Date: 13th March 2021 at 8:00am
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With Tottenham Hotspur again racking up three wins on the spin in the Premier League, and the Europa League continuing to prove fruitful in midweek, there’s probably no better a time to face North London rivals Arsenal.

We travel to the Emirates Stadium to face Mikel Arteta’s strugglers late on Sunday afternoon and we can again expect rotation from manager Jose Mourinho but as things stand, it’s not expected that Harry Kane’s midweek knee knock against Dinamo Zagreb will keep him out of this one, despite his early substitution.

Having found a richer goalscoring vein of form in recent weeks, there’s every reason to be confident in us taking a good victory here. It’s a derby, we won’t have it all our own way and there will be tight and tricky moments, but if our attackers click again, our margin of victory should be pretty comfortable here.

Let’s just hope that’s the case and we take a further boost of confidence as the campaign comes to a close.








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122 Replies to “Match Thread – The Perfect Time For Spurs To Face Arsenal”

  • Well TQ we have seen situations , as you point out , like this one many times but rarely have we been able to take them . However let’s continue to be optimistic and win this match at least and hope Man U defeat West H .

  • My only worry is that when we have everything to play for we usually come away with nothing. Hope I’m wrong this time.

  • Well who would have thought it – back to the usual cowardly negative tactics from Jose against the tenth best team in England. Pathetic – he picks an attacking line up and just defends. Bye bye Jose

  • Spurs playing with luke warm spurs. should be down by 3 x 1. if there is a silver lining it’s that the pattern of giving up 1 goal leads evaporate under JM continues. Mourinho OUT! lol. but I’d prefer we were playing with a bit of urgency instead of being bossed about the pitch by a gaggle of gooners.

    • That was extremely underwhelming…no press, no urgency. Have we gone back to our negative tactics again…sure looks that way. Very lucky not to be losing.

  • Pathetic 1st half
    Goal of the season
    Doh needs to go along with davey totally clueless and lost.
    Arsenal are poor at the back yet we apply no pressure.
    Poor marking for their goal.
    Let’s hope for a better 2nd half or we will end up with nothing.

    • We make crap teams look good should not baffle you. the explanation is in Mourinho’s tactics of playing like we’re in farmer’s boots cleaning the Arse’s waste out of the stable.

  • You said that right, doncaster. bye bye José. pathetic display so far. if it continues, José OUT! there is as much daring in today’s play by the cold Spurs as there is the the royal firm’s willingness to confront their frozen reality. don’t give pleasure to Piers Morgan, Spurs. play like you give half a shyt. Don’t let goons play like they care more than we do.
    Lamella’s goal was a gift from the muses. Don’t see too many like that. the only moment of joy is an otherwise crap performance.

    José is the wrong person for us. Send him to the showers and off to Portugal.

  • If we are not going to attack he may as well replace Bale with Aurier at RB and play Doherty a bit further forward to help defend our right side. Arteta certainly knows how to exploit our weaknesses. I don’t think I have seen Kane touch the ball more than a couple of times.

  • Very poor first half. We are second best all over the park. But it’s only 1-1 (somehow). Now we’ll see what JM’s made of.

    • we already know what JM’s made of. It don’t smell so sweet. buy the man some diapers and send him away. Go away, José. You don’t smell so sweet. we know what you’re made of, and it ain’t sweet at all.

  • José, let them play. for the sake of the gods, let them play or go away. No one can kill a winning streak like this dinosaur of a manager. A a TV shot of José sitting made it look like he was totally disinterested.

  • Can nyone who still thinks Jose is the right man for Spurs please come on this site and tell me why. I’d really love to know

  • Thank you spurs, thank you for not bothering to turn up on derby day…no one even looks like they’re interested. Pisses me off so much!

  • red card to Lamella. damned pretty goal and two yellows. that’s it then. what a depressing display by the lads wearing the cockerel.

  • Exactly how i thought the game would go, what the hell were the tactics. I knew from 1st few minutes the players weren’t up to it/for it. And arsenal are a poor team.

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