Date: 16th June 2020 at 5:50pm
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A new week, the strange return of football and Tottenham Hotspur are gearing up to welcome Manchester United to an empty White Hart Lane. So I guess, I better do something again.

It’s been a weird old time of late with the lockdown and the suspension of football, but at least we now have some kind of distraction to help entertain us as we hopefully start nearing the end of our unfortunate dalliance with Covid.

Some things don’t seem to change though, and although Son Heung-Min has now completed his military service and we have a fit and raring to go Harry Kane, we have lost Dele Alli to a one game ban for his improper conduct charge (not like he drove 50 miles to test his eyesight was it!), as fans will know Troy Parrott is already out with injury and it now seems we have lost Japhet Tanganga to a lower back stress fracture.

It also seems there are some concerns about a suspension for Eric Dier and a possible injury to Giovani Lo Celso.

You can’t have everything though after a three month lay off can you!

Manchester United...







Three points would be a nice lift for everyone.

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70 Replies to “Match Thread – TGIF But Did It Have To Be United Next Up For Spurs”

  • Hi Danny… I find it a wee bit sad that you don’t seem that keen on having to have written this match day thread… Do they not pay you well enough?

    I mean, this is a site for football comment after all… And football is back!

    I’m excited and I can’t wait for the kick-off… I’m bored of the bored when reading and watching other peoples reasons for being bored… Especially when reading stuff that ain’t at all football related on a site that is dedicated to football and its supporters… Ah but, it is what it is… That’s okay…

    Alternatively, I suppose I could join a queue for Primark to get me kicks. I mean none of us can ever have enough cheap as chips socks n knickers in our sad and dull little lives can we?! And besides, we mustn’t let the poor little foreign brown-skinned kids that make those socks n knickers go without now, should we?

    Sorry! I lost track!

    My honest advice to those that have done nowt with their lives for the past 3 or so months without being able to shop for unessentials? Get a hobby. Get several hobbies!

    Anyway, what a great match to see the PL’s return. Man U, Marcus (feed the kids) Rashford and all. Joses former club vs the great and wonderful Tottenham Hotspur FC… Triffic!

    Hey, what don’t kill you makes you stronger. And our season? Well it ain’t dead yet! And anyway, it’s just 22 geezers kicking a ball about, trying to score at least one more goal than the other lot, ain’t it? So what’s not to like?

    We don’t need to follow the science on this one… Just sit back, relax with a bevvy of your choice and enjoy…

    Down with C19!

    Up the Spurs!

    • lol HT, other things going on that I’ve had to focus on, so the unexpected break has actually rather been well-timed for me in some respects. But no, players acting like idiots, then player moans about being ‘forced’ into a return in the search of money – whilst not noticing the irony of not taking pay cuts to help normal club staff etc – then all the rule changes to get the game back in some fashion…..I’m just not actually that excited by the return like this. It might change (probably will really!) as Friday nears and it might change when a ball is actually kicked, but I’m just not feeling it yet.

  • I understand Danny…

    That post was me trying hard to gee myself up for it as much as anything… And desperately trying to be positive. But, I am genuinely a wee bit excited to get my football fix back.

    Though I might be the other side of the coin to you. In that when we do kick-off it will see my own form of cynicism return and that the whole thing just depresses me…. I hope not.

    More than anything, I hope that we can all be healthy, safe and just a little wiser in all this.

    Love to you all!

    • We’re back to needing a like button at some point aren’t we! I’m sure my mindset will change as the game nears but it’s all a bit ‘meh’ at the moment for me. I more than get others will feel differently though and after everything, it should be a welcome distraction even if it’s not a happy one lol Hope you, yours and others are all fine anyway and keeping safe.

  • Okay, here goes. (All subject to availability)

    Aurier Toby Jan Davies
    Winks Ndombele
    Moura Lo Celso Son
    Harry Kane

    Something like that… Or not.

    Please Jose, let them play to win. And not set them up to just avoid defeat.

    Come On You Spurs!

  • Danny….thank you for the article.

    So football is back mmm! some chuffed to bits, some not so for one reason or another.

    Having been a fan for 60+ years, for some reason I am finding it very hard to get excited by the return! is there summat wrong with me? I have no idea! anyone else feel the same? Bah humbug and all that lol!

    Maybe when Friday comes I will be feeling different. COYS 4 ever

  • That’s it… If all I’m gonna read on here is misery and negativity now that the football is back… Then I really can’t be asked…

    So, I’ll just love you all and leave you…

    I’ll form a little bubble all by myself… Ha ha!


    Life goes on……. Football goes on… What’s so bad about that? I can think of worse.



  • Funnily enough Danny. I’m in the same boat as PY. I did miss it but now that it’s here I’m a bit so what. I think it may be that there is no match day so to speak and that it is spread out just a bit too much. Or that it has gone and other things have filled the void. Its almost like coming back to a favourite book or TV show but you’ve lost the thread of the plot. Eg I don’t care who is now in the FA Cup, CL, or Europa league. I couldn’t give a toss who is promoted or related. I also feel much of my loyalty towards football and footballers has been tarnished by the attitude of many (not all) during this time. However I do hope we win COYS.

  • HT – good to hear from you.
    I would like to see Skipp given a chance – unlikely being as this is almost a make or break game for our season.
    I’m not sure Le Celso will play. From what I hear he is doing little more than stretching at the moment.
    Would love to se N’Dombele bossing it in midfield and Harry back to his pre -injury best.
    I’m a bit like Pompey Yid and finding it hard to get excited about football coming back yet. Probably a good thing because if we don’t beat United then our season is pretty well done, unless of course we want Europa League football next season. COYS

  • PY …. I feel pretty much the same way you do at the moment. I daresay the enthusiasm will return soon.

    Repeated from my last post on the last thread …. ‘This site reminds me of the old days. You know …. when you would write a letter to someone and wait for a few days until you received a reply. Ain’t progress great?’

    Here’s hoping we un-unite United!

  • Oh my god, if I have one, I’ve started summat ere! lol!

    Come on lads lets at least try and give it our best enthusiasm, then HT will not feel so down with misery and negativity, lol! sorry mate, lets do it for HT and the Mighty SPURS, I am really trying lol!

    Geofspurs…do you mind not talking about the old days, am getting very nostalgic ere lol!

    What sort of team will Jose put out, anyone’s guess I suppose, but a win for us is all I want esp to take them smug Manx down a peg or 2 lol! COYS 4 ever

  • Off topic for the big game on Friday.

    Just read that Spurs have announced another partnership deal….Mondelez (snacks) they join Audi, Monster and Hugo Boss. COYS 4 ever

  • I thought I’d heard VAR had been scrapped for the rest of the season – seems it’s still in place for tonight’s games?

  • What a disgrace the kneeling was. And sky sports pushing the black agenda, which is racist in itself, now back to the football, to many tough games, we can defend no chance of a clean sheet, is it the players or it is the tactics, just this group of players and the manager is not working. I expected better from both side. Prove me wrong

    • Your idea of what constitutes a disgrace and what is racist seems backwards to me, 123, and it made me quite sad to read your opening line.

      • only been reading lately,was about to comment when i saw 123 comment.
        @tk,thanks for that comment.
        so 123 am i to take it you are not in favor of black lives matter?
        as a black person i would take it personal to think you support racism,and hope i,m not on a site of kkk support…not meaning all or most,some.
        anyway up the spurs…coys,will just finish reading

        • Oh please, here we go again, divisions mounting, BLM stands for Black Lives Matter, sounds very singular, as mixed race, I do understand where people are coming from, yes Black lives do matter, but so does every other bloody life, for me BLM sounds way to ONLY! and could even be deemed racist in its sounding, so BLAM…Black Lives Also Matter, I have written my opinion, regards freedom of speech it is what it is.

          I will add 123 has done nothing wrong, but I will also add Politics has no place in Sport.

          Finally, all the time humans have a hole in there backside there will be racism of some kind, have a look around our so called free/modern world, racism mounting to slavery today/everywhere, Far East, Middle East, Africa itself etc, even today in this country, it is all a total disgrace.

  • Good start! The first two results went in our favour. Arsenal lost (how sad) and Sheff Utd dropped a point. If we beat ManU a CL place does look possible … especially if City are banned from Europe. Am I being realistic? You know I am.

  • Not only that Geof……the gooners have potentially lost Xhaka to injury and have definitely lost Luiz to suspension which won’t help their cause! :- )

  • The best thing about the current situation is that we still have something to play for. Otherwise the season would have been well and truly over and we could only have limped to the finish line.

  • Losing players in defence and midfield but getting Kane and Son back seems a pretty good trade to me. In defence and particularly midfield we have options, up front we really don’t. Ali was struggling before the lockdown so I’m not sure how much of a loss he really is at the moment. After all the hype over Parrot its beginning to look as if he just doesn’t want it badly enough. Lo Celso would definitely be missed as would Tanganga but we do have cover in those areas. My feeling is we were really struggling before football stopped and we should do better now we have key players back, I could be wrong of course.

  • Troy Parrot has an appendix operation last month, so off sick.

    How can players be injured after 3 months not playing

    Spursy again… unbelievable !

    • appendicitis doesn’t have an interest in whether games are being played or not. It’s not a sports injury but an ordinary illness that one can get while doing nothing in particular.

  • block 108…….the poor dears are still being paid so at risk of picking up strains from carrying their massive pay packets home every week! πŸ™‚

  • TQ…I doubt they do carrying, I expect somebody else does it for em, after all they cannot get their hands dirty lol! COYS 4 ever just.

  • Just seen the full list of free to air games…..we feature in just one of them along with Brighton, most teams feature three or four times. πŸ™

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