Date: 20th March 2021 at 5:46pm
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What had started out as quite a promising campaign has definitely turned into a topsy turvy year for Tottenham Hotspur, and this week has been no different as we backed up a poor performance against Arsenal in the North London Derby defeat with a quite incredible performance that saw Dinamo Zagreb fight back from a two goal deficit to unceremoniously dump us out of this season’s Europa League competition.

Opinions amongst Spurs fans have always been torn when it comes to manager Jose Mourinho and this last week has done nothing to temper those thoughts, and it probably feels even more frustrating as ahead of Arsenal it looked like we were again playing ourselves into some good, attacking form and leaving the more defensive and pragmatic approach behind us.

We will be missing Erik Lamela after his sending off, and Son Heung-Min continues to be out. In other potentially good news, there’s mixed talk about Jack Grealish returning so he might miss out for them, but in any event, we know we have the firepower to take all three points, it just again comes down to how we play and, well, how we play.

The question that no one can bet on ahead of a match this season.

Aston Villa






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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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315 Replies to “Match Thread – Will Spurs Again Be The Villans On Sunday Or Will We See A Reaction”

  • First! lol

    Thanks for the posts on the other thread chaps. I’m not 100% yet, but feel semi human again today which is nice. I imagine I’ll be right as rain tomorrow after another good sleep – hopefully I can toast it with a win.

  • Good to hear you are recovering Danny and thanks for the new match thread. I’m not going to make any prediction for the game as I really don’t know what expect, who knows, Jose might bin them all and play the U23’s! 🙂

  • Hope you’re feeling better today, Danny. I also hope today’s result will speed your recovery. I have to say that I agree with TQ’s prediction!!

  • The good news is we’re still only, what?, six points off the top four with a match in hand? If we had a team that wasn’t totally demoralized and led by a egomaniac whose chief ability is to turn a team into a zombi group, I’d have some optimism that we could make the top 4 and CL. But the way the idiot-ego man is going, even HK10 will soon be dropped from the England squad.

    So, at end of first half we’ll be up by two goals. at the end of 90 minutes we’ll be on the short end of 3 x 2 and Mourinho will complain after the match that the players don’t do what they’re told. Bad zombi players. hit them on the nose with a rolled up newpaper, José. disobeying your instructions every match. bad zombis.

  • Remember when Dele and Winks and Dier were all on the England squad? then Mourinho got hold of them and they’ve become zombi players. HK10 should be afraid. He’ll leave if Mourinho stays. It may look like he’s bought into the José way, but that won’t last any more than Pogba lasted with the ego-idiot.

  • Hang in there, Danny, you’ll be back by the time of the match tomorrow, although you may be regretting that if the match goes the mourinho way. Straight down the toilet. but here’s hoping you’re feeling chipper by tomorrow.

  • TK …. I believe Dele, Winks, and Dier, were fading from the England squad before JM arrived. Please don’t put me in the position of having to defend JM again!! : – )

    • lol
      Okay, I won’t do that. you can mentally erase my comment,

      But you can replace it with this one:

      Because ot the deep malaise that José has caused at the club, Kane will insist on leaving. He now despairs that he ever will win anything at Spurs because Mourinho has killed all hope. Mourinho arrived with a reputation of winning, but that’s now in tatters, and so is the morale of the clubhouse.

      Bye bye most of our good players, including HK10.

      thank your very much, José

  • Jose Mourinho is not the Devil incarnate. He is just a lousy football coach…

    I’ve no idea what to expect from today. Hopefully the players do and are able enough to follow the gaffers instructions down to a tee. Whatever they may be. Because when we lose, apparently it’s down to the players not knowing what they are doing…… I think. Or is it that they just don’t care? Or is it that they are all rubbish?

    I probably won’t bother watching, as I have lost interest in not having a clue as to whether or not we will get to play some decent football. I know that Villa probably will. Most other PL teams do, when they play Spurs. We help them to help themselves. Isn’t that so very nice of us?

    Villa ?-? Spurs!

  • Huge dilemma today. Villa v Spurs kicks off at 19.30 with “Line of Duty” starting at 21.00. No doubt, Spurs will save me by allowing me to switch over and watch the Beeb.
    On an another matter. Luke Shaw and Paul Pogpa have recovered from the bullying dished out by Mourinho. They are playing superbly. Here’s hoping our new imminent coach will bring out the best in Dele, Dier and even Winks and also blood some of our young stars with at least twenty minutes of playing time. We will need to offload Bergwijn, Doherty, Davies, Vinicius who would not even be on the bench in top six teams. I have liked Lamela but his constant craving for yellow cards has become a liability and its time to move on. (Thanks for the rabonas).
    Something drastic has to happen if we are not to lose our only world class players in Kane and Son. We will never forgive Mourinho if they go in the summer allowing Levy to look at the bargain basement sector for new recruits. Whatever happens , we are in for a tough time. Time to act now. Enough is enough. Mourinho out for his usual pay off and temporary retirement. He is destroying our club with his antiquated approach.

  • Well done Danny, no matter, the Jab, the true journalist with the stiff upper lip does his bit, thanks for another fine match thread, and thumbs up for you getting to feel better.

    As an ever optimist regards Spurs, I have to admit finally I have no bloody idea which Spurs team will turn up today or father this evening v The Villans.

    I have read earlier that there is a clause in JM’s contract, that if he is sacked in the summer the payout is a lot less than if he was sacked right now, apparently the payout for a summer sacking is £15m, so looks like he is here until the end of this season. COYS

  • Oh yes forgot, I watched Brighton v Newcastle last night, review….

    Brighton played some pretty good football and always looked winners, ok opposition were total shite.

    Newcastle, I think they were the Spurs team of late in disguise, really crap relegation fodder, couldn’t pass, dribble, trap the ball, no real fight/battle etc.

    Teams lost most points from winning positions….Table, Spurs equal 3rd with Fulham = 13pts dropped, Scum n Newcs 1st n 2nd, makes you wonder eh! COYS

  • PY… it seems the clause in jose’s contract is non performance of his work targets. Which is levy’s way of paying out less and a good business decision. What joe /levy / board need to do is to stop the sequence of up and down team performances, managerial disputes with players over the last 2.5 years repeating. So a bite the bullet of financial spending and clear out the average quality players, buy better and a new younger modern manager… nagelsmann. Back him in what he wants to do, like with poch 6 yrs ago, and I would suggest that if we have 300m + transfer fund from player sales, input from ENIC owner joe (at age 85ish.. you can’t take yr money with you to heaven…) so may as well put some of the £4b into yr legacy of WHL Stadium and training ground, for future spurs fans. COYS

    • b108spurs, agreed most of it, except Nagelsmann, for me the present Fulham manager, Scottie Parker, played for us, knows what we are about, but mainly knows the Prem now. COYS

  • Thrills, spills and non-stop action from start to finish. Intrigue, drama and suspense. Some good guys, some bad guys. But who are the Heroes and who are the Villains? The unknown and the unexpected.

    No, not todays game you fools! That’ll be Line of Duty on the BBC.

    So Wentworth, I’m with you. And I’ll definitely be watching it from the start. Regardless of what’s happening at Villa park.

  • I’m not the only one with the dilemma between the match and Line of Duty then! :- )

    The match might have had a 7.00pm kick off time if it wasn’t for the cup quarter final kicking off at 5.00pm, don’t know why they couldn’t have kept that at the usual Sunday kick off time.

  • First of all Danny good to see you’ve recovered, a bit, it does take a day or two(for some) I was 24 hours Mrs D took about 48,the outlaws had no issues. But good to see you back, cheers for the thread.
    Some good posts today, WW agree with much of what you have sais except to swap Winks for Davies, for me at least he(Davies) does an OK job in his position and can be a 6 out of 10 and is at least a decent squad player, Winks (for me) is never there, I’ve banged on about him before, I’ll just say he doesn’t bring enough sidey, sidey, Backwards. Dier just about stays as he can (like Davies) have a good day in him and has that bit of flexibility for several positions. Agree with your comments on Lamella, the main reason I would be rid is down to his time spent injured and as you say he then is over exuberant in his play when he returns as trying to make up for not being there all the time, this attitude then leads to him getting getting yellow and red cards, which means he misses yet more games, needs to go.
    B 108 agree 100%, this should’ve been done in line with the new, stadium, we should’ve re vamped the team then and at that time 4 out 3 in might have done it and we could’ve steadily rebuilt year on year.
    Why did we buy those unwanted players and bargain bin choices, I would argue that of our last 6 buys, 2 have come good.
    Let’s get a new manager and better still scouting team in and actually back them, re FFP, somehow City get away with it, so can we.

  • PY… interesting call on Scott Parker as manager, he is in 1st year as a PL manager so may be not enough experience yet… German Bundl. is very similar to PL as we have seen Klopp / Ralph Hutten. make the transition to the PL.

    After jose I think Levy & co. will go for a young manager again, poch was 43 ? when he joined spurs, so a similar age guy will be on short list, Naglesmann is about 34… scottie bit older. It depends on the individual’s ideas and tactical plans and most important player management. Dealing with a chairman like levy and top quality players like HK10 . bale, sonny etc. will be an education for any young manger.

  • I truly am worried that JM has caused a desire on the part of HK10 to flee to some place where he will win. He just looked so demoralized in Zagreb. Didn’t track back at all in the way he has all season. He looks a man who’s had enough. He wants a divorce from his childhood sweetheart. Thank you José.

    God, I hope I’m wrong about this one. All the 100 million plus that the sale of Kane would bring will be spent by DL on a new groups of Doherty types. One Kane out, six or seven Doherty types in the money from the sale.

    Sorry, mates, I’m really down today since I awoke with this thought. I’m sinking into a Mourninho morass. Not good for a man’s outlook. A killer of all hope.

  • Our new manager will be lucky if Kane, Son, et al. are still here. Winks, Dier, Doherty, Bergsy, Lamela, will be, but Kane and Son won’t . I’m really depressed today. there looks to be no fair weather on the horizen.

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