Date: 20th March 2021 at 5:46pm
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What had started out as quite a promising campaign has definitely turned into a topsy turvy year for Tottenham Hotspur, and this week has been no different as we backed up a poor performance against Arsenal in the North London Derby defeat with a quite incredible performance that saw Dinamo Zagreb fight back from a two goal deficit to unceremoniously dump us out of this season’s Europa League competition.

Opinions amongst Spurs fans have always been torn when it comes to manager Jose Mourinho and this last week has done nothing to temper those thoughts, and it probably feels even more frustrating as ahead of Arsenal it looked like we were again playing ourselves into some good, attacking form and leaving the more defensive and pragmatic approach behind us.

We will be missing Erik Lamela after his sending off, and Son Heung-Min continues to be out. In other potentially good news, there’s mixed talk about Jack Grealish returning so he might miss out for them, but in any event, we know we have the firepower to take all three points, it just again comes down to how we play and, well, how we play.

The question that no one can bet on ahead of a match this season.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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315 Replies to “Match Thread – Will Spurs Again Be The Villans On Sunday Or Will We See A Reaction”

  • If we beat Man City in the final, I will be in two minds….

    1 YES! we have won it, chuffed to bits, Tin Pot Trophy or not with a weird name, always the League Cup to me.
    2 Shit! YES! we have won it, but at what costs, Moaninasarous staying, bragging rights for him.
    What a dilemma we find ourselves in.

    As for the dough/cash that is ruining the game we love, what can be done?
    Stop Sky and the rest of em, go back to Sats MotD or Sundays one game, as it is many peops/fans watch their team regular, they being the ones that cannot go to watch live, well when fans are allowed back that is. COYS

  • HT.. a decent response to my post.

    As I said modern football is awash with sponsorship funding, and without this many clubs will close-down. So we have to accept this fact.

    Perhaps if the FA named it English League cup in their posters / adverts with a sponsorship logo and name in the corner or at the side / underneath… Players to do their post match interviews wearing a cap with sponsors name like in F1.. lewis hamilon etc. changing their racing teams caps to Pirelli (tyres) cap on the winners podium. UK football we already have boards of sponsors names when managers / players interviews anyway.

    This will raise the prestige of this event and attract larger corporate sponsors.. thereby a proper cup to win… not a tin pot. IMO

  • PY…….there is another option, the broadcasters could charge a reasonable price for the service and put less into the pockets of the clubs which allows them to pay obscene wages to players. They don’t call us rip off Britain for nothing, we’re all mugs to pay whatever they ask, look at what Geof pays in Oz, I think he said it was roughly the equivalent of about £10 a month for all PL games plus many other sports events live as well.

  • Thanks for mentioning the real downer if we win the Thai Energy Drink Cup, PY. We probably will be stuck with Mourinho if we do. A disastrous thrill, like picking up an STD while having great sex. Worth it only for the moment and a price to be paid in the future.

    As to the pernicious influence of money on our game–the problem is not from football. The problem is with what our modern culture has become. We value something over all else that really has no value. Money has value only because we think it does, and the moment that people begin not to believe that it’s of value, it has no value. It can take a wheel barrow of the stuff to buy a pack of ciggies when people start doubting its value. I remember being in Brazil when inflation was running at over 2,000% because the people lost the faith in it. Money doesn’t exist in nature except for humans having made it up. And those who made it up convinced the others that it was real.

    If we wanted, we could have free TV of every match in the world, if that’s what we valued. Right now the cost of all the matches we enjoy on TV are paid for by living in a world in which food and shelter are unevenly distributed and millions live in camps and with not enough to keep from being hungry.

    That realization won’t stop me from watch THFC in every match I can on the magic screen. My not watching doesn’t put food in anyone’s belly nor put shelter over anyone’s head. But the universally accepted myth of money comes at a greater cost than the fictional value of the cash.

    That said, Sunday’s match will be shown on cable TV where I am these days: NYC. I hope I’m back in Brazil in June, pandemic or no. Some things we value over the danger of death, I guess, and what I’ve got in my life from being there is one of those things. I won’t bore you by explaining here and now.

    I’d guess I also could watch Sunday’s match on cable it I were in Brazil. If you’ve got the money for cable in Brazil you can watch a whole lot of PL football. And for that I also am thankful. But I’d give it up in a flash if we could live in a world in which no one had to pay a serious cost for my wants being met.

  • I agree with much of your post TK.

    At the end of the day it is we the consumers that have the ultimate power, if we all agreed to stop paying subscriptions to commercial sports broadcasters they wouldn’t have a business and therefore wouldn’t be able to offer stupid money for the broadcasting rights which, in turn, makes multi millionaires of people whose actual contribution to society is worth far less than many who do so much more for very little reward by comparison. What kind of society have we become that values a pair of buffoons from the north-east (for example) so highly while paying carers such a pittance for caring for the elderly, disabled and dying.

    • TQ….in agreement again there regards Carer’s, if you think full time working Carer’s wages is a pittance as I most certainly do, check out what us, Spouse/Adult/Children Carer’s get for 168hrs work, just over 0.40p hr, Guvs save millions a year cos of us. COYS

  • Clearly, as a culture, we have our values ass backwards. Individually we can live true to our values as much as we find possible.

    And I know I’ll continue with my childhood caring for a football club in North London, as silly as that may be. It gives me some kind of anchor in a mad and disjointed world. And truth be told, my affection began because as I turned from childhood to adolescence I watched a team that played the right way and listened to a captain who spoke and acted in accord with a kind of values that spoke to what was awakening in me. Play the right way. Don’t cheat to win. Make winning something to be proud of because it’s being done the right way. Don’t bore the world to death just to win a cup. Act so as to show pride in what you are doing and how you are doing it. When that club goes astray from those values (as it seems t be doing with JM’s egomania), tears come to my eyes. In my eyes, this is my club, not Mourinho’s. I admit that this may be a childhood delusion, but it’s what resonates within me.

    In my heart, there is a Spurs way. It’s the way that I felt as I turned to 13 and 14 years old, and somehow as a man in my mid 70s, I still feel those values and somehow still associate them with my childhood club. I haven’t lived in London in many decades and I haven’t visited WHL or the new stadium, but my heart still is attached to the values that brought me to this silly attachment to this club.

    I admit it, this is a madness in me. A stubborn refusal to leave a part of my long-gone youth. But it’s helped me through the years to stay stubbornly attached. It matters to me less what the score is after a match, or what the standing is after a season. I like to look in the mirror and remember what brought me to this team originally. The beauty to which the team was committed. The tradition of playing to and with that beauty. that’s why I cried as a man when some git came to us as a manager from the Gooners whose idea was to eek out a 1 x 0 result by catching the other team off sides. And that’s why I loved the style Poch brought to us.

    How we play matters more to me than all of the cups that exist under God’s heavens.

    • A great description of how you gained your affinity for our club TK which I am sure will resonate with many of a certain age! :- )

  • TK a lot of good points there folks, money may be the root of all evil (etc), but its good to go to the shops, with :-).
    Re naming of the stadium, if they pay enough let em call it what they want, but to us it’ll still be White Heart Lane, just like Newcastle is still St James Park, we all call it that no matter what the name is now.
    Re the league Cup, It is the least of our “home” trophies but worth winning, yep, but don’t forget if we get it and top 4, guess who stays.
    But if it is a springboard for greater things, I’ll take it, and If JM learns the type of football we want to see, so be iit.
    I think that’s why I’m down playing it a bit. We have proven that we can beat Man C this season so it ain’t beyond us, I just don’t want a repeat of last week at the Suez Canal replayed at Wembley
    (or has it been renamed).
    Glad you noted that “Kane point” TQ.

  • There’s not been a single match in 60 some years when a team has gone on a pitch wearing the Spurs kit that I haven’t wanted them to win. And we can beat Man Citeh—about this I have not doubts. But if we lose to them that day, I’ll not be shedding tears, for it may bring a needed change of managers. Maybe this is a “can’t lose” match. lol.

    Winning will be good. Losing may not be bad. I’ll let the gods sort this one out.

    The best outcome would be for Spurs to win and JM to say he was leaving to manage at Emirates. Then we can start a betting pool as to which players at Emirates he would alienate first. I have my favorites for that pool. But that’s not a fantasy that’s likely to come true. But what a delicious thought, though.

  • I can’t see how Spurs winning the Carabao Cup will be enough in itself, to keep Jose at the club. If Levy, in any other way, sees his management in a poor light. One victory at Wembley will surely not be enough to change this.

    Jose will only keep his job if Levy and the club are convinced that he will bring so much more to us in next season. And without sacrificing our integrity at the club. And, without losing our star players through their own dissatisfaction with the boss.

    After all, JM won titles at the other clubs he was fired from soon after… It was thanks for the cups Mr.M. Goodbye!

    I don’t think it will be any different at Spurs. Not unless Jose is very different himself at Spurs, than he was elsewhere.

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