Date: 7th January 2021 at 9:04pm
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It’s a tasty Cup week for Tottenham Hotspur fans and having seen us book our place at Wembley against Brentford in the EFL Cup, on Sunday we are looking to progress through to the fourth round of the FA Cup with a trip to Marine FC’s Rossett Park.

With an incredibly packed fixture list in the first half of the campaign, manager Jose Mourinho has regularly rotated his first team group and I can only imagine we’ll see even more changes for this one, with a number of fringe players and youth used to get some minutes into their legs, whilst resting others.

This is a game we should be looking to win pretty comfortably, even if it’s likely to be a physical affair and we’ll have to dig in at points. Whatever team is put out, any other result simply won’t be acceptable.

We will be missing Gareth Bale and Giovani Lo Celso, but Matt Doherty’s suspension should be up for this one. Given the whack Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg took, I’d imagine he’ll be given this one off as well.

Just got to get the job done.

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140 Replies to “Match Thread – Will Spurs Go To War Against The Marines”

  • Thanks Danny for the thread
    Finding it hard to get my interest piqued for this one, we should put this lot to bed with our under 23 squad..
    A bit more interested in any signings we may get.

  • Off topic but I’m actually quite disgusted that Sean Dyche should suggest that footballers should get the vaccine, the argument that the money saved on testing could be put back into the NHS is pathetic. Many of these fit and healthy men (and women) are in a priviledged position in terms of precautions taken yet still flout the rules and contract the virus. Dyche has brought shame upon himself and the game for making such a suggestion.

  • As far as the game goes……we can’t really contemplate anything other than a comfortable win but let’s hope Marine make a decent game of it, I’m sure there won’t be a lack of enthusiasm on their part even if the quality is lacking!

  • Personally I agree with Sean Dyche..thought he made a good point . Especially as they are still expected to play during these times.

  • What good point Marky? Money doesn’t come into it and that’s where the problem lies, football is money centric and think it’s the answer to everything. It is totally selfish to ask for fit and healthy footballers, who have virtually nil chance of dying from the virus, to be given jabs that could save the lives of vulnerable people. I can’t believe anyone would support his stance on this!

  • Thankyou Danny for another fine match thread.
    So onto playing Marine on Sunday, lucky for us they are not my old unit beginning with Royal lol! trying to be a bit light hearted here, ok maybe failing haha!

    My local team lost to Marine 1-0 in ex-time in the last round, having watched it on BT Sport, you could see the ground is one of those old fashioned ones, bumpy looking pitch, corrugated and normal fencing all round, surrounded by houses, with bedroom viewing windows, add the trees, so there will be a number of fans watching from the said windows, trees and through the fencing, making some noise so could be very interesting. haha

    But lets be honest a good mixture of exp and young players should be enough, so we all then say…next. COYS

  • It’s Lilywhites v Lilywhites!

    They share this nickname with Spurs. They are also known as The Mariners…

    I’m not going to underestimate them as a club or team. They are a pro club that has been around for almost as long as THFC. Founded in 1894. And they have won many trophies in their time. Too many to count. Much, much more than Spurs and a lot more than even Mourinho himself… 🙂

    They will make it tough for us, I’m sure. So you never know. We may well thrash them. We may not!

    But this match is one that I’m really looking forward to. I think this kind of match-up is what makes the FA cup (still) special imo… PL stars versus small time local heroes… Bring it on!

  • TQ.

    As for what Sean Dyche has suggested? I don’t see what is wrong with it. He has just asked the question and put it up for debate. It’s just a point of view that he thinks might be valid.

    He said more but these quotes stands out to me:

    “Let me make it clear, there are people way in front of footballers [as a priority to be vaccinated]. I’m not remotely suggesting that should be put in front of the welfare of people who are very vulnerable”

    “What I’m saying is: Is there a timeline where they can fast-track to that period? Logically, it would be better putting the funding that is put into testing into the system to encourage more vaccinations.

    “That money could be used more wisely, I would suggest, to get it out there quicker to the vulnerable and beyond.”

    I’m not sure whether I agree with him or not. But I can’t see any harm in the reasoning he has given in making this suggestion.

  • I think continuing with football and getting players vaccinated go hand in hand. I just don’t see how one can go on without the other.

    I am very happy to go along with TQ2Spurs’ reasoning, arguing that footballers are not people in need, and that they should have to wait in line. But then, I also think that asking them to multiply the number of games they play, all the while gambling on the fact that they’ll be able to continue playing without getting infected, is unrealistic.

    Either football is put in a “non essential” category, which I would completely understand, players are made to wait in line, but in that case competitions should be suspended;

    Or everybody wants the football to continue (for a myriad of reasons, ranging from financial to entertainment), in which case I think it is only normal to offer footballers, who are people as well, the possibility to continue to ply their trade in good conditions, without having to gamble with their health all the while there is a perfectly good vaccine available.

    When the vaccine wasn’t around, there wasn’t a choice/an alternative, so the conversation was a non starter. Now that there is, I think it’s only fair for footballers to inquire about a safe work environment.

    • BS….you’re last statement regarding safety at work could be applied to many more occupations that are much more vital to life than football, food retail staff as an obvious example not to mention bus drivers, power workers, water workers etc. Footballers come a long way down my list for reasons already explained.

      • But so called key workers and those such as shop staff, public transport staff etc., are being considered as candidates for the second wave of jabs after the over 80’s then over 65, then 60 and most vulnerable etc…

        Of course regardless of what job they do, there will be many that fit into the first phase of vaccines, anyway.

        For example, if you are a bus driver that is over 50 or shop worker over 60 or with underlying health problems perhaps due to having a poor immunity system.

        But if you are a 20 year old bus driver then you are likely to be low risk, less vulnerable and low down as a priority… All with exceptions of course.

      • TQ2Spurs -as much as I take your point in theory, none of the professions you listed involve having direct contact with someone else, to the extent that footballers do within a game. When players are marking each other on set pieces, they are literally touching each other and breathing in each other’s faces. And wearing protective gear isn’t really a realistic option.

        All of rhe people you list (bus drivers, cashiers etc) can actually work behind the protection of plexiglass windows, wear protective masks etc.

        So to me, while some of the workers in other occupations can potentially be more vulnerable, they have a lot more options to protect themselves.

  • As far as the game is concerned, 3 points and no injuries are really the only things which matter to me. Anything on top of that is a bonus.

  • Hi folks
    Re the debate on vaccine.
    As many have said, let’s get the vulnerable sorted first, let’s at least lessen their risk factor with the first jab.
    Re football, as someone else said, it’s the most important of the unimportant things.

  • Vaccine whether to jab Pro-Footballers or not….Sean Dyche’s wording was very true and honest in his interview, which I did believe afterwards, no matter how you have put that mate, you really have put the cat amongst the pigeons, esp in this day and age we live in.

    So the debate…
    Some say NAY! and give very good reasoning.
    Some say YAY! and give very good reasoning.

    For me both categories give good reasoning, so as I was yesterday after hearing Sean’s interview I sat straight on the fence. COYS

  • I have just read we/Spurs have a new “Sleeve sponsor”…namely CINCH, apparently fastest growing on line Car Sales, no faffing about.

    Strange wasn’t there a car names Marine, sorry it was a Marina, similar eh! genuine error on my part lol! COYS

  • Jose will rotate at least half the team, with sonny HK10 as subs, just in case… Vinnie as Striker, Japhet… lucas etc. to play

    If spurs cant keep a clean sheet and win by 1-0 (or more really), those that played should be ashamed, and jose as well for his tactical decisions.

    Footballers to wait their turn for Covid Jab…I’m a medically vulnerable person not had any notification of a jab yet.

  • Footballers are (and will) be waiting their turn, block. And at the moment, because or their age-group are right at the bottom of the list…

    And as a “medically vulnerable person” you will no doubt be contacted very soon. Don’t worry, Harry Kane and all, will not be jumping the queue… 😉

  • Regardless of Dyche’s actual wording he was by implication suggesting footballers warranted being treated differently to the rest of society and to me that is quite wrong.

    HT, I believe you to be a modest man and therfore wouldn’t press your own case but, as you mentioned earlier, you and you colleagues in the caring professions (not just in the NHS) are well up there in terms of priority after the most vulnerable have been vaccinated, even though I love my football I would never want to see fit young players getting any kind of favourable treatment over the likes of yourself or even carers under 50.

  • Having a partner who works in a hospital in Belgium, the debate about who should get the vaccine first is obviously a hot topic.

    But I think it’s worth keeping in mind that the risk factor of someone has more to do than just his/her age/medical history. Young, fit, healthy people die of Covid too if they’re exposed to it long and often enough.

    Which is why, in my post above, I thought is was worth reminding that there is no “Covid safe” way of playing a game of PL football, unlike many professions which can be carried out with the appropriate amount of protection. I feel that should factor in any decision as well.

    And again, I would be very comfortable with the conclusion that given what playing a game of football implies, it cannot be carried out safely for the moment, unless everyone gets vaccinated.

  • Look at all the cases now in football, totally agree with TQ regarding sean D comments who does he think he is and no footballer deserves the right to get it. Seems like they are not behaving.

  • Having seen todays covid figures the conversation seems superfluous, we need a full lockdown of everything for a couple of weeks minimum.

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