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Match Thread – Spurs Roll The Dice Again Ahead Of Vitesse But You Wouldn’t Say Our Odds Have Improved

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With Tottenham Hotspur registering back to back losses once again in the Premier League with the frustrating 3-0 defeat to Manchester United at the weekend, news on Monday of Nuno Espirito Santo’s departure from the club probably didn’t come as a great surprise to anyone.

Wherever you sit on the Nuno debate, there were obvious flaws with his handling of the group and with the players just not stepping up for him, there was a sense of unavoidable inevitability about it.

This of course means we now head into preparations for our Group G clash with Vitesse managerless as the merry-go-round has once again begun, and after October’s slip up against them, we simply couldn’t stomach another defeat if we hope to try and top the table.

With speculation returning about talks being held with Antonio Conte, whether he (or a new face) will be in place by Thursday is open to debate but whoever it is has got a massive job on their hands.

What will be will be, as the ditty goes, we just have to hope our next gamble pays off because the decision makers aren’t going to sack themselves are they.







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  • TK says:

    Will Mason be manager for the next match or will we have someone signed? Is Conte another illusion? Bench Harry and make him manager for a day. Fly me over. I’ll take it as a one-day job.

  • 62rovinella says:

    Conte will be in charge come morning….and some lazy asses will soon be getting kicked or kicked out……if conte wasn’t going to sign I doubt he would have flown in with a packed suitcase as was obvious coming off the plane…or didn’t you see the photo???

  • BelgianSpur says:

    I’m a bit late to the party as I was away this weekend. Didn’t see the Man U game – probably for the best – but by all accounts is was a really bad performance which eventually cost Nuno is job.

    Like Niall and others, I had my reservations about Nuno from the get go. Having said that, he carried himself with grace while he was in charge and did the best he could. It was the wrong fit from the get go, but he also inherited a real mess. It’s just that it always seemed unlikely that he was going to be the man to fix it.

    I thank him for his time and lay the blame with the people who opted to appoint him in the first place (Paratici for those who really think Levy can keep his nose out of the important football decisions, Levy for the others). As the BBC pointed out, he stayed in the job barely longer than it took to appoint him in the first place, which speaks real volumes about how much of a mess this is.

    By all accounts, Conte is next. He is a manager of undoubted pedigree and I rate him highly. However, if the JM experiment has taught us anything, it’s that no matter the pedigree, if the style of football doesn’t please the fans, it will end in tears. This feels like a knee-jerk reaction. None of the issues which prevented Conte from taking the job in the summer have been resolved, and if he’s only accepted the job for a better salary, it’s just another short-term experiment at best.

    Conte can certainly deliver winning football under the right conditions, but it’s unlikely he’ll get those conditions at THFC. It’s again at odds with the statement Levy made about wanting to return to the club’s DNA – which is the reason why the animosity towards Levy has been growing. There seems to be no long term plan on the footballing side of the business, just a series of overreactions.

    Personally, I am all for backing Conte 100% given his track record. But I just don’t think he’ll get the backing needed for him to succeed. As others have pointed out (and I’d love to be proven wrong in saying this), it feels as though we can already start the search for Conte’s eventual replacement when this will invariably go wrong.

  • Love totty says:

    I am prepared to sacrifice style in the short term to stabilise the club as watching us now humiliates me. I have never been one to put winning trophies over style so I loved what Harry R and Poch generally achieved, 90 minutes of pleasure even in defeat. So let’s grit our teeth and hopefully experience some relief from the festering nightmare of the last two years.

  • ASpursFan says:

    Clearly results have put Conte in a position where he can ask for what he wants. Whilst money was wasted at Chelsea (Drinkwater anyone?), his previous partnership with Paratici might mitigate against poor signings. He also has a number of games (13 I think) before the window opens so he can review the squad and might discover some players who will buy into what he demands meaning others will be surplus. I think we may be surprised who Conte might have as his starting XI.

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about his style. You don’t score 80+ goals in Serie A if you defensive

  • TK says:

    Conte will have something closer to an affair than to a marriage at Spurs. This will not be a long-term relationship. Let’s hope it’s an exciting and rewarding affair. Vigorous, with lots of high moments of joy. then comes the crash and we move along with our lives.

    Hopefully, some passionate play and lots of excitement. Then the hangover.

    This could last three years with some really high moments, Maybe then we can return to our true love (?), Pokemon the Man.

    I don’t know about that last part, but it’s fairly sure that Conte isn’t here for the long haul. It’s not in his blood to be a long-term lover for any club.

  • TK says:

    I doubt he’ll keep playing HK if what he gets is a player moping about on the pitch.
    Conte should be willing to shake things up. He’s got the stature, and that’s what Nuno ES was missing.

    • BelgianSpur says:

      On the plus side, Conte’s appointment might be exactly the sort of signal HK needs to rediscover his best form.

      I just can’t see Conte dropping Kane initially.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    The cynic in me fears that Levy might be tempted to appoint someone like Conte to appease the fans in the short term, and give Conte initial reassurances about a willingness to spend in order to get Conte to take the job.

    Whether that spending actually happens later down the line is anyone’s guess.

    Some might say this is counter-productive and why would Levy do that – to which I will just answer: according to that logic, why would Levy appoint Nuno, despite widespread doubts about him and his brand of football, only to sack him 4 months later? How productive was that?

    Levy hasn’t always demonstrated very good judgment when it came to football decisions, and Paratici hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory so far. It’s only to fair to question whether they know what they’re doing, at this stage.

    Having said all of that, I certainly recognise that Conte has the ability to get more out of this squad than most. What he did with a mediocre Italy squad in 2016 speaks volumes about his ability to get the best out of players.

    I also recognise that Conte’s teams can play attacking football – once the defensive core has been established. But like JM, I think Conte will first focus on making us hard to beat, building that foundation, before becoming more adventurous once the foundation is in place.

    While this is taking place/a work in progress, I fear that we are in for a period of “pragmatic football” once again under Conte in the meantime. I hope I’m wrong.

  • wentworth says:

    Never a dull moment at Spurs (unless you happen to be watching us play football).

    As Nuno was clearing his desk, Conte was boarding the plane for London.

    Some big questions to answer here:-
    Will Conte be given a free rein over transfers and curb Levy’s desire to go for bargain
    basement buys?
    Will he be able to rejuvenate the much needed Dele and of course Kane?
    Will he be able to prevent players from regressing… Doherty(prime example),
    Bergwijn, Lo Celso, N’Dombele, Sanchez, Clarke, Sessegnon etc?
    Will he be able to move on Winks and Davies?
    Will he be able to sign that midfield maestro and striker so badly needed?
    COYS. Audere est facere.

  • PompeyYid says:

    As am not really a negative person, with the signing of AC as head coach working with his mate Paratici, I see only good things will come about, whether it be for a short or long term.

    He will demand respect and a huge willingness to earn the dosh from the squad, if not the door will be shown simple as that….his mantra is “I am in charge do as I say” or feel the consequences, again simple as that.

    Now regards sorry arse HK, AC rates him and there could be massive changes there, N’Dombele I read that AC highly rates him again we may see huge positive results.

    Some peops say AC a negative like Moaninio, not from what I have seen, yes a strong defence, thats common bloody sence, his Inter team scored 80 odd gls, not really that defencive eh!

    For me I believe he will look to set us up in either 3..4..2..1 or 3..4..3 formations, thats in keeping with 2 dm’s but he could decide to use only 1 and thus a further midfielder.

    Just my thoughts, I am looking forward to the rest of the season, no negatives yet lol!

    Oh Yes give the geezer a chance….COYS

  • Niall D says:

    Morning folks,
    Good post there BS around 8 am, very well worded.
    Will Levy actually get this over the line or will he fall at the last hurdle, will he promise AC the earth to get him thru the door, then renage on his promises, he’s never done that before🤔.
    I for one am actually looking forward now with some optimism for the rest of the season.
    Let’s hope Levy backs him with some funds/loans in January.
    Whilst I’m not expecting cavalier, swashbuckling, Risky football,
    As I thought with Mourinho we would play efficient football, this didn’t happen, I hope this can happen at least, but hopefully if he stays even for a short period he will whip this bunch (I won’t say team) into some kind of shape.
    I’m with PY here let’s give the guy a chance, hopefully get a couple of results under our belts, my hopes /expectations for a trophy even for this season have just risen.

  • Geofspurs says:

    BS …. I agree with you …. ‘being hard to beat’ would be a great improvement for a start.

  • Hot Tottingham says:

    Conte Out!

    I mean… Conte Confirmed!

    EPL title and FA Cup Double on its way!

  • Hot Tottingham says:

    Lets now spend a ton of money we haven’t got. On players who’s wages we can’t afford…

    We know it makes sense!

  • Hot Tottingham says:

    But seriously folks…..

    I’m now looking forward to a coach that will show some real passion from the sidelines. Conte (The Mad-Eyed One) will kick some arse. Hopefully our players will respond with some on-field passion.

    They are good enough. Now they need to show us how good they can truly be… Or, be gone!

  • BelgianSpur says:

    A very “PR” feel to why this didn’t happen in the summer ;-):

    “Last summer our union did not happen because the end of my relationship with Inter was still too recent and emotionally too involved with the end of the season, so I felt that it wasn’t yet the right time to return to coaching,” said Conte.

    “But the contagious enthusiasm and determination of Daniel Levy in wanting to entrust me with this task had already hit the mark.

    “Now that the opportunity has returned, I have chosen to take it with great conviction.”

    The sincerity of club statements aside, I for one am happy that we have brought in a manager with a proven track record. Let’s hope he is given the autonomy to make his mark on the players we do have, and some help in addressing the areas which he feels need addressing.

    Welcome Antonio Conte!

    As a side note, looking at the list of managers currently on the PL: Klopp, Guardiola, Tuchel, Conte, Ancellotti – has there ever been a more impressive crop of top-flight managers in the PL at the same time?

  • Niall D says:

    Glory days could be on their way back, welcome Antonio.

  • Geofspurs says:

    Well …. at least it gives us more interest in forthcoming matches than we might otherwise have had. Optimism returns!

  • Love totty says:

    So we start a new era full of optimism just like when Jose was appointed with a proven winner. Can he banish the malaise that has defeated Poch, Jose and Nuno. They all had cause to question the attitude of some players and cohesiveness of the squad as a whole. Poch was Mr Nice Guy, Jose Mr Nasty and Nuno, the Invisible Man. Perhaps a big squad of quality players can only be kept on board with the big salaries paid by the dubiously funded?

  • TK says:

    There’s always an odd man out in these transitions (and I’m not referring only to the obvious with Esprito Santo). Which player whose been a regular feature in the past 17 matches will become the odd man out?

    My guess is Oliver Skip who has been an automatic selection. Doesn’t have the creativity that Conte will want from the midfield. With a solid back three, the midfield role will be to push the ball forward. Skippy may need some Conte training before fitting in.

    Ndombele may respect Conte more and finally allow himself to listen to advise about how to play better. Talent unfulfilled until now. Can Conte drag his talent out of him and into something special. God, let’s hope so. Talent wasted always merits some tears. Conte has the reputation that might induce Ndombele to listen.

    But then, WTF do I know? lol. Conte the madman might replace Kane up front with Skippy. lol. that would show me.

    Conte should be a breath of hope for the natural wing backs–Reguilon and Royal Jelly. Both seem attack oriented, so a back three should free them to go attack attack attack. Maybe this will help them more than anyone else.

    There ought to be at least a couple of players who’ve been overlooded under Mourinho and the Espirito Santos who will start to come to our attention more. Can Dele or Bergwin be resurrected?

    Conte likes players who are in control of themselves. Will this doom Moura, who never seems to lose control of the ball when he gets past the midfield with some shifty moves but then loses the ball?

    Anyway, for the first time in a while, we have reason based on history to hope for something less embarrassing than we’ve had with consistency since the loss in the 2019 final following the atrocious call vs. Sissoko in the opening seconds. That ill call has left a long trail of decline.

    One thing that doesn’t change: Levy Out! The damned fool will probably sack Conte when Conte demands he spend a few bob in January.

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