Date: 28th September 2020 at 3:59pm
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I’m pretty sure what can be said about the Video Assistant Referee (lack of) technology from a Tottenham Hotspur point of view will have been aired on Sunday evening and throughout Monday, but it’s time for us to quickly move on to Chelsea on Tuesday evening in the fourth round of the EFL Cup.

Having received a bye against Leyton Orient, that little break clearly helped us against Shkendija and Newcastle when it came to the more ‘Spurs like’ attacking performances we saw, but as we all know, we did not get our just deserts against Steve Bruce’s side.

We cannot make that mistake again against Chelsea as they more than have the quality to punish us, so whilst we can be optimistic we will create chances – they have to be taken and Newcastle is the lesson.

Our chances aren’t improved by an injured Son Heung-Min but we have to hope that is the last blow to come from the weekend’s action – Tuesday night, fresh game, fresh opportunity and let’s all hope it’s a fresh win to put Sunday’s nightmare well and truly behind us.








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145 Replies to “Match Thread – VAR Needs To Be Pensioned Off & Spurs Will Be Hoping To Do Just That To Chelsea”

  • again no sign of a clean sheet, chelsea will be to strong for us and the added spice been riverly they are up for it more, and then away to united, can’t see us winning either, kane run down to the ground and only a few matches in. Sonny injured can someone step up.

  • Cheers Danny for yet another thread.
    Let’s hope we can cobble a team together for what game no 3 of 5 in less than 10 days.
    Hopefully we’ll get the luck Newcastle got against us on Sunday.

  • Jose has quite rightly realised we can’t compete in the Carabao because of the ridiculous schedule, he should play the U23’s and rest the entire first team squad just to send a message to the powers that be.

  • Of course jose will not play the U23 team. He will rotate the squad. After all that is the point he has made 2 top quality players each position, remind you of any team?…….. Man City for one. But we are not there yet, and I doubt we will be this TW.

    So expect to see squad players get a run out v chelsea, and a result against the odds.. COYS

  • even a full team is against all odds, in all honesty, there should of been no reason to play kane in the EL against a bunch of unknowns

  • I admire your optimism block 108 but Jose has already said that he will have to prioritise the PL and EL so what’s the point of risking injury or exhaustion to any of the first team squad tomorrow? Didn’t Liverpool do the same thing last season because of fixture congestion due to the club world cup?

  • Liking that post B108 quite a bit – sure we’re not there yet but if we can get in Skriniar and maybe JK – we’ll be a hell of a lot closer that’s for sure – here’s hoping!

    Interesting to hear the group stages of the EL are worth around £15m – that’s actually not bad – so much for those who last season were turning their nose up at it – hopefully we can go far, hell maybe all the way to another European final and this time get the right result and won’t do the coffers any harm either if so!

    As for this – total fair play to JM – yes ridiculous schedule currently and this early on in the season whoever gets brought in now will be cold to formation, tactics, cohesion, etc especially match wise so much respect to all of them including JM on this current plight but it’s still a cup, we’re still in it, we’re at home so they owe it to the club, each other and us to go out and do their very best – then let’s see what happens – “a bola e redonda” – literally “the ball is round” meaning anything can happen , etc – 100% effort is all we can ask but that for sure is the minimum they have to give!



    Hmm 1 I called for on here at the start of the summer and was eventually backed up by ND for example – JM also apparently wanted him – fair play Doh (great signing for the money and solid experience and good attacking threat, solid defensively given physicality such as height, strength, tenacity, etc and JM also wanted him) and Reg looks top, top quality as well but maybe even still like it says in the article 1 that got away – especially with us potentially getting rid off Rose, Aurier and Foyth on top of having already sold KWP as well! This means we only have 1 proper RB in Doh with perhaps a young and in-experienced Tanganga to cover (although will hopefully excel and help him improve his overall defending/game especially long term)!

    Admittedly around £21m for someone with around 10 months left on their contract and un-proven in the Prem was at very best a calculate risk – but looks like both JM and BR knew what they were after and doing, etc – shame is all I can say really – looks like would have been a great signing to compliment Doh and Reg – guess unfortunately you can’t have everything ………!

  • Shouldn’t Mane have been sent off tonight almost straight away admittedly against the Arse-anal not to mention did the ball not strike Jota’s arm thus helping to control it before firing off his shot for the 3rd goal – no review of either – found it very strange but then again it’s Liverpool just like it’s Man Utd, etc, etc, etc – RESPECT to JM for calling out the authorities on this type of thing – indeed “WE GET NO RESPECT”, especially compared to these fcukers, etc …………!

    • EJ, surely you have realised there is one rule for the top 5 and another for the rest of us.

      Watching the first 20mins and seeing that arm/elbow by Mane into the Gooner, I thought that’s a blatant red but knew he wouldn’t go cos its L’pool, one rule for them one for us. COYS

  • EJ yep Castagne was deffo a good call. But Doh to a degree was proven and as such was a better all for the money.
    Glad to see others noticing that even with VAR the Man U’s and Liverpools ‘still get the edge on decisions. Liverpool getting away with decisions was actually a point of discussion on Talk Sport last season.
    I think at the time the headline was “Do Liverpool get away with more”
    I think there is an unconscious bias for certain teams in the prem. Some Refs in the past have been called out on this.
    Re the Chelsea game and the game on Thursday.
    This should be where Hart, Sess, Froyth, Aurier, Tananga, Gedson, Dele, possibly Bergs, Lamella with a couple of youngsters should stand up and be counted.
    But we’ll probably go one up then be robbed by a couple of dodgy pens.

  • As TQ said earlier, it looks like JM will make the EL a priority over the League Cup …. that’s if the media quotes from JM are correct. I would not normally agree with this but am inclined to think it makes sense for this one. It is a good opportunity to play some hungry young squad members which is a good thing.

    I don’t think it’s even practical to predict a result. How strong will Chelsea lineup

    Might be the ideal time to give Morgan a time to shine!! Has anyone seen the movie ‘Alex and Me’?

  • TQ – you know damn well JK is way too good for the bloody Championship and a solid proven Prem attacker – STR/CF/FWD, etc LOL!

    Could be anything between Bournemouth not wanting to risk him because of injury as looking to get a sale especially with him having only 9 months of contract left so basically last chance saloon to get anything decent for him now, to him darn right not wanting to pretty much feature – although the fact is he did come on as a 2nd half sub this weekend against Norwich – so tough one to work out really! Along with Brooks he’s currently their best player and even with those that left I’d only rank Ake up there with these 2, I think they were Bournemouth’s 3 best players, then fair play followed by the likes of: C Wilson, Ramsdale, Fraser, H Wilson (only on loan though), L Cook, Lerma, etc!

    Also let’s put it this way, he’s probably a lot better and much more affordable than a lot of the names we’re currently and have even been linked with all this summer already -as per JOD’s famous quote “men of no names” yet they come with heavy costs – quite possibly in all sorts of ways!

    Just take the bloody £15m punt on him, pay him around £50-70K a week and see what happens – not to mention he’s home-grown and very versatile – all meaning we could still easily get our money back in a year or 2 if necessary, etc and then address things better then when also perhaps Parrott has given an inkling of his real talent or not as the case maybe – WIN – WIN with JK IMHO!

  • ND – I’m good with Doh also for sure as already stated as well, so I guess will leave it there LOL!

    Defo an opportunity and time for the “squad” players to stand-up and be counted and earn their crust and show why they are indeed in our 1st team squad in fact!

    As for the big boys – same old, same old when it comes to decisions, etc – rub of the green always end of LOL!

  • Who can predict a line-up for this one? Especially when our manager has basically said he doesn’t have enough good players to compete in this one.

    And, who can predict a result? I can!

    THFC 4-2 CFC!

  • TQ LOL – just desperate for some cover for HK10 and I think he ticks a hell of a lot of boxes really – look what happened to poor Sonny already after having to play so many games so quickly – don’t want the same happening to HK10 (AGAIN I might add) – we need cover ASAP – luckily window soon shutting so forcing us into finally making some kind of bloody move 1 assumes at last!

    Tonight – all we can do is hope and then that the boys – whoever of them gets put out – give 100% – then take it from there!

  • Desperate is the right word, EJ…

    Do you realise that all the things you say King has going for him, (Can play left, right and centre across the front, PL ready, blah blah), Describes a player we already have at the club… And, I don’t mean Dele.

    Gareth Bale! Except that King is missing the “world class” bit of the box-ticking, that Bale has…

    And yet, if we do sell Dele, we would probably be able to afford at least 3 new HK Lookalikes… I mean 3 Kane (cheap-as-chips) covers! That’ll be Deeney, King and Benteke… You know it makes sense.

    Imagine them three up top in an FA Cup match vs Scunthorpe… WOW!

    All together now…

    Dele Out
    King In
    Dele Out
    Deeney In
    Dele Out
    Benteke In!

    Way to go , Jose!

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