Date: 9th August 2017 at 1:31pm
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One of my normal midweek routines is to listen to the Jim White show on talkSPORT. But, I nearly fell off my perch when I heard Poch talking to Jim about just how many players he (Poch) and the club are looking to bring in before this summer transfer window closes.

Pochettino insists the club are ‘working hard’ on new signings and has vowed to bring fresh faces.

‘We’re going to strengthen our squad and sign some players who can help us fight – we need new energy in the team.

‘We have a very confident team who are ready to challenge again for a big season, but it’s true we have the responsibility to try to provide some new energy every season.

‘I’m sure that will happen and we`ll add some players before the end of the transfer window.

‘We are working hard to deliver that and ensure that by the end we add a few players – maybe three or four, we’ll see.

‘We are so close to making it happen.

‘The transfer market is a little bit more relaxed now. The other big sides have spent almost all their money and now it’s our moment. It’s Tottenham’s time to get involved.

‘The type of player we want to add is very specific and it has been difficult to make it happen early on in the transfer window, but we are so calm.’

Unfortunately, Poch didn’t leave any hints on which player(s) he and the club were looking at.

Another hot topic is Spurs playing at Wembley Stadium.

talkSport was on form this morning.




12 Replies to “Mauricio Pochettino – ‘Tottenham Will Spend This Window’”

  • I think one of our issues with aiming high in the transfer market is that almost every player we are linked with, is also linked with another team such as Juventus so we are maybe 2nd choice until that club make there signing and closing the door on another player. Its risky to play at the big club table when you don’t have unlimited chips, but the rewards can be greater 😉

  • Must be some really secret superstars out there that can’t wait to be paid under the market rate or they could be a lot of unknowns with potential. As for Barkley, if I was him I would stay put until next season when he can collect a huge signing-on bonus.

  • I hope he does stay at Everton, we’ve already got last seasons last minute waste of money on our books.

  • It will be interesting if this approach to transfers yield any benefits. Basically Spurs are bargain hunting, hoping to save money, however, do not seem to think a good preseason matters for the incoming player. Selling walker and not replacing him asap just shows it’s all about money and not about being prepared to win trophies. As long as Spurs finish 6th or better Levy supporters will spin the 6th richest club line and punching above your weight arguments not the words or thought’s of supporters who wants to win trophies but supporters who are more interested in accounts.

  • Completely agree TE, I would rather we didn’t buy RB. Even if we had of he’s in the middle of a groin injury so wouldn’t of played … let’s trust Poch, he will see us right. Bale speaks good Spanish now lol.

  • The only thing from his quotes I would question is “The other big sides have spent almost all their money and now it’s our moment”…

    There are many clubs out there who are in CL and are competing to find the players. PSG, RM, Barca, Chelsea, Pool and even ManU are far from finishing their transfer business. I guess we will wait another 2 weeks or until they HAVE all finished! Wouldn’t want to see DL miss out on his 11th hour enjoyment.

  • Lots of soundbites in there. Barca have 200m burning a hole in their pocket, so they give Liverpool 100m and they give Southampton 50m and they give everton 30m etc etc. plenty of money left, Madrid have not started spending yet!

  • When we have bought players recently, its almost always players who we have not been linked with at all. So if history repeats itself, that rules out the likes of Barkley and Max Meyer..

  • Just Daniel being stingy as usual.
    …waiting to hear how we missed out on targets while haggling over a mil… As usual… Boring

  • Levy’s tactic may well work for players such as Barkley – unsettled players who have no future at their current club. At some point their current club understands that the risk of the player going for free is real, and they are forced to sell, even at a discount. However, for the vast majority of players out there who have futures at their current club, Levy’s tactics are counter-productive. Leaving it late means that the selling club has no time to turn around and strengthen if they lose a valuable asset. That drives up the price. Additionally, Levy will be in a terrible bargaining position if this carries on, because other clubs will know that he will be under pressure to get deals done. Unless Levy really has something special up his sleeve, which I doubt very much (and there’s only really a handful of players in the world who could justify such long delays), any signing Levy delivers is still going to come under a lot of scrutiny. Even if we end up signing a Son-type player (a solid squad player for a fee around 20-25 million), there are inevitably going to be questions around Levy’s transfer tactics. We have a squad that has been hit hard by injuries for the beginning of the season, and any new signing from now on is only going to be effective by end of September at the earliest. I hope Kane actually starts scoring in August this season, otherwise we could be in for a rough first few weeks.

  • It’s very disappointing his words, but you can’t really blame him, with the signings other clubs doing, and we not doing anything this summer, we only look at what’s best for Spurs, he looks at what’s best for him. It’s not a good look but we are Spurs, and this is how we do things.

  • Is MP operating a job preservation policy given the recent history of manager appointments at Spurs. You either dance to Levy’s tune, sing off Levy’s hymn sheet, or you are toast. Do the pair of them not realise that Levy’ s “brinkmanship” is old hat, the other clubs have seen it all before. They know if they string him along until the last minute, in his desperation he might just buy a dummy like Sissoko or Gregor Rasiak or Frazer Campbell. Anybody with half a brain gets their business done early, goes on preseason and is ready for game 1. Not Levy, but of course he is cleverer than the rest.

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