Date: 13th March 2021 at 8:00am
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With Tottenham Hotspur again racking up three wins on the spin in the Premier League, and the Europa League continuing to prove fruitful in midweek, there’s probably no better a time to face North London rivals Arsenal.

We travel to the Emirates Stadium to face Mikel Arteta’s strugglers late on Sunday afternoon and we can again expect rotation from manager Jose Mourinho but as things stand, it’s not expected that Harry Kane’s midweek knee knock against Dinamo Zagreb will keep him out of this one, despite his early substitution.

Having found a richer goalscoring vein of form in recent weeks, there’s every reason to be confident in us taking a good victory here. It’s a derby, we won’t have it all our own way and there will be tight and tricky moments, but if our attackers click again, our margin of victory should be pretty comfortable here.

Let’s just hope that’s the case and we take a further boost of confidence as the campaign comes to a close.








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122 Replies to “Match Thread – The Perfect Time For Spurs To Face Arsenal”

  • No more doh and davey utter useless both of them they are. You just knew they would cost us, same ol spursy bottlers even with the so called special one in charge.

  • Moura and Sanchez played well. Was that a penalty? I don’t think so. Can’t argue with the result, we got what we deserved.

  • As I have previously stated, Spurs are flat track bullies. As soon as we come up against a half decent team Jose reverts to type, negative cowardly tactics, totally outcoached by Arteta. I mean – Bale and Doherty up against Saka and Tierney. The top four which was never realistically on is gone and when we go out of the Europa League to the first decent team we face which we most certainly will (Arsenal would comfortably knock us out) then finally we can get Jose out of our club.

  • OMG what a shocking, inept display. Totally out played by Arsenal who wanted to win it. We didn’t turn up. Lamela scores a great goal then spends the rest of the time chasing yellow cards. Is he not very bright? Poor Doherty…totally outclassed again. No help from the dismal Bale…such a lazy performance. Harry looked totally despondent….will that give him more thoughts on leaving in the summer? After a couple of reasonable games, we are falling apart again. What was Jose doing before, during the game? That man has to go so we can rebuild a Spurs team with passion and flair. Dreadful today. Absolutely dreadful. Embarrassing. Go Jose please. Enough of your boring attitude and pathetic tactics.

  • Playing Doherty with Bale was always a recipe for disaster, Doherty is slow and Bale doesn’t track back. At least when Aurier is there he has recovery pace to get back, time and time again Doherty was caught out in the wrong position and didn’t have the speed to get back into position.

  • how Mourinho can cut the legs out from under a team that had been playing well for a string of matches. five minutes into the match it was lost. after Lamela’s magic goal it still was lost. The day Mourinho was hired this was the future I saw. Said so at the time. wish I had been wrong. The man is a genius at pulling the legs out from under his players. Whatever he had, he now hasn’t.

  • Looks like it was another false dawn. Michael Oliver appears to be the only one who thought it was a penalty, even Lacazette said he was surprised it was given. How come we had 65% possession after going down to 10, substantially more than we had prior to that? Lots of questions that need answering.

  • Doherty was a wing back until he came to N17. he hasn’t adapted to the FB position. He’s crap playing out of position.

    I forgot Bale was on the pitch until I started looking for him a couple of times. He might as well have been sitting in Madrid.

    Kane will leave and DL and José will spend the money like they did the Bale money. They’ll buy seven players who add up to mediocrity.

    this match was lost before Son pulled his hamstring. before. not after. it was lost in the dressing room when Mourinho told the lads how to play. how to pretend they were playing.

  • Bad luck and a poor sub decision cost us the game in my opinion. The deflection for the Arse equaliser when the shot was straight at Lloris was a matter of luck and as the Sky pundits said the penalty decision and Lamela’s second yellow was highly debatable. The poor sub decision was Mourinho replacing Bale with Sissoko when the obvious one was to replace N’Dombele who was not in the game at all and was largely responsible for the midfield being conceded to the Arse. Bale was given few chances to show up to that point and could have made a difference in the last part of the game.

    Of course we were below par, with far too much passing back and long boots upfield ( which I think was more about a lack of confidence in this game for some reason than anything else (Doherty and N’Dombele were the main culprits with Hojberg having a rare bad game too). But with all that we could have nicked something if the footballing Gods had been with us.

  • The footballing Gods smiled on the gooners because they played positive attacking football from the outset, not waiting until the final 15 and down to 10 before showing any passion and desire. Once again we showed a poorly performing side too much respect instead of having confidence in our own abilities.

  • The scariest stat for me, which demonstrates how poor we were, was that Kane had his first attempt on goal in the 83rd minute with his disallowed goal.

  • Well I have to give it to you DH, you called it yesterday, somehow when we facea “top 6er”we bottle it.
    Have to take some credit myself, I did say we’d give away a pen, I thought it would be for a hand ball and again their first goal was a bit fortunate.
    Some players didn’t step up today and yet again a bit bad luck with the loss of Sonny sort of lost us our focus even though we scored first.
    Doh may as well pack his bags, I honestly thought Dave had turned a corner unfortunately not.
    Again didn’t start to play until too late and then yet again luck was against us.
    I just despair.

  • The right fullback position has been killing Spurs for the last few years now. Always getting burned defensively, making huge mistakes and adding nothing going forward. Doherty was a terrible acquisition and Aurier is always a shaky proposition. This weak link in the chain has been Spurs downfall for some time now. It’s a shame we haven’t developed a better player for this position or done better in past transfer windows.

  • Since Mid December we have beaten Leeds, Sheffield Utd, Burnley ,Palace, West Brom, Fulham, Marine, Wycombe as well as a couple of pub teams in the Europa League. We have lost to Liverpool twice, Chelsea, Brighton, West Ham, Leicester, Everton and Arsenal most of them with an absolute whimper. So my question is, is there anyone out there who thinks Jose is the big game manager who is going to bring us trophies. The tactics and the performance today were totally pathetic and yet totally predictable. Mourinho is a cowardly manager, totally afraid to take on any team who he sees posing any sort of threat. Amazing how Arsenal started to panic in the last ten minutes when we upped our intensity. Shocking manager – he has to go ASAP.

  • After 10 minutes the match looked lost. Arse showed some energy and Cold Spurs did not. 10 minutes into the match and Mourinho’s miserable loser’s tactics were on full display. Kane isn’t stupid. If he sees more to the same on the horizon he will leave. If he leaves, then so does Son. And Bale won’t play at top level for too long. He’s aging out at an early age. Around whom will the team be re-built? Not anyone who’s good now who will flee the rat ridden Mourinho experience. Mediocrity seems the best Mourinho can imagine at this too-late part of his career. I’d rather a group of players under 21 but with energy and desire.

  • Losing to any other team I can tolerate. I don’t expect to win them all. but to play so pathetically and unenthusiastically to the whole Arses, now that’s not acceptable. The responsibility lies with José Mourinho. The Especially Horrible One.

    Out damned Spot. No amount of hand washing can clean the rot of this man. Take a right at the crossing and descend 7 levels to your true home.

  • It’s bad enough losing without the Jose haters adding to our misery by using the opportunity to put the boot into him again and writing off any chance of our team achieving anything this season and seasons to come, while completely disregarding any other factors that might have applied to this defeat.

    After all with the Spammers losing and other 4th place rivals dropping points we’re still in that mix with a League Cup final to come and a good chance of making the Euro Quarter finals. Even Sonny’s injury is not so terrible since he needed a rest and hopefully will be back nice and fresh for the run in. But lessons obviously have to be learnt from what happened today.

  • That’s a big part of the problem, when we are in the mix for a top 4 spot we always fail to take our opportunities, I’m no longer sure why, maybe some are right and Jose is the Messiah but his apostles aren’t up to the job?

  • TQ agreed it seems to happen all the time, each time our close rivals drop a point or 2 and we get an opportunity to to get within touching distance of top four, we somehow manage to fluff our lines yet again, why is luck,decisions VAR never on our side.
    With saying that we weren’t at the races today and we were half asleep in the first half.
    I thought Doh and Bale had worked something out, apparently not, BTW what exactly is a wing back?
    Coz, he can’t defend, seems to have very little speed, can’t cross, can’t really overlap, appears to have little in the way of skill. New RB defo needed.

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