Date: 29th June 2020 at 8:00am
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With Tottenham Hotspur getting more back into the groove in last week’s London derby clash with West Ham United, this Thursday sees us make the trip to Sheffield United.

Chris Wilder’s team have been impressive in 2019/20 and proved plenty of critics wrong with their performances and results ahead of the pause in the fixture list, but it very much looks like the break has counted against them as their momentum seems shot, despite previously being in the battle for a Europa League slot.

Manager Jose Mourinho’s side make the trip with back to back defeats for United and we should be fresher having played a game less, and Harry Kane will definitely be in better confidence having again silenced his own critics in the last match.

In terms of team news only Juan Foyth, Troy Parrott and Japhet Tanganga should be out for this game, but as ever, we’ll get a more accurate update tomorrow I expect in case anyone has picked up a niggle in training.

This should be another win for Spurs really, and if Brighton and Hove Albion can do us a favour tomorrow night, that gap on Manchester United should close nicely.

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95 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Will Be United For The Win But Can Brighton Do Us A Favour”

  • I remember in my working life looking at the promotion ladder I wanted experience and often missed the “short cut” opportunities. I then watched what others were doing and tried to run my race accordingly. It wasn’t until I ran my own race without worrying about others that I started to progress. In short let us just win all our next games. If others lose so be it we will qualify for CL, if not, we’ll be set up for next season.

    • ND….so true, very simply put, agree do not worry about others only yourself. COYS

  • Can’t see us forcing our way into 5th for City’s CL spot UNFORTUNATELY (assuming of course they are banned) – think Man U and Wolves are just coming too strong for us to be able to do it – at best EL – indeed is 7th good enough for qualification for it?!

    Looking for and expecting us to win on Thursday – nothing wrong with keeping the pressure up on those above us until the end and worst case should set us up nicely for next season!

    Would be nice to see N’Dombele involved at some point, maybe even Fernandes aswell as he has to prove himself over the next 12 months if we are to go on and buy him – no time like the present to start doing just that!

    Sessegnon is another who it would be good to see picking up some vital experience – is now perhaps until the end of the season not a good time to help do this? Just a thought!

    Further would be nice to see Dele get back to his form and amongst the goals just like when JM first joined in November. If we are to return to the top 4 and even more then we are defo going to need Dele fully fit and firing like the season where he got 18 Prem goals and made a massive contribution into firing us into 2nd if memory serves.

    Interesting to see who gets the nod at CB and how they perform – give JM some food for thought especially with regards to the summer transfer window and possibly replacing Vert’s long term if not already this summer!

  • ND – just read your earlier post – touche – let’s keep the pressure up for the rest of the season and worst case should set us up nicely for next season!

  • ND …. I agree. No team has complete control over its destiny. All it can do is get as many points as possible and the rest is what it is.

    This one should be a good game on paper. United will be trying to get their season back on track and we’ll be trying to continue our improvement. United 0 – 3 Spurs!

    Just wondering …. how long do posts generally take to appear after Page 2?

  • Hi Geof – hope all is well, usually an hour or so after posting from my experience!

    • Hi Geof and EJ. I think the length of delay is in part down to the browser you use, I believe Danny suggested he gets quite a short delay using Opera, personally I use Firefox which (at times) has had delays of up to 2 hours but it does vary. I have tried using IE and Chrome in the past but didn’t see any appreciable difference.

  • I also say… Spurs players & Jose take each game as a must win what happens elsewhere… happens.

    So if we don’t get top 4, which is looking very difficult, 5th or 6th will get us Europa League, Jose won it with Man Utd, so he can do it again with spurs. As well as a good cup run, and top 4 next season, assuming we have the players needed, and all working to the same agenda (n’dombele etc. )of wining games COYS

  • Back in the days before we started qualifying for the champions league fans used to go on about how wonderful it was to be in the europa and how all the extra games and extra travel didn’t make any difference to the performance level. Once we started getting into the champions league that pretense seemed to be dropped and the europa was seen for what it was. Now it seems the fantasy football attitude is coming back, a sign of our diminished ambitions ? An interesting case is Burnley, for all their troubles this season they are 14 points better off than they were last season when they had the europa to deal with.

  • I think the article missed the point. Even if we close the gap to United, we’d only be closing the gap to … 6th.

    Depending on the outcome of Man City’s appeal, we’d need to finish 5th (if the ban is upheld) to qualify for the CL. That spot is currently occupied by Wolves, not United. Given that Wolves have only lost once in their last 8 games (with their only defeat coming at the hands of Liverpool), they are arguably a bigger threat than United on current form.

    We need help from anyone playing Wolves, Man U and possibly Chelsea, depending on if City’s ban is upheld. It seems like a lot to ask.

  • jod – for every example, there is a counter-example.

    Those Europa League nights don’t seem to be hurting Wolves’ form this season…

  • Yes, and didn’t Wolves start this season much earlier than most. Having to play in the qualifying EL rounds.

    I think they have played more matches than any other PL club this season and with a very limited squad of players compared to those around them.

  • BelgianSpur – Interesting, you know for a fact that this is the best Wolves could possibly play. There’s no way that if they weren’t in Europe they might be doing even better, like Leicester did when they won the title ? The truth is you have no idea what the extra games have done to Wolves league performances this season. There’s no way to establish that. But the idea they’ve had no effect is frankly ludicrous.

  • Europa lge, simple I want it as much as Spurs need it.

    Good debate, for’s and against’s, everyone has an opinion, both sides have there point, keep it up, but no insulting please, because there are bigger worries than football, and that includes my Spurs. COYS

  • Wiolves have done well, period. Given their standing and limited resources.

    It’s always gonna be speculative jod. Just like I could say; maybe Spurs would’ve done better in the PL without having to play in the CL.

    It is what it is. And we will play either in the CL, EL or not, depending on our final PL position. And then for me, I will want the team to play to win. In whichever competition.

  • Well PY. I think that anyone that disagrees with me is a right c…!

    Comedian I mean’t! You fouled-mouthed. dirty-minded spud-boys!

    My team vs SU?

    Aurier Sanchez Dier Davies
    Winks Sissoko
    Lo Celso
    Bergwijn Son

    I think we might see the much maligned defensive approach from Jose in this one. With some swift counters to hit them hard on the break.

    Watching SU since the restart, they looked to be a lot less sharp than before. I think we can wear them down even more by sitting back a bit and letting them attempt to wear us down. But we need to be strong.

    I know. I seem to be going all weird and Jose like. But it’s just what I think he will do… But, it’s whatever it takes for Spurs to win for me, as this season draws to its close. And our counters can still thrill me. That’s if our defenders don’t conspire to kill me!

    Up the Spurs!

  • BS, Jod, et al …. Every comment on here is based on speculation and opinion. There are no universal truths in football. There is no right or wrong. There are just different points of view …. most are interesting but all are meaningless in the great scheme of things. Meanwhile, Spurs keep marching on. We may be marching in circles, or forward, or backward, but we are marching somewhere. Ain’t it great?

  • So maybe, (under Jose), we will win a trophy with a Pochettino still at the club anyway. And the young Poch (19) may be there in the team to help us win it…… He’s a winger by the way.

    It was nice to see Poch senior at his Son’s signing and wearing a Spurs shirt…

  • HT…good response, lol!

    Geofspurs…Spurs keep marching on, and so they will, with or without our opinions lol!

    Thursday night, its simple for me LETS HAVE A WIN YOU MIGHTY SPURS, do not care how, just Bloody WIN, lol! COYS

  • Opinions are great. And often, it’s the ones that disagree with my own, that I like the best. (Not always)…

    And anyway… I change my opinions, often. About all kinds of stuff… Depending on the weather. Or is that the whether (or not)…

    I don’t like Jose… I do like Jose… And maybe I won’t like him again when we have bus-parked against Sheff U, only to get well beaten!

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