Date: 17th July 2020 at 6:30pm
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Tottenham Hotspur still have slim hopes of reaching the Europa League this season, but with only two games now remaining in the 2019/20 calendar, it means manager Jose Mourinho simply has to take six points from both Leicester City this Sunday, and then Crystal Palace in a weeks time, if we are to have a European adventure in 2020/21.

Unbeaten in four, with back to back victories, should give us some confidence of achieving just that, and Harry Kane will certainly be in good spirits having crashed through the 200 goals marker – but we all know our play is far from perfect and massive questions remain about performances.








Whatever does happen with the chase for Europe, we all know it’s mainly about taking some form, momentum and confidence into next season to try and put what has been a massively difficult, and extremely poor year, completely behind us.

Sensible strengthening to really freshen up the group and what many hope will be a major defensive rebuild would put us on the right track again, but until then, all eyes to the fourth placed Foxes as anything other than a win, simply won’t be good enough.

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182 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Looking To Out Think The Foxes”

  • Great intro there DW – exactly we need to be reasonable as regards transfers this summer given our massive problems regarding finance and also fully agree as you state most do anyway – need to concentrate mainly on defensive targets!

    No doubt we need to win – simple as and same goes for the Palace away game next weekend – take 6 points and do all we can end of – then it’s upto Wolves but I reckon they’ll come unstuck at Stamford Bridge on the last Sunday! 6th is up for grabs and taking the season as a whole would be a decent return all things considered especially with hindsight and we’d still be a top 6 team then technically unlike the Arse LOL!

    Great news that Leicester are missing pretty much their whole 1st team defence in Ricardo, Soyuncu, Fuchs and Chillwell, aswell as Maddison their main ACM and play-maker and even Albrighton on the wing aswell! Perfect time to play them then especially as we’ve also had an extra 24 hours rest, are at home and owe them a beating after what happened at their’s earlier in the season when we should have won lol!

    Game on!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3 points is all I want… Sod watching Spurs playing some proper football!

    Although a draw looks a very likely result to me, after two teams basically cancelling each other out …

    “After you”… “No, after you”… “No, it’s your turn to sit back and then counter us”! “Is it”? “Yes, but that means it’s our turn to commit a dirty, cynical, “professional” foul to stop your counter…” “Okay”…

    Spurs 0-0 Foxes!

  • Given we have to win, have most of our squad fully available, are at home, have 24 hours more rest and the fact they are seriously depleted – I think I have to go for a win and we should definitely take it to them and not sit back. Play Davy at CB for sure to cover against Vardy’s pace from over the top, apart from this I fully expect us to beat them – it’s a reserve defence against the likes of Sonny and HK10 – 2 world class striking talents – just need to follow on their good work from the Newcastle game – not entertaining anything but a victory given all the above lol!

  • Skipp likely to go on loan next season apparently – anywhere from 6-12 months – great could be the making of him long term, Parrott could probably follow also (nearly went in January already) but for now expecting Tanganga and Sessegnon to probably stick around for next season and not do the same although there’s an argument by where both could also follow the same path of being loaned out! Clarke is another who without any doubt whatsoever needs loaning out and hopefully this time will get bloody games – so far what a waste of £10m FFS! Rose, CCV and Amos who are currently out on loan also – surely need to be sold now – Rose in his last year of contract and the other 2 – for how much longer do we keep loaning out until we finally cash in as they are never going to make it for us are they?! Loan watch out lol!

  • If I’m to be honest EJ. I don’t believe that Leicester will play to hit us on the break at all. (I was being cynical but not serious). It’s not the Rodgers way… He likes to play football on the front foot. Building from the back and retaining possession with a lot of movement up top. We may be at home but I still think that Jose will have us sitting deep to try and nullify their attacking players. And of course try to keep Vardy quiet.

    We will probably be the ones conceding possession and trying to hit them on the break. But Rodgers is very well organised with his defence as well. I think they’ll be ready for us. And they do not usually concede many goals. (Bournemouth aside).

    I have a feeling that they will not miss their 1st team regulars as much as you think. And they do have some very good young players that generally play with confidence. Not forgetting Schmeichel, who just like his dad is very much a leader and in strong command of his defence. Apart from being a great passer of the ball and splendid shot stopper.

    You say that we have to win this but we don’t have to. But hopefully we will want to win it as with all matches. But City are fighting to hold onto their CL spot and they play United on the last day. They need this more than I feel our players will be desperate for the EL… But who knows?

    Or, in the best case scenario, Spurs destroy them as the Foxes freeze from anxiety….. We’ll see.

  • Good post HT as usual – wouldn’t expect much less lol – great point regarding the Foxes needing it more than us to try to get that final CL spot – hmm conundrum time – who will want it more then? Hopefully there’s also an element of revenge based on our loss earlier in the season aswell as the obvious fight for the EL spot! Forgive me but I have to disagree – missing Ricardo, Soyuncu and Chilwell aswell as Maddison will hit them hard surely – they’re just too good and regular not to miss and also us with home advantage and a near fully fit squad to pick from aswell as a bit more rest (even if we’ve played 4 games in some 10 days leading upto this) I have to fancy our chances and move away from the negativity even if recent performances have not been all that inspiring – luckily the results have been!

    An in-experienced maybe even tired defence is exactly what an in form Sonny and HK10 should be chomping at the bit to face – I think we’ll have too much for them myself but let’s wait and see as it’s just my opinion and what do I know lol!

  • I think we can and should beat them EJ. If we are at our best… I’m just not my positive self at the moment. But come Sunday I’ll probably be on here writing Spurs4-0 Foxes! 😉

    As supporters we both know as much as we need to know… And that is our support for Spurs come what may…

  • LOL HT – there’s place for negativity given our recent performances but I’m choosing to stay positive especially with the Foxes in trouble for Sunday on paper at least – let’s hope for a positive result and that we can at least be in the EL for next season – we need the money unfortunately at the moment that a decent run would bring and it should also be good for the squad in general not to mention give the fans perhaps a realistic chance of some silverware if JM chooses to take it seriously and also a possible route back into the CL!

    The English contingent barring us won’t be that strong, nor probably will the Spanish and Italian be either so we surely will have a decent shout of going all the way! Quite a lot of positives in the end to be fair so let’s go for it I say!

  • Are you talking about football or life? 🙂

    I think it applies to both, as football is in our lives and obviously a big part of it.

    You know I am mostly an optimist in life. But I can still be a moody so and so as well. But you did cheer me up. So cheers.

    I’m easily pleased! 🙂

  • No worries HT – keep the chin up mate – roll on Sunday and another victoria hopefully lol!

  • Who’s Victoria? Beckham? And, how many Victoria’s do you know?

    I suggest that you forget about her on Sunday, and just concentrate on a winning Spurs… 🙂

    And then we can all be happy and glorious…

  • LOL HT – would prefer a bit of victoria sponge myself – especially on a Sunday for tea after spanking those naughty Foxes lol – oh er or a nice tin of those Foxes biscuits actually wouldn’t go down badly either! Hmm decisions, decisions lol!

  • Re the Leicester game. This will show just what Leicester are made of, and, how their “squad” would perform in European competitions. Yes they may have to put out a “weakened” team, but, this is what happens when you are playing three games over 7 days. I think we’ll do the Biz 2-0 Spurs.
    On the last thread re-Amerguinha yes it is the almond drink you get after a meal (lol) and Agauadente think Poteen and you’re just about there. Cheers EJ.

  • No worries ND and sounds about right – potente (powerful) in both Portuguese and Spanish lol!

    Bring on the foxes – it’s time for the hunt (hypothetically speaking only of course) lol and Sonny and HK10 are bound to be gagging for it!

    Looking forward to it and up for it also – we’ve 2 victories under our wings and still not played that well to be honest – so hopefully put in a good performance finally which should then guarantee a positive result hopefully aswell!

  • Okay so, tongue in cheek, I always predict a three nil win. To be honest I really expect that result against the foxes. Then again, who knows.

  • To say the obvious..Looks like the way we have played last 3 games… in a combined 2 stage tactical plan for our Leicester game will see a spurs win. If Aurier plays he has to be aware at all times where their players are, and not to give away silly free kicks and passes, with fast paced Jamie Vardy there, also his crossing the ball he must look to see where HK10 / sonny etc are running and be more accurate with the cross.

    So a spurs win 2-1 will be a great result… COYS

  • Mornin’ block… Aurier has gone to France to be with his family.

    I’m thinking that Tanganga can play there. I’d like to see him back anyway. Hopefully he is fit enough after being out to injury…

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