Date: 2nd October 2020 at 4:45pm
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Not exactly fresh from our stomping 7-2 victory over Maccabi Haifa on Thursday night, Tottenham Hotspur are back in action on Sunday as we make the trip to Old Trafford to face Manchester United.

We can again expect changes from manager Jose Mourinho given our ridiculous fixture list but for a variety of reasons, I imagine we’ll go pretty strong against United, especially as we are then going into the October international break and aren’t back in action until the 17th of the month.

We then just pray that international managers show a bit more sense than usual when it comes to our players.

Going into the break, getting that second Premier League win of the 2020/21 campaign, you’d have to acknowledge it as a very good start to the year given the minutes played and the progression we have made in Europe and the EFL Cup.

We’d have all taken that kind of start when we realised how cramped our fixtures would be over this period and we might even have Son Heung-Min back on the bench which would be a further boost.

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148 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Looking To Spear The Red Devils Ahead Of A Well Earned Break”

  • Remember the days when making the first comment on a new thread was like winning something big. Ox even forbad mentioning it at one time. Ah the joys of an old man remembering the good old day.

    Now let’s go out an trounce Manure on their won turf. Winning away is the largest joy, although home and away doesn’t mean so much now that the supporters have been exiled.

  • I want a victory at Old Trafford in spite of the fact that it will give satisfaction to JM. Still want to see his backside, but I want more for our success on the pitch. Bitter sweet wins are still sweet wins. Let’s wrack up a great victory on Sunday. The lads now have the feel for putting the ball behind the keeper. COYS.

  • Wow…..Brewster to the blades for £23.5m, not sure I would be paying that much for him, big gamble at that price.

  • TK.. I also remember the posts competitions, as a record holder at one time 🙂

    Now at last we have a quality striker in the squad, and he will be alongside HK10. Levy & Jose are doing the business this TW after many years of not much. COYS

  • total knobhead – Yes he did, only problem was by the time we got there the team was running on empty and Liverpool were able to win without doing very much. You need a strong squad and smart rotation so that when you get to a final you are still in shape to win it.

    For all the strength of United’s squad they haven’t exactly set the league on fire so far. Despite the number of games we’ve played this represents a good opportunity to beat them, we’ll see if we take it.

  • Jod…. you posted something I agree with !

    Not only was the squad “running on empty” they lost motivation as Liverpool’s penalty scored in first 4 mins. wHich VAR gave as handball when the ball hit sissoko shoulder, not sissoko lower arm moving to hit the ball.
    The squad was also in disarray, as we all knew at the time. But it happened and we have moved on.

    Despite what jose saying he has no revenge thoughts on Man Utd. I think he has and will try to motivate or players to get their revenge over Utd. for previous games, and not to give away penalties. COYS

  • There is no doubt that we will have an ultra defensive line up tomorrow. This is for several reasons, firstly it is what Jose does in the big games, secondly he will be worried about United’s pace and thirdly because he has so far completely failed to organise our defence and he will not be able to trust them without some serious protection.. Despite being touted as the man who would make us hard to beat as he has done at previous clubs we are as defensively weak as we have been for many years. He so far has a very poor record in the big games for Spurs. If he is as negative as I expect him to be tomorrow then I believe that will continue.

  • Unbelievable. What has come over Levy? We have gone seasons buying cheapies and failing to get a proper striker. He let Poch down by failing to invest at a critical time with his procrastinating and blue cross deal attitude. Suddenly he cannot stop investing and buying and yet we have no income. Very, very strange. Is Jose able to bully him too? Watch out for the penalty kings tomorrow and fergie time like the Brighton game. Fashionable clubs always get the run of the ball. I can never forgive the goal that wasn’t when Mendes scored from the halfway line and Roy Carroll scooped the ball out of the back of the net. Ref, linesmen and Fergie didn’t see it. The rest of the world did.

  • DH, keep up your agenda v JM, as I have said before you might be right, but in the same sense you could be wrong, but for me it is visible Spurs are getting there, on the pitch, slowly but surely.

    Like you, at the beginning for me, I was against the JM appointment, but hey ho my mind/thoughts is/are slowly changing, his affect on the squad/team for me is quite visible.

    So a win tomorrow is a massive possibility, which I am confident we will do. COYS

  • PompeyYid, I hope you and your wife are well. Sorry, I can’t help it with Jose, maybe if he sets us up to take the game to United and we produce a stylish attacking performance that delivers three points then I may change my mind. But I just can’t see it. Time will tell. As far as I am concerned with Jose “The Thrill is Gone”

    • Donny, the wife and I are fine, thanks for asking, hope you and yours are keeping well?

      I think the stylish attacking is coming, but JM plays/sorts out how to beat each individual team we play, its working, all I want to see at the mo is winning, whether its grinding it out or stylish, winning is everything, maybe that’s just me, but I will live with it. COYS

  • Wentworth…..maybe nothing has come over Levy, we all understood that the new stadium would put us in a better position to compete in the transfer market although I would agree it’s a bit of a surprise to see it happening in the current climate.

    I’ve been pondering the issue myself seeing all of the new signings coming in and it makes me think there was possibly more to the rumours that it was Poch who was reluctant to spend money in the market unless he could get very specific targets. Is it possible that Levy felt it was Poch himself that was holding the club back? It must have been a difficult decision considering the very good relationship they appeared to have and I never really felt that the parting of the ways was solely down to results on the pitch.

  • PY
    Agreed Re-JM.
    I think the best description around him is that I’m neutral.
    But starting to warm to his commitment to the team.
    Much like you and others I wasn’t too keen but prepared to give him a chance.
    I think he has started to come through.
    Can’t agree with your assessment
    Didn’t we just beat Chelsea
    We beat ManC last season
    And a dodgy pen did us at Manu
    Another Pen saw us beaten by Lpool.
    Where I will agree is that our defence is nieve and for me he needs to actually settle on a back 4/5.
    I would argue that this is where we are at just now.

  • DH
    Amazing I’m still smarting over the Mendes “goal”
    On the back of that.
    I’ve stopped predicting scores. But I’ll predict that ManU will be given at least 2 “dodgy decisions in their favour tomorrow. Be it a pen, a disallowed goal for us, 9 or 10 extra mins (et) if they’re losing at the end.
    At least 2 summersalts with pike for their penalty claim.
    Or Pogba will be kicked on the 1/2way line roll to the penalty box and get one. 🙁

  • DoncasterHotspur – I would expect it to to take the rest of the season to sort out the defence. Its not just weak now, its been weak for a few seasons. Its about changing the mindset more than individual players. If you look at Maccabe’s first goal, yes it was a brilliant strike. But there were five or six Spurs players who were in a position to attempt a block, no one did. Jose will have to change the way the whole squad thinks and that won’t happen in a few weeks.

  • Number of points on our transfers this summer. First for all the players we’ve brought in we haven’t broken the bank to do it. Some of the transfers have clearly been hard work but its been a very well run operation. I would argue that in some ways the current problems have helped more than hindered us. Badly as our finances have been hit some others have been hit harder and there are are deals that perhaps wouldn’t have been done otherwise. Like TQ2Spurs I do wonder how much of our problems in previous transfer windows were down to Poch. When you look at the way its gone this time around you have to ask the question. It makes a big difference whether you start with a shortlist of players who have the characteristics you want or just a single target. If you start with six candidates you are much more likely to do a deal than if you start with one.

  • Wentworth. Last summers TW saw us sign 6 players under MP. Ndombele being our record transfer. We still have Fernandes under loan from that time and whilst Lo Celso was initially a loan, he was then of course, bought outright, under Jose. But the outlay was significant for the sum of all these deals.

    The players we have signed so far in this TW, we have got in relatively cheap and on good deals. Bale is a loan, as is Vinicius. Hart was a ‘free’. And Reguilon, Hojbjerg and Doherty amount to roughly 60m, according to reports.

    So far, the only sale we have made is KWP for just around £12m.

    I have a feeling as well that we may well be kissing goodbye to Dele by Monday. (Maybe a loan, as is rumoured ?)… And other players must also be expected to leave. Even so, it’s not so much just about the money as it is about getting in the right players for Jose. But of course, with the spending still being seen as very shrewd from the club…

    We will have to wait to see if the plan comes together. Because Levy has taken an expensive gamble, (not just on players) but on our manager. Because the worth of the club and the affordability and outcome of this rebuild is hugely dependent on, on the field success… Especially without any match-day income. As well as numerous, cancelled stadium events.

    TQ, what you say about Poch possibly not wanting to buy for the sake of buying, if you like., I think is more than just speculation. As he did say himself that he wasn’t prepared to go for 2nd choice buys, or players he didn’t feel were better than we already had…….. And anyway, I think it’s kind of ridiculous for any of us supporters to believe that it was solely down to Levy not wanting to spend….

    Like I said on here a few weeks ago. Jose is a big punt on the immediate future success of the club. He is possibly not building so much for the long term, it would so far seem………. But, we won’t know until it has all played out…..

    Enjoy the ride folks! Life is a rollercoaster and, Spurs could fly high or crash!

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