Date: 4th November 2020 at 1:17pm
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Following on from Sunday’s hard-fought victory over Brighton and Hove Albion, Tottenham Hotspur’s eyes turned back to Europa League Group J action and Thursday’s clash with Ludogorets Razgrad.

With our slip up in the last Europa game, we are in second place in the group just three points behind Royal Antwerp but it’s very much all to play for with the ties that remain, and with no disrespect meant to Thursday’s opponents – they are pointless after two matches – so on paper, this should be a win for us, but not necessarily an easy one given they have scored one more goal during the Group stage so far.

With five fixtures to battle through this month, we can certainly expect manager Jose Mourinho to shuffle the pack up again, but unless any late injury changes things, I think Gareth Bale is guaranteed to start again to get more minutes under his belt and improve his form further.

All eyes to kick off…

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?








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78 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Set For A Game Of Ludo As We Look To Get Back On Track”

  • Thanks again Danny for the match thread, its really keeping you busy.

    As for tomorrow night, I really do not care who plays as long as we win, which I think we will, and I really do not care how, beautiful or ugly a win is a win and then onwards to Sunday and the Hawthorns for another Prem win, incidently we could go top, oh the heady heights lol! COYS

    • I’ve actually never been more lazy since coming onto the site as I’ve done little with regard to news but I’m in the middle of a mass redecoration at home so time is a little short lol To echo others, how is your better half PY? Hope all’s well.

      • Thanks for that Danny, well Mrs PY is getting back to her best, you know gobby lol! but mainly generally fitter, she is watching her P’s n Q’s as Doctors order’s, which is still confounding me, her listening that is, though her broken ribs are keeping her thinking, but she is getting there. Thanks again.

  • Another good thread Danny cheers.
    Good afternoon PY and all my fellow Spurs, trust you are all keeping well.
    This was probably the game for the big change in the team, if we had’ve put Antwerp to the sword.
    Unfortunately we are to a degree playing catch up, so can’t afford another slip up tonight.
    I don’t see that happening tho’.
    A good strong team first half, with maybe 2 fringe players, get a few goals in front, then bring on 5 squad players to give some confidence and game time.
    Hopefully this will work in our favour.
    Harte, Doherty, Dave, Dier, Davies,
    LoCeslo,Sissoko, Winks,
    Bale, HK10, Vinni.
    Aurier, Regs, Rodon, Dele (Bergs) , Lamella(Clarke)
    I would ideally like to see Hoj, Tobs, Sonny, NDom, Lloris, and HK10 get a night off.
    But who knows.
    As PY says as long as we win.

  • Niall, sadly we didn’t sign Rodon early enough to register him for european competition, maybe we will see him make his debut against WBA?

  • Of course, we will be able to include him on the revised list after the January transfer window.

  • TQ2Spurs – If I’ve understood the rules properly Rodon counts as foreign in Europe (but not the premier league) just like Davies. If so the only way to include him is to leave someone else out.

  • Hi Jod, I don’t think it’s anything to do with the homegrown rule, the deadline for signing players to qualify for european competition was I think October 5th when the transfer between PL clubs ended, we were able to sign Rodon after this (16th) as he came from a lower division but it was after the european deadline.

    • Think that’s the one TQ2. I don’t believe homegrown means anything different for PL or Euro games, but the shoddy deadlines this summer were an aberration. Next season or Jan it should even out I think.

  • Hi TQ
    Keep forgetting these bloody rules. Cheers for the heads up.
    Yes I’ll echo that PY hope the missus is keeping well.

  • I have a feeling OGS will be gone during the international break if Manu don’t get a win at Goodison at the weekend, and that is going to be a tough ask.

  • Shocking handball decision against Rennes by the ref despite checking the pitchside monitor. Making a mockery of the game.

  • Agree TQ, how was that a yellow and a hand ball, RefVARee is a joke, makes no sense and makes it worse they watch it themselves on the TV.

  • ND …. I didn’t know all defenders names had to start with a ‘D’. So …. wouldn’t all attackers names have to start with an ‘A’? : – )

    • Surely that would be A.A.Kane. I think he wrote some decent novels, was writing around the time of J.R.Hartley I think (although no idea where he played?).

  • Geoff lol.
    I’ll take it
    A goal for Kane
    A goal for Sonny
    A goal for Bale
    A goal for Vinny.
    That makes 4 “A’s”

  • Good morning to you lot.

    ND & TQ, Mrs PY is getting back to her best, gob wise, that’s a great sign lol! she is slowly but surely getting there, listening to Doctor’s orders, that’s a first, plus the broken ribs they are keeping her thinking, another first lol! Thanks for asking.

    Tonight Come On You Spurs, give us a win, simple as that. COYS

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