Date: 26th December 2020 at 1:55pm
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Firstly, I hope all Tottenham Hotspur, and Vital Spurs, fans had a lovely Christmas and the big fat man in a red suit bought you all you desired – albeit for many sadly, not what they wanted with restrictions in place, but we’ll definitely be looking for manager Jose Mourinho to provide more cheer as we head towards 2021 with victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux on Sunday evening.

With players rested for the EFL Cup clash with Stoke City, we should be in a good place to take victory once again as we travel, but we certainly can’t underestimate Nuno Espirito Santo’s side, even if they have had a bit of a wobbly spell in recent matches.

Tanguy Ndombele is reportedly fit for this one, but Giovani Lo Celso’s hamstring injury will see him out, along with Japhet Tanganga. The jury is out on Gareth Bale from what I’ve seen (which admittedly isn’t much) with the foot injury that saw him substituted at half time in the last one.

Let’s hope we top the Christmas period off in perfect style and take all three points.







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119 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Looking To Espirito Wolves Away”

  • Thanks Danny for another good thread.
    BS just read your last posts on the previous thread.
    There were those praising Leicester etc..
    Just watched an abysmal game Leicester against Man U
    Both sides total of 7 shots between them on target.
    Vardy yet again gets a goal off the defenders knee.
    If it wasn’t for pens and OG’s Leicester wouldn’t have scored against us..
    They play a defensive line up in two banks.
    And they’re second in the league.
    So it ain’t just us playing defensively and doing OK with it.
    I’m saying it may not be rosy in our garden (atm) but when I look at other teams they ain’t much better.
    Re Wolves, we have rested a few players and can bring on 3 or 4 fresh players.
    However Wolves do have some dangerous players Neves, and Traore can be a handful at times.
    I think(hope) we will be a bit too much for em and leave em ” howling” in defeat.

  • Yet again tonight Arsenal v Chelsea.
    Chelsea didn’t have one shot on target until after the 80th minute against a cobbled together Arsenal side. Now have Arsenal just got good or Chelsea just become bad or is it the nature of the Premier League that the margins are now so close that “on average” each team cancels the other out barring VAR, pens and the odd good day at the office.

  • So many teams are dropping down or climbing up the table so rapidly in a way I cannot remember seeing before at this stage of the season. It’s crazy. We need a win to stay in the ever-changing mix. No prediction!

  • I’m not of a mind to make a prediction for this match either, I’ve given up trying to second guess who Jose might play and how he is likely to set up the team but I will predict it’s likely to be boring!

  • 2nd to 10th are in the mix, deep down pool will win the league. Must win game, and let’s see who is howling after this game

  • Niall – that was my point exactly. With the possible exception of Liverpool, and even they have had bad days at the office this season, none of the other teams around us are exactly exempt of any potential criticism. They are all flawed in their own way.

    It doesn’t fit the anti-Jose narrative of some, but we’re realistically no worse off than most of our rivals. Sure Mourinho hasn’t always gotten it right this season, but show me a manager that has. That was my point.

  • On a side note, very little has been said on VS about MP reportedly taking over at PSG.

    I wish him well, and I am curious to see what he can do with unlimited funds. He won’t have to compromise on his targets there, so we’ll see if he can win the biggest prizes after moulding a team to his liking.

  • I’ve not commented on Poch to PSG up to now because as far as I know it’s still just gossip but a strong posibility of course. It could be interesting if he does take the job, the rumours of Dele going on loan would be strengthened greatly. I note there is gossip of PSG doing a swap deal Paredes for Eriksen which is no doubt fuelled by the Poch rumours. I wonder if he is under any restraint deal as part of his pay off from THFC? With the money that would be available to him you have to wonder whether he would make approaches for the likes of Kane, Son and perhaps Ndombele if he isn’t, or was but it has expired.

  • Well if Poch goes to PSG, it may be the next step he needs to get some silverware.
    Then come back to us witk more experience.
    Ericsson and Dele to PSG with him, I wonder will they down tools like last time.

  • Morning all you Yiddo’s.

    Danny thanks again for a match thread, note to you all a vs Wolves thread is not for how well our ex manager might do haha.

    Tonight we are off to Wolverhampton it may be a tough away game, then again it might not be, what I am hoping for is that the Cockerel sings its morning song early and that they are left howling as others have said.

    A number have mentioned their! dangerous players, but what about ours? I expect the Wolves fans, I know one of my ex training partners does, think exactly the same as us, that is watch out for this or that player because he could make us pay.

    After all those results yesterday, mmm Gooners, a win for us means 2nd place again, ok on gl diff, but what a bouncy bouncy Prem we have this season, there is going to be very many more surprises in store for everyone right up to the end. COYS

  • As we have seen.. this year PL top 8 teams very little between 2 – 8 I agree that a win today can see us 3rd place, and that jose has said lose 2 game drop to mid table win 2 games back to the top. No other league is so competitive as our PL. Smaller clubs have strengthend a lot more than in prev. seasons.

    So today I expect a defensive 1st half with counterattacks then a 4231 second half from 60 mins.
    Wolves 0 Spurs 2 COYS

  • That is enough to depress me before we’ve even kicked off, block 108. The fact that you see us playing a defensive game from he off…

    I’m going in the other direction… I expect us to thrash them, with an all out attacking game from start to finish…

    I know Jose really wants too… In is heart. (If he has one)

    Wolves 0-5 Cockerels!

    Up the table! Up the Spurs!

  • HT… going by recent games and jose’s pre wolves comments he should be defensive and then switch as the game progresses. This could be in 1st half, but 2nd half more likely.

    Nothing to get depressed about, just normal away team tactical …… As 7.25 start, I’ll have a bottle of larger or two… and perhaps you could have a quick glass of your favourite drink before the game to steady the nerves ? here’s to a spurs win… cheers 🙂 COYS

  • I am going to be optimistic yet also being a realist for this evenings match .

    I hope PY our dangerous players are better than theirs and Harry doesn’t spend time defending in our box .
    HT I like your tongue in cheek optimism !!

    I have a feeling we might just nick this one but only through negative ,sloppy passing and long balls to the opposition and a run away goal scored by Sonny .

    But a win will be a win

  • Allan, no hoping required, our dangerous players are better than theirs, simple.

    HT, am with you with your optimism, we is going to win, simple as dat! COYS

  • Why would you set up defensively, you can attack and still be defensively minded but not jose with all of his attacking talent, failing to win tonight, we are just best of the rest.

  • Another ultra defensive line up with five defenders on the field and a two holding central midfield players. Make that ten defenders if N’Dombele, Son and Kane are mainly playing in defensive mode. Hope it comes off this time but once again I’m not holding my breath..

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