Date: 17th February 2021 at 4:21pm
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With a short break in the fixture list for Tottenham Hotspur, there was at least a chance for some rest and relaxation for the players after the expected defeat to Manchester City last weekend but this midweek we face a different challenge as it’s back to Europa League action as we travel to Budapest to face Austria Bundesliga side RZ Pellets WAC.

Also known as Wolfsberger AC at their Puskas Arena.

Now I can confidently say what I know about this side could probably fit on the side of a postage stamp, but in some better news, we continue to only have three out on the injury list. Giovani Lo Celso has long been ruled out, and manager Jose Mourinho has confirmed there will be no return for Sergio Reguilon either as he hasn’t travelled. He also revealed that he now expects Serge Aurier to be out for longer.

So let’s see what Thursday evening brings and then we can start thinking about the bubble blowers and hopefully getting ourselves back on track after our recent woeful Premier League form.

RZ Pellets WAC







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47 Replies to “Match Thread – Will Spurs Be Firing Pellets at RZ WAC”

  • Firing seems to be the word on everyone’s tongue at the moment. :- )

    I think we’ll see a good few squad players firing blanks at them meaning the cavalry will be flogged to death again.

  • Hopefully JM will now recognise the fact that to win a football match the best strategy is to score more goals than the other side. I know …. it’s a radical concept.

  • TQ2Spurs, I notice the words–in sequence–in your post that have been on my mind re: JM. “firing squad.” Now there’s a solution I could get behind. In the end we could give the man a reprieve, of course, and just fire him from managing the squad. But I like the sound of it: Firing Squad. Of course a (firing) squad firing blanks doesn’t get the job done unless the tosser is tossed.

  • Tonight I expect jose to rest Hoj. Lloris Davies and on bench HK10 Sonny. Team will be squad players we have seen before in EL games. A tricky game as wolfsberger are a “lesser” team, but still dangerous, and will have seen sprs games recently, and will have a good go, they can score 1 goal so a 1-3 win spurs. COYS

  • Trying to predict results in any competition is a mugs game this season. Saw it again last night, Leipzig were supposed to be a dangerous side, Liverpool were supposed to be in trouble, Liverpool won comfortably. You have to start with the assumption that in any game any result is possible. One thing you can say is the more we lose ground in the league the more attractive the Europa becomes.

  • Thanks again Danny for the thread, you are working so hard to keep us busy lol!

    As for tonight’s/evening game, nothing to say but a WIN! for me, then WHAM! COYS

  • The only certainty about this evenings game is that it will leave me with chronic indigestion. I’m not keen on these games that span my normal evening meal time! 🙁

  • PY……..I can take losing to Chavs or the Gooners ocassionally but not the spammers, we should never be beaten by them, I’m concerned about this weekends game with the form they are in.

    • TQ,
      Mate I didn’t want to say that, you said it for me, lol!, I have a racist, towards us anyway, Wet Spam twat living round the corner from me, I am on bloody edge for Sunday. COYS

  • At some point soon we will have to focus on either the premier league or the Europa League. Jose doesn’t have enough faith in the “squad players” to rotate enough for us to compete effectively in both competitions.
    Unfortunately for us, The Europa League is very strong this season. not only do we have Arsenal, Man U and Leicester, there is also Lille (top of the French league) AC Milan (top of the Italian League) Ajax, Napoli, Roma, Leverkusen, Shaktar and Hoffenheim. They are all decent teams.
    When Jose won the Europa League with Man U he had far easier opposition. Interesting to see how things play out. COYS

    • DH….I think Jose is banking on the Carabao so he can say he won us a trophy, going by Ancelloti’s comments after their game last night it’s not going to be easy. As you suggest, EL looks well beyond us with the clubs still involved and the PL is well gone.

  • We’ll all be able to kiss goodbye to any sport on free to air TV soon, Amazon are now looking to outbid terrestrial for the rugby six nations. 🙁

    • TQ,
      To be honest I ain’t bothered, I already pay Prime, so its an addition for me, sorry for those that don’t, modern world I suppose. COYS

  • Son to come off at half time or soon after and replaced by Vinicius or Scarlett. Davies needs to come as well if Reguillon isn’t ready for Sunday. Doherty has been poor IMHO.

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