Date: 16th June 2020 at 5:50pm
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A new week, the strange return of football and Tottenham Hotspur are gearing up to welcome Manchester United to an empty White Hart Lane. So I guess, I better do something again.

It’s been a weird old time of late with the lockdown and the suspension of football, but at least we now have some kind of distraction to help entertain us as we hopefully start nearing the end of our unfortunate dalliance with Covid.

Some things don’t seem to change though, and although Son Heung-Min has now completed his military service and we have a fit and raring to go Harry Kane, we have lost Dele Alli to a one game ban for his improper conduct charge (not like he drove 50 miles to test his eyesight was it!), as fans will know Troy Parrott is already out with injury and it now seems we have lost Japhet Tanganga to a lower back stress fracture.

It also seems there are some concerns about a suspension for Eric Dier and a possible injury to Giovani Lo Celso.

You can’t have everything though after a three month lay off can you!

Manchester United...







Three points would be a nice lift for everyone.

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70 Replies to “Match Thread – TGIF But Did It Have To Be United Next Up For Spurs”

  • Supported Spurs fifty years and have i missed it since lockdown – NO. For me it was torture before the enforced break. The whole season was like one of those nightmares you can’t get put of. Ok, may be not nightmare, but a bad dream and it all started with the unease at pre season. Poch wasn’t happy, then start of season so many late arrivals and injuries and players wanting to leave and didn’t and obvious unease with the squad. Then a poor start and Poch sacking followed by a swift announcement of Jose who i wasn’t a fan of and then after about 3 or 4 ok games everything started to crumble. Poor performances, injuries knocked out if all cups and competitions, Jose starting to bite and we lost to Utd, Chelsea twice and fell further down the league and every match day became boring and the matches unwatchable, we lost our identity and everything was on a spiral down.

    So the break was a relief for me and i didn’t miss it one bit and for me to say that it has to be bad.

    Then if it couldn’t get worse we had players and manager breaking lockdown rules, controversy on the club way of handling their staff. All eyes were on us for the wrong reasons.

    Then it got a better, the club changed it mind about forloughing right or wrong, but it stopped the negativity and it did real good things which hasn’t really be noticed as much has i would have liked. Then the best bit, Sonny doing his military service and being one of the top soldiers, so proud of him. Players get back to fitness and now we are back.

    Am i happy, yes and no. Yes but not confident. I think lose tomorrow and top four completely gone. I haven’t missed the game so i can’t say im really happy its back but i quietly looking forward to it in some ways to see if there is any improvement now Jose has had a mini pre season with the players and we have more players available. If they show a dross of a game and we lose i think i will feel the same has i did before the lockdown and not look forward toi the rest of the season. If we win and have a improved display then may be i will feel different but i think my mind and heart is still on the task at hand this and many countries are facing, this pandemic and that’s more important than a game of football.

    Tomorrow i want a better display and points to make the return bearable. We dont have Tanganga but i doubt he would have played anyway, same with Foyth although i think they would have played some minutes over coming weeks. Also same with Parrot he wouldnt of started but may have got minutes with the heavy schedule so they will be a miss in the coming games if they are not back but not necessarily this first game. Dele will be a miss even if he didn’t start and that wouldn’t have been guaranteed. I think Celso will be a miss if he doesn’ty start. I want to predict a win and be optimistic but i just have no idea what will happen, just hope players and everyone are safe and they dont get injuries.

  • Sort of looking forward to the restart but not got much hope for us in terms of getting a CL place – I think we lost too much ground back before CV set in fully. For tonight’s game against Utd without inspirational talent like Dele and Lo Celso to make things happen think we could struggle to break them down. It’s great to have HK10, Sonny and Sissoko back aswell as Bergwijn etc but we cannot afford to miss the creative spark of the likes of Dele and Lo Celso especially against a tough Utd side who will be rejuvenated with the returns of Rashford and Pogba, etc. Would love a win which would actually set us up perfectly to challenge for a CL spot for next season but that is more hope than anything.

    For tonight’s game I would go with:


    Aurier Toby Verts Davies

    Sissoko Winks N’Dombele

    Moura Son


    The defence is pretty self explanatory – as experienced as we have at the moment, CM is solid enough but lacks a true creative spark unfortunately as mentioned with Lo Celso and Dele out and up front Moura gets the nod over Bergwijn in his natural RW position and Sonny and HK10 are again self explanatory.

    I think for next season as JM was talking transfers last night – we need to keep Verts atleast another year, we still definetly need to sign another LCB and I would go and get Aarons from a soon to be relegated Norwich for RB and take Hojberg from Southampton and build a main CM trio of him, N’Dombele and Lo Celso for the foreseeable future. I think we can afford to get rid off KWP (possibly in a swap deal involving Hojberg), Rose and Foyth. I would still keep Aurier and Dier for now. Also a new striker to play back-up to HK10 as Parrott is still too young and in-experienced I would feel to take up this role already on a permanent basis.

    If we could get these 4 signings in and keep the core of the squad together I think next season we could come hard again for a top 4 spot and direct CL qualification. We need these signings desperately as it is clear to see that Liverpool and Man City will maintain the status quo and Utd and Chelski are going to go hard to play catch up but hopefully that still leaves us in the chasing pack especially if we can make the 4 signings mentioned happen ASAP.

    Hope everyone is keeping well and safe and hopefully by the end of tonight we’ll have something to smile about – doubt it but you can always live in hope!

  • TQ2Spurs – All our games are on Sky and it seems they see us as a major attraction they can charge money for. Flattering in one way, annoying in another. At least the vouchers the club handed out cover the first two game.

    • Hi jod, I cancelled my Now TV Sky Sports and BT Sports app subscriptions when it was clear there wouldn’t be any sport for a while, I can’t say I’m really excited enough by the return to re-subscribe. I was hoping the shut down might result in a re-think about PL finances, in particular player wages and transfer/agent fees but it seems at the moment nothing will change. The attitude of many PL players at the outset of the health crisis has left a bad taste with me and I no longer feel I can contribute towards their priviledged existences.

  • I am not sure what options we have in defence. With KWP and Rose out on loan we have no cover at full back – our first choices in those positions are bad enough. We also have very little at centre-half with Tanganga injured. That leaves Toby, Jan and Sanchez as our only regular centre halves and we have all witnessed the sad decline in Jan’s form this season. One defensive injury will leave us severely stretched.
    Several more options in midfield and attack other than the back up for Kane. Shame about Parrott’s injury. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Jose sets us up. I suspect that with both teams having a lot more pace up front than at the back that this will be a cagey affair with neither manager willing to leave their back four exposed. COYS

  • Good Post EJ some good points there. Two good names proposed for the RB and DM positions, proven premiership players. However there is talk that Kante may become available but I don’t see Levy spending that sort of money. We do need a back up striker but who do we go for. Do we go for an old stager in the mould of Llorente or yound blood. What about Cavani or Jonathan David. I do think we have to sell some players to get some new blood in. I see Aurier, Rose, Lamella, Froyth even Clarke all leaving us. There is big talk of Ryan Fraser coming in, he is a hard working player but for me not a “Spur”, we can’t just take someone because they’re on a free. If he does come in I hope he proves me wrong. Starting to get the interest back. Gonna pay for a day pass. COYS.

  • So there is a printing/delay problem on this site, never mind! it is being lived with! but there is an even BIGGER problem on here…..having a bloody opinion! for some ok but for some not ok, no matter the subject if ones opinion doesn’t match, they get slaughtered, trolled, drag through the mire, so maybe, note I say maybe, this could well be my last post, though I do not think I will be missed, like so many others over this past couple of years. COYS

  • Hi ND, appreciate the compliment mate. Good point that they are both good young (20 and 24 respectively) proven Prem players – not to be sniffed at – shouldn’t hopefully break the bank either – we paid £25m straight up plus future % and Onomah for Sessegnon so similar kind of deal for Aarons would be good – £25-30m or so and the same goes for Hojberg with KWP being thrown into the mix to lower the overall price. That said that’s still easily the best part of atleast £50m I would say so where does the money come from? Then we also need a LCB and a STR so how do we go about finding these with what would be an even more constrained budget if the afore mentioned 2 get signed?! Perhaps we don’t and we go with Toby, Verts, Davy, Tanganga and even Foyth/Dier at CB and HK10 and Parrott up front with possibly Sonny covering there if really necessary.

    I would agree that we need to make a bit of space and even help generate a bigger kitty but there’s only so much you can get for the likes of KWP, Rose and Foyth these days. I think Aurier is still needed as he’s the only RB we’ve got especially if KWP and Foyth are sold and Lamela offers good cover to the squad and what could we get for him anyway when he has yet to prove can last a whole season putting in decent performances regularly without always getting seriously injured?! Clarke is still very young and raw – another loan spell beckons for sure.

    Not really interested in Fraser as we have Sonny, Bergwijn on the LW already and then there’s Moura and Lamela on the RW so where would he fit in exacly?! Of course being on a free we could then command a nice fat profit within a season or so but that’s not really how it works so do not see why we would get him in unless Moura or more specifically Lamela is off but that would mean we’ve a lot of LW’s and only 1 proper RW in Moura. Personally I would probably leave Fraser alone – would much prefer Willian coming in and then maybe letting go of Lamela but then Willian would demand bigger wages I assume and expect to play regularly something which Lamela does not really do and is content with being a squad member I believe, that said his wages are relatively tasty on over £100k a week and main problem is he’s always injured.

    I think summing up we need to guarantee Vert’s for next season because he is a cheap and very viable option compared to alternatives who would cost big money and need to acclimatise most probably especially if bought from abroad, we then need to buy for me Aarons for RB to fight it out with Aurier and Hojberg to add some proper protection as our main DMC and up front given our financial constraints we may just have to go with HK10, Parrott and Sonny covering again – it’s not ideal but like I say we’ll easily spend over £50m on Aarons and Hojberg and where is that coming from in the first place?! So we may just have to go with what we have at CB and STR even if really deep down we need to add strength here.

  • Pompey, don’t go anywhere. Just say what you have to say. No one is trolling you…

    My last post didn’t mean anything heavy mate. And it wasn’t directly to you anyway. (If you thought it was)… I was just being a miserable and moody so n so myself.

    I just wanted to talk up this game. That is all. I was just sad that no one else seemed interested…

    No one has to feel like me. But just as you have your opinion. So do I. As we all do… And no one has to agree. On football or anything else…

    Please stay and say your bit… AND let’s all be Spurs supporters today. At least we still all have this in common.

    And if I rant or moan? Just ignore me. Or debate with me. Or whatever…

    Up the Spurs!

    THFC 4-0 MU!

    • HT….Thanks for your reply, and am sorry if you have taken that wrong it was not aimed at you at all, but others, you moody git Lol!, like a few of us are at the mo. lol!

      Ranting n moaning I’ll ave some of that, it’s quite normal, well where I come from anyway lol! debating and discussion, whether its moody or light hearted, that’s the way, in the end all clean fun.

      And a big YES! we are all one, SPURS fans. COYS, COYS, COYS

  • Od course. I haven’t got a clue about how tonight will pan out. But as ever (almost as ever) I am optimistic for a Spurs win.

    BUT, If we play pre-lockdown stylee football then there’ll be nothing to cheer about. Quite part from there being no supporters there to cheer them on, anyway…

    I just wanna see a nice clean match. Hopefully with 2 falls, a submission or knockout and 3 points in favour of the mighty Tottenham Hotspur. And, not any reasons to say “My, my how the mighty have fallen”…

    Up the Spurs!


    If all lives matter then, surely black lives matter too… Don’t they?

  • I’m gonna suggest another line-up to add to my earlier one…

    Aurier Toby Sanchez Davies
    Sissoko Dier
    Son Bergwijn

    This for me is if Lo Celso is not passed fit. Otherwise he surely has to play (?)

    Of course a new rule allows for 5 subs. 5 to be used but only in three separate lots of substitutions. So this should hopefully help Jose out a lot tactically, when it comes to the not-so-fully-fit starters and subs.

    Up the Spurs!

  • Hi HT – good to see you on here – good sign that you are OK, etc of which I am glad! I’m looking forward to the game but not very hopeful of our chances – of course I’ll support all the way and hoping for the best but it’s going to be a very tough game – they have Rashford and Pogba back so will be rejuvenated and Fernandes is a top notch player so we will have to keep our wits about us big time! I wanted to see Toby and Verts as the CB pairing given their experience and leadership which I think is vital especially as we try to build a run of clean sheets hopefully, but you may be right going with the pace of Davy instead of the slower Jan as they will probably have Rashford and Martial playing who are both blistering. I went with Winks holding instead of Dier but agree that both Sissoko and N’Dombele should start. Up front I choose Moura because he can play on his natural right side but would be happy to see Bergwijn all the same with Sonny and HK10 – what a relief it is to have those 2 back. Would love to see Lo Celso/Dele involved but Dele is definetly out suspended and Lo Celso most probably at best on the bench.

    I think we could be beaten by Utd tonight especially with a side that may well include the likes of Pogba, Fernandes, Rashford and Martial which is extremely tasty – just hope we give it our all and put up a decent fight especially at home and with a potential CL spot up for grabs. Like I said earlier don’t think we’ll get it but am still hopeful all the same – tonight will definetly tell us – we need to WIN so fully supportive of the lads but just feel we may be lacking that extra bit of quality to get the job done.

    For me as I’ve stated already I think Aarons and Hojbjerg could be vital signings for us and hope we get them done – we definetly need a new RB and a quality DMC would not go a miss either. Ideally would add a LCB and decent STR to the mix aswell to help complete the squad and give us a fighting chance for next season. Where the funds will come from to do this I don’t know – I would sell Foyth, Rose and KWP not to mention CCV but would not expect to get much for them that would add serious extra bite to our transfer kitty. I’m a bit disappointed about being willing to sell Foyth but he’s too small to be a top Prem CB, he does not have the experience at RB either and it might just be a case of letting him go and accepting that unfortunately it didn’t quite work out. Rose and KWP and CCV I’m more than happy to let go off though.

  • Hi, EJ. It’s good to see you posting too…

    I can’t put my mind to any buying or selling right now. I think it’s gonna be very tight for the club, for the foreseeable future and transfers in and out could prove very troublesome… We’ll see.

    I do like the Saints guy though and we do seem to be missing a Dane right now… 😉

  • PY don’t leave our jolly band FFS. Who’s gonna share my music tastes lol. And spursy banter. Stay safe
    3-1 tonite. COYS.

  • Hi HT – appreciate the reply – thanks. Agreed on transfers – troublesome for sure – let’s see what the club can come up with though – hopefully some decent work!

    Just seen tonight’s team – that defence is very worrying – let’s see if they can make a stand and fight of it but would not be surprised to see us concede and more than 1 at that – they are full of pace with James, Rashford and Martial and then there’s Fernandes to pick them out. I wouldn’t really have any one of them in my ideal first team defence for next season which says quite a bit for me already!

    Winks and Sissoko are going to be busy also – up against McTominay and Fred with Fernandes likely dropping back aswell – we could be overrun quite easily in there similar to the game in December at Old Trafford.

    Fair play up front and going for it being at home and needing the win – hope Lamela can put in a big performance and link the play for the likes of Bergwijn, Son and HK10.

    Nothing has changed for me – going to be a very tough game and not expecting us to do it to be honest but here’s hoping I’m wrong and we can get the elusive WIN and push hard for the CL spot for next season in the remaining 8 games to go.

  • 1st game back and win CL chance goes on, a loss and its game over, dier and Sanchez are the back us a recipe for disaster. Good to have kane and sissoko back.

  • What’s the use of posting comments on todays lineup when its announced if the comments don’t show up? By the time the comment might someday show up it will seem like an historical curiosity. Out of date.

  • Some people will never get it, first game back looking forward to seeing what others think and I have to read 123 n Pompey Yids posts. Your post surprises me 123, but yours didn’t Pompey, pointing out 1 thing matters if doesn’t mean nothing else matters, but hopefully the younger generation don’t think like the older ones did.

    Hopefully we gonna win, glad Son n Kame back, even Sissoko and I’m no Sissoko fan.

  • What’s the sense of it? Hate to see the site dying. But the site seems determined to auto destruct. It’s called suicide, mates. The body doesn’t respond to input anymore.

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