Date: 16th June 2020 at 5:50pm
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A new week, the strange return of football and Tottenham Hotspur are gearing up to welcome Manchester United to an empty White Hart Lane. So I guess, I better do something again.

It’s been a weird old time of late with the lockdown and the suspension of football, but at least we now have some kind of distraction to help entertain us as we hopefully start nearing the end of our unfortunate dalliance with Covid.

Some things don’t seem to change though, and although Son Heung-Min has now completed his military service and we have a fit and raring to go Harry Kane, we have lost Dele Alli to a one game ban for his improper conduct charge (not like he drove 50 miles to test his eyesight was it!), as fans will know Troy Parrott is already out with injury and it now seems we have lost Japhet Tanganga to a lower back stress fracture.

It also seems there are some concerns about a suspension for Eric Dier and a possible injury to Giovani Lo Celso.

You can’t have everything though after a three month lay off can you!

Manchester United...







Three points would be a nice lift for everyone.

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70 Replies to “Match Thread – TGIF But Did It Have To Be United Next Up For Spurs”

  • It’s like Lazarus arising from the dead. All i had to do was rouse it from its suicide.

  • Well, let’s hope the match will be better than page 2 and its refusal to open the door.

  • Hi guys, nice to be back but looks like a bit of the same old, same old regarding team suprises and injuries. I think we are going to miss Alderweirald, N’Dombele and Lo Celso and not having Moura available. But we’ll see.

  • Nicely done Stevie!

    I think Jose has got his tactics just right so far. For a match we need to win against a very sharp MU attack. Hitting them on the break has worked well so far. Hopefully we can keep it up.

    Come on you Spurs!

  • Seriously dier, you should well know by now if u touch someone from behind its gonna be a peno.

  • Danny the ads are dominant badly.. click on name or email and an ad jumps there and start loading…a win and clean sheet would have been nice .seems we are prone to gifting goals to opposition when they can’t score

    • If you can email me ( with a screenshot I can forward on but there should be an ‘X’ or ‘close’ button as that’s what I get. These things are out of my hands though sadly.

  • hard to know how to feel about the match with all the phony crowd sounds being pumped into the television showing. but the VS site is in bad shape with comments taking forever to show up, then disappearing, then reappearing. Intrusive adverts. the please is going out of the place.

    fairly sluggish match. Dier once again an idiot. Kane absent. worst of all, José Mourinho still there, God help us.

    Now to see if the comment will even show up, and if so, when?

  • We sneaked a draw which is no good to us. Dier and Aurier still liabilities and nearly lost it for us. Lamela looked lively. Lloris saved us. Good goal but little to get excited about. Lucky to get a draw but when I saw the team, I thought we were going to get hammered. Were nowhere near good enough for top four.

  • Shocking 2nd half, same ol spurs yet again, they never learn, with all these attacking players and internationals we have, we are so below average and predictable. And funny thing is, our motto is “to dare is to do”

  • Thought we held up quite well in the 1st half but the 2nd half was a very poor showing. Lloris saved both Sanchez and Aurier from usual embarrassment but nothing could do to save Dier with regards to the penalty. HK10 clearly needs games but that was always going to be obvious, thought Winks had a good game and Dier was doing well up until conceding the penalty – can our defender’s never put in a solid performance for a whole game?! This needs addressing big time – as I stated earlier today I think we need a RB and a LCB and a DMC pretty quickly and cover for HK10 would not go amiss either. To be perfectly honest we were probably lucky to get the draw as De Gea should have saved Bergwijn’s first and there was last gasp heroics from both Dier and Lloris did so aswell on several occasions. Lamela fluffed his lines several times when could have put us in – squad player at best which is a shame really but that’s the way it is. I think that’s us out of the CL race for this season – we needed to WIN tonight and still have further results go our way – now we need to start planning for next season and getting in some decent transfers as suggested over the summer to go again hard for next season. Where the money comes from I don’t know but if we want to challenge for a CL spot next season we need additions especially defensively – it’s blatant to see and actually painful to watch also!

  • Playing for a 1-0 was never going to do it for us with the quality of the United bench.
    Kane was not in the game at all (similar to his return against Liverpool in the Euro final)and as in that game we missed Moura. No real drive in midfield (why no D’Dombele?). Dier was dire once again and Winks was not much better leaving it to Dier to sort out Pogba In the move that resulted in their goal. Lessons have to be learned if we are to move up in the league.

  • i wonder if manu has a swimming pool at carrington,always diving…desperation from thier boss i guess….coys

  • wasn’t pretty in the 2nd half, you can use 5 subs we only used 2?..i think we would of won and seen it through only for dier doing something stupid in the box

  • thanks PY for you comment you didnt have to, so i disagreed with kneeling and im a racist and against BLM group( thats a racist comment itself), thats the probelm these days, people can have opinion only if they goes one way. Agree with PY all lives matters, seems some can have freedom of speech and others cant, protesting what about social distancing nothing said about that but it all about BLM? Covid lives matters all these protesters going back home mixing with familt? remember dont tarnish a name for hes opinion. We need to stamp out the use of the “racist card” in our society

    • 123…your quite welcome, and a bog thumbs up for your post.

      Unfortunately, but because of the result maybe its fortunately, I did not watch the game, 1st time I think in ever, as soon as the players “Took the Knee” I turned over, because being ex-military, it was insulting and desicrating the meaning/action of “Taking the Knee” as in to swear an Oath or swear Allegiance to the Crown.

  • What do we have to do to get our defensive players putting in solid displays through whole matches and keeping clean sheets?! Sanchez let Rashford in, saved by Lloris, Aurier messed up which let Martial in, brilliant save from Lloris, Dier gave away a poor penalty whilst Winks had failed to trail back in the first place – nothing Lloris could do to save them that time! Personally as I stated yesterday several times can’t wait to see some transfers this summer in key defensive positions – especially a DMC, a RB and a LCB. I hope we can find the money to make the right signings – Hojbjerg and Aarons for me would be 2 ideal signings and for decent prices given today’s inflated market especially with Hojbjerg being in his final year of contract at Southampton and Aarons being in a relegated team with Norwich.

    I think attacking wise we’re almost strong enough with the likes of Lo Celso, Dele, Bergwijn, Sonny and HK10 not to mention Moura and Lamela also to back them up – give me some decent cover for HK10 and I think we’re sorted up front. No, for me as I clearly state the main problem lies in defensive players being needed ASAP. If we can sort these positions out I think next season we could be a surprise package again. Failing to do this though and we’ll struggle again like this season and not give a fair account of our selves especially attacking wise as the poor defense will negate all their good hard work in attack because we have top quality attackers but lack top quality defenders these days especially at full-back – one need only look to our best times recently and recognise that we had Walker, Trippier, Rose and Davies as our full-backs – serious quality there, now we have Aurier, arguably Foyth/KWP, Davies and Sessegnon – piss poor in comparison. Also at CB – Toby and Jan are not as strong as they used to be and Davy is error prone in every game pretty much and Tanganga is still too young and in-experienced to be a dead cert week in, week out.

    I think there is potential at LB with Davies and Sessegnon so would work with these 2, at RB we’re desperate so I would be forced into keeping Aurier as cover and look to bring in someone like Aarons for the first team. At CB I would keep Verts for another season with Toby, Davy and Tanganga – I would be willing to sell the likes of Foyth and CCV not to mention KWP and Rose and look to bring in a quality LCB to compliment our set of CB’s. Give me Hojbjerg and he would go straight into my first team as our main DMC to play with the likes of N’Dombele and Lo Celso long term for me but I think we also have great cover here with Sissoko, Winks, Fernandes, Dier and Skipp also.

    I think if we can get the 3-4 players in the position’s I mention especially the 3 defensive one’s I think next season will be a good one again and we could have great expectation’s – hopefully the club come up with the goods – asking for players like Aarons and Hojbjerg is surely not beyond us – atleast I hope not and pray so!

  • Having seen the game on now tv, curtsey of Mr Levy. I would agree with some posters…

    Winks did not always track back their mf runners, sanchez errors too many. Aurier / Lamela shooting when Sonny / Bergwin /HK10 better placed to score. Dier error on Pogba should have just edged him out of play not pushed him over. Spurs players switched off 2nd half playing for a 1-0 win… wrong to do that IMO. Why did jose not use 4 subs or 5 subs? utd used 4 and took 2nd half momentum.

    Players have still not got Jose’s tactical plays into their heads… looked 433 a lot of the 1st half of the game, so it worked and hopefully reviews on video and on field training at enfield will be better for next game. If we had played them before Covid-19 we would have been beaten 4-0. So an improvement now.. But still we have no wins in last 7 games total. Is that ref. a man utd fan? or anti spurs? we have 2 wins in 8 games he was referee. 2nd penalty decision he gave was terrible and rightly cancelled by VAR, should be yellow carded by FA Review of his performance.

  • Liverpool champions but worse still Chelsea now 9 points ahead, its clear we want catch them and the way Utd are playing we want get fifth either. So no CL next season but most likely Europa.

    Feel deflated to see what has happened this season. We got young Lampard doing what Poch did for us. He outplayed us and Jose twice this year and Ole got the better of Jose overall. We are battling against Wolves, Sheffield, how we have fallen.

    We beat Westham and while it was better it was still unimpressive, i miss Spurs and now i am not bothering with the rest of the games, we got nothing to play for and tbh its torture knowing with 7 games left we are down and out and we still not playing entertaining attractive football.

    Next season will imo be a nightmare has we got no money and Jose style isnt pleasing on the eye. Chelsea have brought good players and their strike force is going to be a force next season if they keep Giroud as well, four strikers. City will still be a force next season and so will Liverpool and if Utd keep Pogba and bring in a couple of players so will they.

    Its so disheartening what has happened with Spurs all for the sake of trying to win a bloody trophy. A whole season of Jose styke of play doesnt bare thinking about. If he continues to play this way and we win Europa league and get back into CL then i suppose its justified but if we dont win anything then we will be in a downward spiral, and tbh i still think he will have bad start and will get sacked by December next season and it will be a rebuild again.

    Personally if we don’t get CL in next 7 games and we want i would rather he go and we have a fresh manager in for the start of next season.

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