Date: 28th April 2021 at 6:00pm
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It’s definitely been an up and down season for Tottenham Hotspur and the last week and a bit hasn’t been any different with the departure of former manager Jose Mourinho and the caretaker appointment of Ryan Mason. We also had the nonsensical European Super League guff to deal with and then, unfortunately, we saw a spirited but attack less performance against Manchester City in the EFL Cup Final.

Now, we turn attentions back to the Premier League, as we welcome already relegated Sheffield United to White Hart Lane on Sunday.

Whatever Mason’s future might hold as we continue our managerial search, we all want a strong end to the season and although the blunted Blades might only be playing for pride now and have absolutely no pressure on them, this cannot be anything other than a comfortable win for Spurs in reality.

Although the Cup Final wasn’t a classic Spurs performance, Harry Kane will have benefited from minutes back into his legs and we could welcome back Matt Doherty as he has now returned to full training, but we will again be without Ben Davies.

Whatever squad we put out, should have enough to take all three points though and given it feels like it’ll be a big summer of change, we could do with all the momentum we can get.

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234 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs To Bounce Back Against Blunted Blades”

  • It will be interesting to see which players are up for this game… I expect that a win and 3 points will be the result. Anything less is not acceptable… so they shoud be playing for their spurs contracts.

  • Thanks Danny for yet another thread.
    We could /should beat the blades with style in reality we have one difficult game in our run in but this is Tottenham and we can snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory.
    Very Jod esqe in your comments there “et tu Bruti”
    Seems like yer only as good as yer last good comment.
    However M8 you were asking about decent players which isn’t my job, if it were I’d be on Tottenhams pay role at 1000’s per week.
    Re decent players, RB Aaron’s, been saying it since 2020, Milik, Ake, Jansen, Diop, Kessie, Sabizer.
    Did we not get a decent player in Hoj, they are out there. Somebody who is being paid for it needs to go out there watch em play look at the stats, make sure he has no injuries and is fit enough, see if he can fill a position we need,
    Is that too much to ask from a professional scout.

    • Niall….how low can you get, comparing moir to jod lol! I am insulted haha!, no I ain’t, I have been called a whole lot worse, thick skinned you see.
      I wasn’t asking for names of decent players, that’s jods job, now lets see if I get it right this time, what I was trying to ask was, in your opinion “what do you see as a typical decent player?” oldish n experienced or a young up and coming, no names required only types of.

      In reading your insulting lol! reply to me you have said what I asked, only you used names of players, which I am whole heartedly with you on.

      As for our massive game on Sunday v relegated SU, they have absolutely nothing, nout, nadder to lose so will come at us, and if we play anything less than on the front foot with a certain amount of respect for them, we will lose/drop points, we most definately mustn’t think we have only got to turn up to win, this game has a banana skin written all over it.

      So if we think like I wish us to am going for 4-0 win. COYS

  • I think the new player we sign, slowly over time get into a so called comfortable position when they see the others been laid back and the standards drops. It becomes the norm,

  • A team remarkably still fighting for a european qualifying spot against a team whose fate has already been decided but still playing with pride. There should only be one outcome but how many times have we thought that in the past?

  • Quite simple for me. If the team is still entertaining any hope of finishing in the top 6 (or, dare to dream, top 4), this is a must win game, simple as that.

    And to be honest, given what’s at stake, if we can’t beat an already relegated team at this stage of the season, we simply just do not deserve to play European football. The European competitions are meant to bring together the best teams from leagues across Europe. If we can’t win this sort of game, we can’t be seen as one of the better teams in the PL.

    However, as others have said, we have been here before and have often left disappointed. This is the sort of game where this club has earned its unwanted reputation/tag – the S word.

    If the players don’t perform, there will be no contentious manager to hide behind. This is on them.

  • Morning folks
    PY I guess you got by my tongue in cheek reply that I wasn’t truly offended, I actually stole the Jod thingy from the poster after you, however there are those hard working skillful decent players out there, you ask about age for me it is what can they do, let’s look at Ibrohimivich, Lewandowsky, Cavani,
    Common how many of us said about Cavani coming to us for “free” over the summer, has he done a good job for Man U, you bet.
    Granted all the guys I’ve mentioned are forwards but can still do a job at an older age.
    Would we turn down a 29 year old Sergio Ramos or even now would I take Tony Kroos if the price was right.
    Do we get a 29 year old for 3 years, if the price is right why not.
    We should be looking at Sheffield, Fulham, WestBrom, have they got in their top 33 players one player we could use for RB, or CD.
    But I just think we need to work smarter and stop our seeming fixation of getting 20 year old for 10 mil hoping we’ll get 40 mil in 2 years time.
    I thought we were starting to work a bit that way with the swop /cash deal for Hoj.
    A bit more of that sort of dealing could come into play this season.

    • Niall, who’s done the offending here then lol!, no mate its been a good crack!

      Agreed! we do need some exp’ heads in the squad, to go with the young up and coming, something to prove players, this is how we should be going now.

      And I also agree with the swap/cash deals you are on about.

      But as usual we will just have to wait n see.

      Here’s summat for you, what about Jurgen Klinnsman fo DOF, and Sean Dyche as a coach, exp in the Prem, working on a tight budget and English. COYS

      • Sean Dyche has done well with limited resources but I would prefer a coach who has “been there and done that”.

        I firmly believe that any group of players needs to look up to a manager. For a team that has had so many traumatic experiences in the latter stages of competitions, I think bringing someone who knows how to get things over the line is a plus. It’s the reason why I thought JM was worth the gamble.

        It’s backfired with JM and his way of playing, but I just fear that someone like Sean Dyche, who has won even less than our playing squad, is going to lack credibility (not to mention, he’s not exactly the most positive, forward thinking coach around).

        The more I think of it, the more I think someone like Roberto Martinez makes sense. Erik Ten Hag from Ajax is also being mentioned, he’s won a few things and deserves a bigger job. I also still think someone like Massimiliano Allegri should be interviewed as well.

  • Forgive me for copying here a comment I wrote at the bottom of the last thread. My guess is that no one will read it as we’ve moved onto this new thread.


    History suggests that attempting to segment life into areas in which we are decent and areas in which we permit indecency tend towards the disastrous. To segment the world into places that call for decency and places in which we can caste decency in the waste bin inevitably disappoint and diminish us. We harm ourselves when we designate some places and practices as open for indecency.

    If our club wins a cup or a title by cheating or causing harm, I would not feel at all good about it and would not celebrate. When Maradona, for example, gloated about getting away with “the hand of God” he diminished his place in history. It was a victory that was at the same time a terrible loss for him and for the team that he pretended to vanquish. If you are English you felt pain from, and distain for, his victory, no?

    • I agree, TK. Win with style, win with honesty, win with pride.

      I actually get embarrassed when any of our players roll around on the ground in agony, look up to see if the ref is watching and, if he’s not, get up and play on without any apparent problem. Lo Celso and Lamela are rather too good (bad) at this. I know there are players in most teams that behave the same way but I get really embarrassed when a Spurs players feign injury? Don’t they understand that the world is watching?

      • Geofspurs, its just typical of, I would say 95% of modern we have it all footballers.

        Yes am with you and TK, style, honesty and way above anything else Pride” esp in the badge.

        Sundays shit for example, win the Cup, get a shiny Trophy, or aim for 4th place n loads of dough, me obviously would like both, but could it be our players are torn between one or the other, because I really don’t think they have the mentality and the fitness. COYS

  • As to the upcoming match on Sunday:

    As course our team needs to put in a full effort. There remains a reasonably good chance of ending up in the top group and having European competition next year. There is the simple matter of professional and personal pride in playing to the best of abilities. There is the responsibility to the supporters and to the club. There is the motivation of showing that things are turned around after seeing the old manager tossed.

    Win or lose, we deserve a display on the pitch that elevates our pride in the club. It will be truly disappointing it we supporters feel this and the players do not.

    COYS. Play for pride. Play for the top four (or six, lol), and play to hold our collective heads high.

    • TK….you mentioned/said “(1)professional(2)personal pride(3)playing best to abilities, all in one sentence and then you add (4)responsibility, all 4 are so spot on and very important, but do you/we really think all our players think this way because it is so simple.

      Also are we so used the word “disappointing” mmm! yes I think so. COYS

      • I’m not able to read minds from watching play on television so I don’t know what values any particular player has. I also assume that the players, like the rest of us, are not always very skilled at understanding their own motivations.

        But I do know what sorts of values seem right to me, and I also know that these values have a long history in our culture as well as across many cultures. I can only hope and implore our players, as well as others, to play in a way that supports the possibility of self respect. I suspect that cheating to win does not encourage self respect. I watched a number of interviews with Maradona over the years about the “hand of god” play and he always struck me as being overly bubbly in his defense. That sort of over enthusiasm often indicated discomfort.

        We give simple advise to children. Don’t do things that don’t feel right or might haunt you afterwards. We should listen to that advise ourselves.

        I knew when my children did things that embarrassed me. I know when one of our players does something that embarrasses me. They probably know too.

  • PY …. Football is a simple game, and disappointment is part of the supporters lot. Football is a complicated game and hope is eternal for its supporters. Go figure! : – )

  • Since Spurs’ last cup win:

    • 2009 – LC final
    • 2010 – FA Cup SF
    • 2012 – FA Cup SF
    • 2015 – LC final
    • 2016 – Title race
    • 2017 – Title race
    • 2017 – FA Cup SF
    • 2018 – FA Cup SF
    • 2019 – LC SF
    • 2019 – CL final
    • 2021 – LC final

    Nuff Said …. ENIC out LEVY out !

  • I think in the last 3 or 4 Cup finals, we failed to score, who’s fault is that.

    So if a student does bad in an important school exam
    it’s the parents fault?.

    Do we really need babysitters, man up players man up THFC., no fight no hunger no desire, weak mentality, just bottlers when it matters. A laughing stockk we are. The truth hurts. Has to be said, Has to be addressed. Do we ever learn, will we ever learn. A soft touch, enough is enough.

  • 123spurs – We just had a manager who tried to bring this to light, and make players more accountable, in my view. Yet some fans called that bullying.

    It’s ironic, because we often read posts on VS complaining about how pampered modern footballers are. This thread is no exception.

    Yet when the previous manager tried to say as much, it was met with near-universal condemnation, and seen as a way to deflect responsibility.

    The reality, for me, is that if we are in this current predicament, it is a shared responsibility. And I saw nothing wrong with a manager highlighting that some players just weren’t showing up.

    Now, I will be the first to admit that it would have been refreshing to hear JM take some blame from time to time too, but failing to do so every so often shouldn’t detract from how true some of JM’s comments were.

    I agree with you- a football coach and a nanny are different things.

    • BS….I was one of many that complained about JM, am not sorry, but I do agree with you regards trying to get the players to man up, but for me what he did wrong was throwing them under a bus in public, as in we win its down to JM, if we lose its down to the players, so in that sense what happens in the changing room stays in the changing room, I honestly believe his public out bursts is what brought about his/our failure.

      As has been said in this mememe pampered footballers world we live in, JM’s ways cannot be done anymore, sorry just my opinion. COYS

  • It’s one thing identifying an issue and pointing it out but a separate matter in going about resolving it in the best way. I think the general consensus on here was that Jose wasn’t going the right way about it and was repeating the same mistake he had made at previous clubs

    • Yes I agree with that.

      Wrong solution to the problem, but at least he was highlighting on of the problems.

      It’s better than acting like there is no problem.

  • Oyveh …. I imagine most other clubs in the four divisions would look at your list and think …. ‘let’s get Levy in, he will raise our profile and make us consistently competitive’.

    Lucky we got in first.

    • There is no question that DL was right chairman when we were struggling financially, and may yet be an added value for clubs struggling with that problem now.

      But he hasn’t taken the club forward in years, unless fans value real estate projects above all else.

      Time to sell up to someone who actually cares about winning.

  • I was thinking the same Geof, fans of the majority of PL clubs would look at that and think bloody hell, that’s not a bad record to have.

  • Actually, the more I look at Oyveh’s list, the more impressive it looks.

    It suggests that Levy’s vision to make THFC a major force at home and in Europe is progressing nicely, despite the fact that there will always be hiccups along the way.

    There were frequent opportunities to win trophies during the ‘list period’. The fact that we didn’t was not Levy’s fault. He wasn’t on the park when the whistle blew. That was up to the players.

    But what he has done is given the club the opportunity to win trophies. And ‘the list’ proves it.

    And, looking at ‘the list’, Levy has set the scene to provide many extremely exciting seasons for Spurs supporters …. despite a lack of silverware.

    And that’s entertainment!

    Gotta love football!

    Gotta love ‘the list’!

  • And ‘the list’ also demonstrates how supporters differ …. some being so obsessed with winning silverware that they lose sight of the football on the pitch. Pity, really.

    I keep wanting to write articles about all this tihs (reverse psychology) but I’m busy editing a 76,000 word story so that ain’t going to happen.

    Gotta love the list!

  • Why not Klinsmann for manager, PY thought of him as a DOF, but he could fit the bill, he motivated the USA to a decent World Cup also did fairly well with an average German side.
    He has been away for a while but I still think he could have what we need at present, someone with a Spurs history, a decent team track record, personable, media savvy, still relatively young enough, we could do worse.
    I know I spoke to BS on one player making the difference, is this not openly evident with Liverpool and the loss of Van Dyk.
    I think Sunday could start a decent run in to the end of the season, we arguably have an easier run in than most, if we can get our act together and start playing like we mean it top four can be within our grasp.

    • My reason Niall, is that with his experience, playing and managing esp in the USA, I thought have a younger, motivated, lets be avin yer manager under him listening to the older exp’ hands words of advice, then also as a DOF with a decent crew of spotters working with him to find good new talent, we would have a perfect scenario and get the best of both worlds. COYS

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