Date: 13th April 2021 at 8:19pm
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Following on from the shambles that was our second half capitulation against Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur have a slightly quicker turnaround in the fixture list as we now face Everton in the Friday evening television slot.

Travelling up to Goodison Park for the game, form slightly favours manager Jose Mourinho’s more pragmatic side, but Everton appear to be just as inconsistent as we are, looking very good one game and then very poor the next.

The guessing game for Spurs fans remains the same…which Tottenham turn up and do we even try ‘To Dare Is To Do?’

On an injury front, unless anyone has picked up an unannounced knock, it’s the same pack to choose from with only Ben Davies and Matt Doherty ruled out, but we knew that already.

So, onto the game and we’ll find out whether we will now end the season strongly and put an end to the circling Harry Kane rumours, or not, as the case may be.







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231 Replies to “Match Thread – Will Spurs Free Themselves From The Toffee Or Will Everton Heighten Tensions Further”

  • First on, hurray!

    match will not be easily available to view on TV where I am. My increasing fear is that as we slip down in the pecking order, I will be able to see our matches increasingly less oftern.

  • I have been so disheartened watching our recent games that I had decided to give Fridays game a miss and visit my daughter and grandkids for the day in preference as I often do on this day, it just happens her mum (my ex) is going to be there on the day so I guess I’ll stay home and watch the game after all and go the following day!

  • TQ2Spurs,

    Even a poor showing on Friday might be preferable to bumping into the ex.
    Or visa versa…
    Fridays is often the day I go visit grandkids also. Don’t know what this Friday will bring.

  • The big question …. will this be the first of two games that will end our season. I have absolutely no idea. The only prediction I can come up with for this game is that it will be a win, a loss, or a draw. At least I got that right!

  • I believe we will be eating Toffee, after a win, but deep down I want a loss if it then contributes to the sacking of Moaninio, sad ain’t it hoping for my beloved Spurs to lose.

    Reading the Express this morning they wrote that Nuno of Wolves is a favourite to take over if JM is sacked in the summer, another name to add to the list lol! COYS

  • I guess it’s well known that I want Mourinho out. I was the first to say this on this site on the day he was hired, and I took a lot of shots for it. And I know that he’s far more likely to be sacked fast with every loss we take now. So I should be among those who want a loss on Friday. Yet I just cannot find myself wanting a loss vs. the only team worth spit in Liverpool. Indeed, I find I cannot want a loss vs. anyone. So, COYS, and win this one for us my beloved Spurs. Go out and fight and make us proud of our club. Be daring and audacious.

    Having said this, I cannot expect them to win against anyone these days. Too many of our players seem obviously not to care to play these days. These truly are dismal days. Clearly, the faster Mourinho is gone the better. How can one be a Spurs supporter now without being filled with conflict. This surely is a time we need therapy as a group. Consolation is the common need. More than ever VS is a therapy session for discombobulated supporters. Mourinho Out! But win this one for our mental and spiritual health.

  • After watching Navas for PSG last night I can easily see Poch making a move for Lloris in the summer. Maybe he’ll look to sign Kane as well, if he is to leave (and who would blame him) that would be my preferred destination for him. I honestly don’t think he would go to United at any price but I could live with him going to play for Pep if that’s what he wanted.

  • If “Our Arry” decides to leave, then a massive NO! to any Prem Club, no matter who their manager/coach is, go to a Prem club and no matter what he has done for us I would never forgive him. COYS

  • PY….I did say PSG would be my preferred destination, even over Spain, but he and his wife might prefer the sunnier option or even Italy for the style and history.

    • TQ…..sorry about that, I did not notice lol! I think the problem maybe Our Arry’s wife, who has a very close tie with her family here, as Arry does, plus there’s the moving of kids, schooling, missing old ones/meeting new ones/friends etc, hopefully the missus with have a big say in this, they usually do lol! COYS

  • It’s yet another one of those games where the opposition can set a benchmark against us, Everton have the opportunity to do their first ever double over us in the PL era, so we all know the outcome!

  • The players look happy enough in the latest training photos……..did Jose take the day off to attend a job interview? 🙂

  • We have to face the fact, we got rid of a young manager who loved our club and was motivational. If only Levy had supported him, we could have reinvested and climbed back top four top 4 position. As it is, Levy panicked and appointed a retired hasbeen with a reputation to bully players with a defensive style, totally alien to the Spurs way.
    We are now left with only 4 top players and a huge group of mediocre squad players exchanging seats on the bench.
    We need full backs, central defenders, a goalscoring midfielder and a winger. We could lose… Aurier, Doherty, Davies,Winks, Lo Celso,Sissoko, Begweijn, Vinicius and they would soon be forgotten as hug mistakes and not up to top 4 calibre. There are others too but maybe a new coach could reinvent and reinvigorate them.
    Nothing will improve until Moanino goes. He has made his point. He is not up to the job.

    • After Andre Very Boring and Just Amoaner I think we should stay clear of any more Portuguese managers. It’s a Nuno for me.

  • We could do with Dortmunds recruitment team, anyone who can attract and develop Sancho, Haarland and Bellingham must be doing something right.

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