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Match Thread – Will Spurs Be On Holiday In Morecambe

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It’s a change of pace again this weekend for Tottenham Hotspur as we are back in Cup action – this time we welcome League One side Morecambe to White Hart Lane for the third round of the FA Cup.

After the shambles that was the EFL Cup first leg clash against Chelsea on Wednesday evening, lightning simply cannot strike twice here and put simply, failure to book our place in the fourth round of the competition should mean heads roll with the January transfer window open.

Ultimately, that’s for Daniel Levy to decide alongside manager Antonio Conte, for now, Conte simply has to focus on getting the team to show improvement again and restoring some confidence to the players as the Chelsea performance has to have knocked them.

As it stands, again we will only be missing three in the shape of Steven Bergwijn, Cristian Romero and Ryan Sessegnon, but whether the late round of Covid testing changes that remains to be seen.

Win, win, win.

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  • TK says:

    Humiliated until the substitutions late in the match. Humiliated. Truly ours is a thin thin thin squad. Conte has a contract only through next season. It’s now or never to rebuild with Conte and this present management group.

    What a friggin mess we are sunk into.

  • 123spurs says:

    As i said these 10 players have to leave the club, even if conte stays for his contract I’m sure he hopes to set the foundation for the next manager. Get AT in ASAP

  • wentworth says:

    Scores on the doors.
    Gollini 5 Tanganga 3 Rodon 6 Davies 4 Doherty 2 Sessegnon 4 Lo Celso 1 N’Dombele 1 Winks 6 Gil 3 Dele 4.
    These are our second string players trying to impress. At least 10 can go. Dreadful and totally embarrassing against a lower division side who made our players look pathetic.
    Are you reading Levy?
    Good job Frank isn’t around.

    • Spurfect One says:

      Dele are 4? That’s rather generous to say the least! Ndomeble was a 3 but you’re spot on about Lo Celso, who was absolutely shocking!

    • 62rovinella says:

      Blessed new year to each and everyone…..hope all’s well and continues to be so….
      Observing our transfers if any…badly needed….time to move on from the same old…coys

  • Niall D says:

    Well, well, well
    I did say “silk purse and Sows, ear” I was nearly right.
    With that said the initial team could’ve and should’ve beaten Morecombe.
    I did list many of those players who played to get a game, but yet again they didn’t grasp the nettle.
    Even they don’t want to play for Spurs, surely, surely, if some of these player want away they would at least put in a performance to be in the shop window.
    I don’t know who would buy some of these guys, with that said I’m not sure that 10 were bad.
    I think Gill, Winksy, Sess did OK, not great, but OK.
    We just looked a bit bereft of ideas, until the calvary came on, turned out a decent score, but our squad does need addressing.

  • Allan says:

    A great pity and I take no pleasure in cofirming the comments I made earlier about the reserve side .
    A painful watch and if Levy can’t appreciate the mess he has presided over then we don’t stand a chance .
    How could he sanction the purchase of Gil , Emerson and Doherty just to mention 3 ?

  • Spurfect One says:

    Ndombele got a lot of heat and rightfully so, but if anyone who deserved it more it was Lo Celso. Horrible performance from one of the most one footed players i have seen at Spurs for many a year!

  • Love totty says:

    Deli has to go. I feel sorry for him as without a Toby or Christian to pick him out he has no place in the team. He is not a playmaker nor out and out striker, but a match winner when played to his strengths. We are so devoid of reserve talent it will take years to develop a side capable of sustaining a title challenge again. We can only hope we find better in this window to get 4th while MU and Arsenal are also poor.

  • 123spurs says:

    It was a spursy performance from arsenal in all white.

  • TK says:

    all things considered, today turned out to be an excellent day–thanks to Nottinham Forest.

  • Drdrums11 says:

    When Gill was brought on it seemed like a smart purchase. A highly rated young Spanish player on the rise, it seemed exciting. He has surely proven to be another failed acquisition from Levy and our regrettable scouting department. Has no ability to hold the ball while constantly giving it away. Dele used to be able to run and chase the opposition down to get the ball back. Now he appears too slow to do it. Strange that he’s relatively young but is void of any foot speed. It’s clear to see the unhappy annoyed body language of Ndombele. What a complete lack of motivation to be out of shape the way he is. He gets winded and disappears from the match for long stretches. Gets beat and never marks back. Brings the whole team down. When these three left the game the entire vibe of the team changed. The latter two definitely need leave on permanent transfers and Gill sent out on loan.

    • wentworth says:

      What about the one legged shuffler Lo Celso? …can’t kick a ball more than 5 metres and spends most of the time falling over. Such a weak wimp and total waste of money.
      What about the bumbling Doherty?….totally clueless and a constant passenger.

  • TK says:

    I guess that when N’dombele was a wee lad he was told that he was the cat’s meow on the pitch. Now as a grown man he expects that all he needs to do is to put on the kit to receive the plaudits.

    It takes work, man, to get in shape and to develop those skills that marveled the world in one’s youth. Being told you’re great when you’re a wee lad doesn’t take you through adult life.

    My disappointment is less with the player than in those who thought he was an adult. It takes more than chronology to accomplish that.

  • block 108 spurs says:

    I was at the game.. high up in east stand above halfway line. My vertigo was a problem… however what I witnessed on the pitch was utter spursey dross. We were back to aimless football.. We could not deal with the 8 man defense, and their unmarked player for a 33rd min goal Ndombele disgraceful jogging around again and his sub. behaviour deserves severe manager reaction. At least winks scored a good goal and lucas / hk10 saved us from further embarrassment. We could all see these players were not on same wave length, and some need to be shown the door, and bring in better quality players.

    • Frank says:

      This is looking like yet another Spursey transfer window, all talk and speculation, no action. We see the likes of Villa and Everton amongst others already buying while we are to have meetings and discussions on who Conte wants, and to formulate Levy’s excuses as why we can’t get them. If nothing happens I think Conte might walk as Spurs need him more than he needs them. We may end up with the poshist house in the PL with no furniture in, yet again there is no ambition, twas ever thus, Levy and Lewis out, sell up and go.

  • TK says:

    Ah Frank, so good to see you here.

    And at this time when your dismay at Levy’s tenure seems more merited than ever. The prettiest stadium with no team worth playing in it. DL might as well offer to dress you and me in the Spurs kit. The change from yesterday’s match wouldn’t be great. That’s how deteriorated the play has been.

    Conte is contracted only for another year. Easy enough for him to flee, which he will if DL continues to value the penny farthing over play on the pitch.

    DL promotes zombie football with lots of aimless wandering about the pitch.

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