the emergence of Bergwijn, realistically he’s not going to start in our best 11, and we know that he’s not great coming off the bench. As a squad player, I think Lamela offers more because of his defensive work rate, and so I am struggling to see where he fits in the squad going forward.

    Personally, if we were looking to sell players to fund a transfer kitty this summer, Lucas Moura would be very near the top of the list of players I’d be willing to part with. We’ll always have the memories of Amsterdam, but he can’t coast on that memory forever.

  • For all of his inconsistencies, Dele Alli has scored 8 and assisted 4 in 23 PL games this season. That’s a goal or an assist every other game. As far as midfielders go, only De Bruyne (9) has scored more goals in the PL than Dele this season.

  • Hi Belgian – good to see you on here first of all – I’ve defended Moura several times and still think he has a place in the squad – yesterday he did OK and played in Aurier a couple of times with some slick passes, he had 1 good shot from outside the box which was saved but he should have buried the chance he had in the box – outside of the foot into the bottom corner is what he should have done instead of side footing wide. He was also jumping with Davy at the corner which led to our 1st goal. Great pace, great trickery, great leap for such a small man and good off the bench at a minimum given the attributes mentioned and scores a decent amount per season going on last season especially – so worth keeping in the squad. Others like Rose, KWP, Foyth, CCV and Amos need to be got rid off before considering the sale of Lucas quite frankly. I’d be inclined to sell Lamela probably before selling Lucas to be honest – Lamela’s productivity is way off and he’s an attacker not a defender so his defensive work rate can only be taken so far into context.

  • Liking those stats on Dele – like I said earlier top quality player and still young so more improvement will come hopefully. That said if he could only shoot from outside the area what a bonus that would be given some of the position’s he takes up and thus opportunities he gets regularly.

  • Belgian – agree that Bergwijn is probably ahead of Moura at the moment in terms of first team spot – he has been excellent so far. That said Moura has always been decent coming off the bench and last season got us 15 goals and as you say this season he’s got 7 so although nowhere near his best – still not all bad in what has up until now been a very poor season for us – do you have Lamela’s stats by any chance?! We have to remember both are attacker’s and I’m certain Lucas’ productivity is well ahead of Erik’s especially in terms of scoring goals. I still have time for both – especially as both appear content to be squad players and are not crying over not being 1st team regulars like Sonny and probably soon to be Bergwijn not to mention Dele!

  • EJ …. I agree with all you said regarding Lucas. At the least we would not find, or be willing to spend the money on, a better attacking squad player.

  • EJ I largely agree with your points there. I would have Bergwijn on b4 Moura I would keep Moura. However I would sell Llmella simply for his historic injury list. Is he now past his best. Let’s get a few quid for him while we can. With that said he is playing relatively well.

  • Geof and Niall D – good to see you guys around again – appreciate the back-up re: Moura – think he’s still got plenty to offer us but with all due respect to Belgian I think he could do more – last season 15 goals is the kind of return he should be providing quite frankly year in, year out- after all he’s not used as a conventional winger who sticks out wide and is pretty much always allowed to come inside and arrive in the box and to look to get on the end of things so to expect more goals is not really over-bearing I think! That said what does one say of Lamela when he is allowed to come inside regularly also and not stay stuck out on the wing yet does not really provide nor goals nor assists in a respectable quantity for the position’s he is allowed to occupy frequently. As I stated originally I’ve got time for both Lucas and Erik but I would agree that both need to up their game and productivity especially and help the squad out more often!

  • EJ – Erik Lamela has scored 4 goals and assisted 6 in 29 appearances this season (2 goals in 19 games in the PL).

    In other words, he’s not that far behind in terms of goals (considering Moura has played more minutes), and has already created more for others despite playing far less.

    Accepting that Lamela can probably score just as much as Lucas if they play the same amount of minutes, while assisting more, and working harder defensively, that tips the balance for me. The great unknown, of course, is Lamela’s fitness.

    Moura is decent coming off the bench. This being said, Moura’s best period in a Spurs shirt came last year when Kane was out injured. With Kane fit, he’s never going to get that sort of opportunity and so last season’s tally is artificially inflated and not a true reflection of what he can do every year, as a squad player.

    And talking up the fact that he had one or 2 decent passes in a game isn’t doing much for him. He’s a Premeir League footballer. The ability to pick a pass should be a given, not a cause for celebration.

    All in all, when it comes to replacing Moura’s actual tangible output, he hasn’t set the bar so ridiculously high that no incoming player could match it. In fact, case in point: Bergwijn has 3 goals after 7 games only.

    Attacking midfield is an area where we’ve got plenty of depth, young players such as Sessegnon and Clarke in the pipeline, and a window of opportunity to sell Moura for a decent fee now, as opposed to keeping him around for another 2 or 3 years and selling him for a fraction of the price.

    I am all for offloading the players you listed (Rose, KWP, Foyth, CCV and Amos), but none of those players will bring in a sizable fee. If we intend to raise decent funds to buy new players (as stated by Levy), we’re probably going to have to sell decent players.

    If I had to pick an area of the squad where a decent player is expendable, I would look at attacking midfield and it really comes down to Lamela vs. Moura. I would sell Moura over Lamela for the reasons listed above, or even both, if an opportunity to buy a good attacking midfielder at a decent price came along.

    And I think the squad would be better served with proper competition at right back and a leaner group of attacking midfielders, rather than the current situation (stockpile of attackers and no decent alternative to Aurier, a questionable performer at best).

    I’ve been waiting for Moura to finally translate his talent into actual results for 3 seasons now, and it still hasn’t happened. Will it ever?

  • Hi Belgian – personally I think we need to keep both Moura and Lamela and I think JM agrees given his comments about having decent options on the bench – 1 only is not enough, 2 is reasonable and thus much more acceptable especially in a full season challenging on 4 different fronts in total. 6 options for 4 attacking berths (not including Lo Celso) is the minimum required – ideally I would also sign a back-up for HK10. I doubt we would get big money for either of them either quite frankly so do not really see any point in selling any of the 2. Actually surprised by Lamela’s numbers – relatively impressive and you say he’s had less minutes than Moura – not bad at all but then I have said I would keep both in the squad!

    Fully agree on another RB to challenge Aurier and most probably take over from him in the 1st team (despite him having a good game yesterday), also would like a DMC (Hojbjerg sounds interesting) and a LCB whomever that may be.

    4 players though this summer is going to be extremely tough but that’s what I reckon we need and I would not really look to sell anyone outside of the small list I’ve given already. Maybe Levy and the board need to do more as regards pulling the financial strings LOL!

    Also on Moura – was just pointing out his main contributions last night – as for picking out a pass – looking at Lamela on Friday night and several miscued through balls he played – you’d sometimes be surprised at how poor some or even many Prem players can be at decisive contributions like through balls, etc.

  • With regards to Sessegnon who knows what his best position is/will be as he is completely unproven in the Prem unfortunately – high hopes for him but will he live upto it? Remains to be seen. Clarke even worse so cannot really rely on either on a regular basis in a full season so we need to keep the likes of Moura and Lamela for now!

  • Well, like I said on the other thread, same as BS did, the signs of cohesion, becoming a team, Jose’s thinking starting to sink in, we will only get better.

    Some are saying we should play him instead of him, because he is only a squad player, ok opinions will differ, but what I see is Jose trying to use the squad, as in rotation, or even rest him and play him, always taking note of what is going on/happening.

    Rubbing off the rustiness/getting match fit/using their football brain again, some quicker than others, is the priority at the moment, for me things are starting to look good and am confident for the future, this is the new beginning. COYS

  • A pretty decent performance. I thought we got stronger as the game went on. I agree with Jod, the number 10 roll is an issue. Dele didn’t convince but it was his first game for over three months. I think Jose will keep playing him there for a while – maybe it will click when everyone is up to speed.
    Le Celso is some player, I’m more impressed every time I see him. I always think the most creative players should operate in an area where they can do the most damage, maybe a number 10 roll would suit him but he is so good picking the ball up from deep and setting up attack.
    I’m not sure what is going on with Tangay. I was so excited when we signed him, he is a unique talent and IMO one of the best young players in Europe. I desperately want him to succeed at Spurs but I am wondering if Jose is planning on selling him in order to raise funds for other areas – two full backs, a centre half and a holding midfielder. We won’t be able to sign anyone without selling, there is simply no money available.
    One final point – Jose out (couldn’t resist it). COYS

  • LOL Doncaster – I think we all know where you stand as regards JM! Personally again as I stated earlier, want to see both Dele and Gio regularly in the starting line-up – both top quality and very creative which is needed to set up the likes of Bergwijn, Sonny and HK10 especially. I like Belgian’s stats on Dele – impressive considering most of that productivity has come under JM this season as he was not firing at all at the start of the season under Poch.

    On Tanguy – big shame so far – hoping it comes right for him but he’s got a challenge on his hands judging by Sissoko in the last 2 matches and also Gio last night – where would you fit him in?! Then there’s Winks and Gedson is supposed to be a prospect aswell so Tanguy has it very difficult at the moment to get a regular spot indeed even any game time whatsoever but hopefully he will persevere and eventually prove his worth – hope so anyway as he cost us a King’s ransom especially by our standards so cannot really afford for him not to succeed!

    Levy and the board have to come up with something to add to a kitty based on Rose, KWP, Foyth, CCV and Amos – speculate to accumulate! I would not really look to sell anyone else outside those 5 as all will be needed in what will be a very tough season next term!

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