Date: 5th July 2020 at 5:30pm
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Following on quickly from the extremely disappointing midweek clash with Sheffield United and our 3-1 defeat to Chris Wilder’s plucky side, Monday evening’s clash at White Hart Lane against Everton looks set to be another tricky tie.

Spurs are now 10 points off the European places, and the small hopes many fans held about Europe have now evaporated as we need a few teams to now significantly slip up – and our own form and performances continues to be heavily in question.

Before we look too far forward to our final finishing spot for 2019/20, we really have to just take it one game at a time now as even if we don’t have a foreign adventure next season, we all know there are significant improvements we can make in our play and consistency, so we at least go into 2020/21 with some renewed hope.








Manager Jose Mourinho is bullish that the players will show a reaction to the defeat – so it’s over to them to do just that.

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30 Replies to “Match Thread – Will Spurs Come Unstuck As We Welcome Everton”

  • we will come unstuck against Everton because the way Mourinho is setting the team seems to be the wrong way.he is experimenting on the defence. Toby is available. Ben Davis is only good with ball. just like Aurier.
    lets have Ndombele & Lo Celso starting with Sisoko. Up front Kane Son & Stevie. Dier rightback. Dele & Lucas on the bench. how about that.

  • Just a point of interest …. the game stats between the Saints and Man City last night couldn’t better illustrate the way many of the modern football matches are now played out.

    I have no idea what will happen in this one. I do believe that one day our midfield and forwards will get everything right and we will destroy someone. The trouble is that ‘one day’ isn’t enough and I’m not sure if Everton are ‘someone’.

    I’ll make a conservative prediction …. 3 – 0!

  • It’s amazing how players play exceptionally well b4 and after being at our club. Take KWP today. Where did that performance come from, he never did that in a Spurs shirt for ANY manager. I wonder would Southampton send him back and take Aurier.
    This is the premier league folks today I would argue that Man C had 80%posession and lost against a backs to the wall Southampton. Its what makes our league brilliant and frustrating at the same time. Any one can win.
    I would still argue that many of our players Havnt had time to play together with this stupid season. I was angered by the lack of passion/interest from many of our players, who, I would still state want to be on a cruise or private island by now. I’m with PY in giving Mourinho a full season with some of his own recruited players.
    Re Everton, after the W/Ham result I ‘dave given us a clear win, but since the Sheffield result, who Knows. Don’t forget we were unlucky (yet again) with VAR.

  • When does the bloody summer transfer window start so that we can set about sorting out the holes on the defensive side of the squad ASAP?!

    Will be watching and hoping for the best for the rest of the season as usual but deep down can’t wait to see what the summer transfer window holds for us – it’s crucial/vital that we get defensive players in who are up to standard and also up for a fight to get us back where we want to be, namely top 4 minimum – Aurier and Davies for example are not going to help us do that and it’s about time something got done about it ASAP.

    Davies can stay as cover, Aurier has to go end of (Thursday nailed it home for me finally – absolutely fed up of watching him)! Give Sessegnon a go at LB and get some vital experience into him ahead of next season, otherwise we need to be looking for 2 full-backs I’m afraid – can’t throw away another season relying on the likes of Aurier and Davies or even for Sessegnon to get up to speed finally nor would I rely on any of Tanganga, Foyth or KWP at RB either!

    Not going to go into a buy and sell narrative – done that already and probably pointless dependent on what JM and Levy, etc decide to do – but something really needs to give defensively wise – it’s a bloody shambles and has been for the best part of 2 season’s now!

  • As for tonight – if Dele is out – use Gio behind HK10 and allow him to dictate the play in the final third although ideally we have to be using Gio and Dele regularly in our 1st team attack – 2 of our best and most offensive players! We accomodated Eriksen and Dele in the past so no reason why we can’t do the same with Gio and Dele also.

    Sissoko and N’Dombele in the centre would be good to see aswell – N’Dombele needs minutes for fitness and vital experience – the same I would say of Sessegnon at LB.


    Toby Davy Verts Sessegnon

    Sissoko N’Dombele

    Moura Gio Son


    Fed up of Aurier and Davies at full-back, so Toby and Sessegnon in for me and I also don’t think Davy and Dier partnership is working out that well either so bring Vert’s back in for Dier as we need Davy’s pace through the middle. In keeping with JM’s usual tactics – Toby can tuck in on the right side of defence and allow Sessegnon to bomb forwards on the left wing.

    N’Dombele to finally get some minutes in CM along the ever present Sissoko and Moura did better than Bergs against Sheff Utd so he stays in for me. Sonny and HK10 pick themselves end of!

    I know damn well JM won’t field this team lol but it’s what I would like to see anyway based on what’s currently available.

    • EJ….quite like that team, but we will just have to wait and see tonight.

      I think we will win, no forecast of score though. COYS

  • It’s all very obvious to me that we are beginning to see the same scenario playing out here that happened at both Chelsea and United, the players clearly don’t like Jose’s management style and/or his interpersonal skills and are reacting in the same way as the players did at those clubs. It will be interesting to see how much effort they put in for him tonight!

  • TQ2Spurs – it’s not like the players were responding to MP’s management style in the earlier part of the season either…

  • We need two full backs, two centre halves, a defensive midfielder and another striker. There is one small issue though – there is absolutely no money to spend. We have a Bank of England loan for £175m which needs to be paid back by next April, not to mention interest on the stadium loan. We will need to get incredibly creative in the transfer market if we are going to sign anyone. In any case, I trust neither Jose or Levy to get it right.
    On todays game, more of the same I suspect. Jose has no clue how to set the team up, or how to open up well drilled defences. Everton are much more solid under Ancelotti. After tonight I suspect we will be top of the second half of the table. COYS

  • It’s a fair understatement to say spurs are in trouble…. So after the last game and the result of Jose, fans & media opinions, I would expect tonight v Everton a turnaround in the players attitude and a 2-1 win spurs.

    As to Soton / city game, just goes to show how even a top team like city can lose to bus parkers and do or die defending efforts, like southampton did successfully.

    KWP is playing better because he is now out of the lifetime comfort zone of THFC, and now has motivation to prove himself, among players of lesser quality then spurs, and can see he has a future playing every game.

  • Many of us think the same thing. That it was all down to under investment in players for two seasons also a lack of forward thinking re player contracts. A failure to pay top wages may also have been an issue. Yes we have a top training facility and stadium. But it looks like we learned nothing from our near neighbours who moved to the Emerates then failed to invest in decent players, introduced wage caps.
    Relied on a big name manager. Sound familiar?
    If we are the 8th richest club in the world, dig deep, get 5 good players in, for positions already outlined
    Sell 6 squad players. Job done.
    Re tonite. Teamwise I’d go with much of EJ’s choice but I’d swap
    2-1 Spurs.

  • Football on tv all night for me, 1st Pompey away at Oxford, while watching thinking about the 2nd game Spurs v Toffee’s, my poor missus lol!

    Am hoping for 2 wins. COYS & PUP

  • Spot on PY, lots of Q with regards, players, tactics, JM. Looks like we wont even be in EL next season, while rookies in ole and lamps and now arteta find some form seems this season is a write off. Def gonna be a mix bag of results until the end of the season,

    Seems when we add 2 to 3 good players to improve us they drop to the level others are or else the others cant step up level, Moura and lamela are not the answer. Also a whole new defense is needs. Tough fight to win this game. Coys

  • Media sources report today….It seems that Jose has said there was a meeting with the players and everyone had a say, on tactical etc. I am pleased as this is what I suggested on here and it is the way to go when serious issues of decline are apparent. In any type of business, or sales / manufacturing / services team. In THFC the players and manager have said their bit, and it remains in the dressing room according to Jose…

    Now he is saying a response is expected, to reverse the Sheffield game apathy and face Everton with effort and energy / determination. Aim is 18 points from remaining games. IMO….If Southampton can beat city… we can beat Everton, and win all remaining games, especially Gooners. COYS

  • Sorry but this line up is pathetic. Where is creativity coming from. Celso do deep to create and Son and Moura don’t craete. Once again jose love affair with Moura continues, why oh why. Rather have seen Celso behind Kane and Gedson or Lamela or stevie over Moura.

    Moura assists and goals starts are woeful. I think he has lined up not to lose, and not to go for a win, negative.

  • Heung Ming Son vs. Hugo Lloris? way to get along as teammates.

    Another miserable effort. Ship be sinking, mates. ship be sinking. And no money in the piggy bank to bring in some better talent.

  • Three points but not much to feel all that thrilled about. biggest event of the match was after the first half ended and Lloris and Son looked ready to have a go at it. Son! Lloris! lol WTF has our club come to this season?

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